Would you like to have a stronger upper body? Do you not have access to the gym or are you too busy to go? There are solutions to both problems. Doing pushups. There are plenty of pushup variations you can do to build a bigger upper body. You can do a short pushup workout in less than 10 minutes if you are pressed for time.

1) Regular Push Up – Great and effective, boring. It would be a shame to make a list of pushup variations without listing the original pushup. If you are reading this you probably do not need any instructions on how proper form is done with a traditional pushup. So let's look at the rest of the list.

2) Clap Push Up – There are even more than one variations with this variation. Did you get that? Okay moving on.

Simple version – In normal pushup position, as you are going up clap your hands together.

Advanced version – Clap your hands in front, behind your back, then in front again. If you are just starting out doing pushups do not attempt this one right away, build up to it.

3) Prisoner Push Up – Do a traditional pushup, when you come back up to plank position bring both knees up towards your arms. One knee at a time of course. This will work your upper body and your abs all at the same time.

4) Decline Push Up – In pushup position, have one leg up in the air behind you while doing the pushup.

5) Diamond Push Up – These will blast your triceps. Put your hands on the floor together shaped like a diamond. This will be a little harder than a traditional pushup so you might not be able to do as many reps.

6) Thigh Slap Push Up – This is not a beginner push up. Thigh slap push ups would have considered a plyometric push up. They are a lot harder than your traditional push up. Do a pushup as you are coming up bring your knees in and slap your thighs. Your whole body will come off the ground, if it does not you are doing it wrong.

7) One Arm Push Up – Not for the fault of heart. Do a pushup with one arm. It is a lot harder than it looks. Anyone can do them though. Remember Demi Moore in GI Jane?

8) Rotational Push Up – Start with a normal pushup, as you come back up rotate your body to the side and stick your arm straight up. Your body should form a T and your feet should be sitting on top of each other. Do one with your right arm then the next with your left.

9) Walking Push Up – Slowly walk across the floor while in pushup position. If you have room in your living room walk about 5 feet, turn around and come back to your starting position.

10) Superman Push Up – Another plyometrics pushup that should not be done by beginners. You need to work yourself up to this one.

With your legs in regular pushup position, lying on your stomach, and arms stretched out in front of you. Push yourself up as far as you can go. You will not do many reps with this since it is one of the harder pushups to do.

I promised 10 pushup variations and I delivered. Use these different variations to construct a massively strong upper body. When you get these down you will be stronger than most of your friends and family.