The first thing to know about gaining weight is that you need to eat. That part seems easy enough but you would not believe the number of people who give up because they fail to achieve this. Eating more than what you usually consume is not as easy as one plus one but it can be made easier with a tweak in your diet. Instead of going all out on a single sitting of buffet and suffering the consequences of having indigestion or stomach ache, think about eating more times rather than more servings. Try to add one or two more small meals into your daily routine for the first two weeks or so. This is the adjustment state of your body getting used to the idea of ​​consuming more calories. This could include things like 2 slices of sandwiches or even a small serving of meat along with some fries. However, many have come to realize that the best food to consume as your additional meals is in fact milk. The reason is because milk is a liquid meal. Your stomach takes roughly twenty minutes to get the information to your brain from the time you start filling your stomach but that is so much more time than you would need to finish a glass or two of milk.

The second thing that is bound to work is to stay healthy. When you are sick, your body turns to alternative means of finding energy which could further reduce the mass you currently have on. This means that it will break down your muscle as glycogen, a byproduct of carbohydrates is stored. Your body will also break down fat which could potentially cause you to lose your appetite as there are fat soluble vitamins which now can not be transported around your body because it does not have enough fat to do so. Losing your appetite is potentially the worst enemy for someone looking to gain weight. The other enemy is the lack of proper sleep. Without proper rest, your body will also go into hyper-drive and become desperate for energy to keep the body going. Remember proper rest is attained when you sleep for a full 7-8 hours at one go and to wake up yourself.

Lastly, the unexpected tip is actually to exercise. The reason behind this unofficial hero is because exercise helps you to stay fit and gain muscle mass. Muscle is 3 times heavier than fat so it is better to pack on more of it rather than sitting on the sofa feeling lethargic all the time. The best training to do is not running but rather doing strength training either at home or at the gym. This causes your muscle to grow at a faster pace compared to all the other types of training.