Developing strong muscular legs takes hard work and dedication. That may be one reason you see a large number of amateur bodybuilders who have well-developed chests, arms, and backs but, lack matching size and strength in their legs. When it comes to strength training, your legs take a reasonable amount of resistance to stimulate the muscle groups in the thighs, hamstrings and calves. In other words it is hard work and dedication.

To build size and strength in your legs, there are a number of exercises available that will help in developing them, however there are three basic exercises that if completed during your leg workouts will help in adding strength and size to them. The three I list is not all-inclusive when it comes to completing leg exercises. The exercises I have added are exercises that most anyone can use no matter what your age is without causing risk of injury if used correctly. The three I recommended to my patients and clients are the leg press, hamstring curl, and calf raises.

The leg press is a compound exercise that duplicates the squat which is considered the king of exercises when it comes to leg training. The squat is a great exercise providing you do not have back or hip issues, and have the flexibility in your hips and ankles. With the leg press, your back is supported and it greatly reduces the chance of back injury. With the leg press you complete four sets of 12-15 repetitions to stimulate your quadriceps, hip, and gluteal muscles effectively, rest one minute to a minute and a half between sets.

Follow immediately with hamstring curls. These can be done sorted, standing or lying prone. All three are effective however, I prefer the prone position. Again use four sets with repetitions in the 12-15 range with minute rest period between each set.

The third exercise that you should include when it comes to building a strong pair of legs is the calf raise. This exercise can be done on a variety of exercise equipment however, the standard piece of equipment used is the standing calf machine. Start by completing three sets of 10-12 repetitions with this exercise. Your calf muscles are a dense muscle and you can generally go a little heavier with this muscle group. This will of course depend on how far advanced you are in your training.

The exercises listed above are basic exercises and what I recommend for those of you who are just starting out with weight training. These exercises are also used by advanced lifters in conjunction with others as well. The idea when it comes to your legs is keep your exercise program basic and use the proper technique when it comes to lifting to insure you stay injury free.

Your legs are your foundation, keep them strong and looking good-by making sure you incorporate these exercises into your weight training routine one to two times a week.