While honesty is a value, in the world of “muscle-building and fat loss” it is a lost commodity.

After 38 years in the world of bodybuilding, I can honestly say there is more BS floating around now than ever before. In fact, I would put most of the building muscle info I see on the internet right up there with UFO reductions, Big Foot and “honest politicians”.

You see, there is a correlation between the building the body and the tendency to embellish or manipulate the truth, like my headline, many of the claims and so-called “Newly Discovered” training methods, diets and supplements are nothing more than PT Barnum gimmicks ! Google search “PT Barnum” if you do not know idea who he was.

Myth: Awesome gains can be made with little “easy” effort if you have the right program and supplements.

No, No and NO! As someone who has tried just about every supplement, diet and training program, I can tell you that it takes hard work, dedication and a particular diet and training program to reach your goals.

Myth: Bigger is better.

Wrong. I kept backing out of entering my first contest because I kept telling myself “I was not big enough”. When once again backing out of the prized contest I wanted to win because of the same old excuse, my girlfriend said I would never compete because I would never think “I was big enough”. The comment cut to my heart. I decided to compete. I better guys who were 20 and 30 pounds heavier than me. I will because I was much more defined and polished, not because of size.

Myth: The best looking guys and girls train 2-3 hours a day, 5-7 days a week .

No they do not. Over-training will not, can not result in muscle gains. It is impossible to “over-train” and make muscle gains.

Myth: He, She, said they are natural and do not use steroids.

BULL! Let me tell you something. More people now than ever before are using Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone. These are not considered “anabolic steroids” so if they claim not to be using steroids they are in essence, not lying. They do not want to admit the drug use because they think everyone will discount the hard work and diet they follow. Truth is without the drugs they could not have maintained the hard work and strict diet because they would have over-trained and under-feed their body. They would have actually lost muscle, not gained muscle.


The human body is limited to the amount of muscle it can build in a given period of time. Age, health, gender, ability and a host of other human biological factors dictate the ability for muscle growth and fat loss.

To Build Muscle You Need To Follow These Guidelines:

1. Train hard and heavy with a weight lifting program that is sound and based in the principal's of progressive weight resistance. Do not mistake “hard training” with 'progressive training. “Many trainee's do endless sets and reps and believe that hard training. muscle.

2. Follow a healthy and nutrient based diet. Make sure you eat a variety of foods that contain all the macro and micro nutrients you need for building muscle that will be bigger and stronger and not shrink up after a week of not training.

3. Sleep is when the body actually repairs and creates new growth. Robbing your body of sleep is like planting a row of corn in the shadow of a tree. It will never grow to its fullest potential.

Train hard, eat hearty and sleep well!