Here are some ways to develop that broad V shape back that you have always wanted .. Body building and weight lifting are about compounding the effect of exercise, over a period of time. Only when you do this will you see the effects work for you.

The back muscles known as latimuss dorsi or lats are under utilized for many. They are the sets of large muscles either side of the back. However in terms of sports, boxers especially and rowers have well developed lats for obvious reasons. Rowers use them for the pulling motion. Boxers swivel turn and get punched in them repeatedly.

Firstly work those muscles – the lats by using the Lateral pull down. If you grab the bar at its widest extremities, bring it down in front of you to your waist while sitting at the machine. Doing this in three sets of 10 – 12 should do it. Do this 2 to 3 times a week and that back will come along. Always warm up by doing the exercise first on the lighter weights so that your muscles can limber up and then do the heaviest weights you can manage without over doing it. Repeat three times until you can do no more. I would recommend the limber up process in fact for all muscles being exercised.

The dumbbell drop or row – place your left knee on an exercise bench, and your right leg should be on the ground with your foot pointing straight ahead. Grab a dumbbell with your right hand. Lift it until it is parallel with your body and repeat the procedure 10 – 12 times over 3 sets. This marks those lats as well as the shoulders.

The shoulder shrug – Do you remember when you were a kid? If you were guilty when asked a pertinent question, would you shred your shoulders? You can do this with a weight. This helps to develop those bowling ball shoulders. Standing with a weight in each hand with hands by your side, you should shrug those shoulders slowly. Your other standard shoulder exercises will also suffice and will help to define and broaden the shoulder areas.

The other exercise for that powerful V8 sized back is the Lateral or T Bar row. Sitting on a bench, pull the small handled bar to your chest with both hands. Do not lean back excessively while doing this as it mitigates the effect of the exercise. This really helps to chisel and define the back by building muscle at the top of the lats.

The chin up bar also works the lats really well. However, you would have to have a little more advanced in order to do this exercise with repetitions effectively. Your standard push ups without weights tone the lats also.

A broad back is an indicator of a strong constitution, and of general strength. Men work hard to chisel them but girls adore the V shaped back.