The simple answer to the question is no. Achieving it however, requires a persistent heart and a willingness to be focused on the goal. Gaining weight without growing fat is not just about eating all the junk food available all day long, it is about growing lean muscle mass which will enable you to stay healthy and gain weight from lean muscle mass. Here are some tips on how to gain weight.

First of all you must understand the life of an ectomorph. You have a high metabolism rate and that means you need to consume a lot more calories in order to ensure that you gain weight. This can be done in 2 ways, eating food with complex chemical chains and eating more meals. Eating food with complex chemical chains means that the body is never starved of nutrients and that will not become catabolic by using the glycogen in your muscle as energy. This ensures the muscle mass you put on does not become food another day. Eating more meals a day means that you are putting more calories into your body and then it benefits your body by having energy to burn instead of using glycogen also.

The next thing about gaining weight is a change in lifestyle. In the current day and age we live in, there are so many distractions which will captivate us from catching up on precious sleep. This will result in the body going through a catabolic state as well as having a weaker immune system. Both of these are potential problems which will cause you to lose your muscle mass.

The next thing about gaining weight is consistency. It is a human trait to keep tweaking everything because we assume that the knowledge we know today will help speed us forward to the goal faster tomorrow. This is not always the case and if you keep tweaking your habits, it is hard to realize what works when you keep changing the actions around. Some productive efforts may even be discontinued which will inevitably result in unsatisfactory results.

Last of all, keep weighing yourself and watch your belly. It is a general rule of thumb that if your belly is growing and other parts of your body are not, it is usually a result of an exercise plan which is not challenging enough major muscles to make it grow. The next rule is that if your body is gaining mass and your stomach remains relatively the same, stick to what you have and keep doing it until you succeed. The reason is because you stumbled upon the sweet spot to use the food you are consuming efficiently to gain the lean muscle mass you need to pile on those weights.