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Get Ripped Fast With the Best Body Building Supplements

Every man desires to get ripped and look stunning. To have a ripped body one needs to workout enough to reduce the body fat level in proportion to the total body weight, that can make a man look lean and muscular, where every muscle of the body looks toned and the muscle cuts are clearly visible. To get a ripped body it is recommended to bring down the body fat under 7%, therefore, to get ripped fast men take support of the best workout supplements that help in body building.

With the help of body building supplements one can accelerate the pace of getting ripped without tough and strenuous workout regime. Although all the workout supplements are most effective with a well planned diet and routine exercise with careful exclusion of junk and fatty foods. Here are some workout supplements that can provide wonderful results.

One of the most preferred workout supplements amongst most aspirating body builders is the Whey Protein Powder. It is safe, clean and perfectly natural supplement to shed fat and build muscle mass and muscle strength. It gives a boost to all the vital amino acids in the body. Whey Protein Powder is also given to patients post surgery for faster recovery. The Whey Protein Powder can be had with banana as a shake.

Another well known body building supplement is the Multi Vitamins for Men. These are essential as most people in their current work life often miss the nutrition require for the body on daily basis. These Multi Vitamins for Men help to keep up the energy level and increase the endurance level of the body.

Workout supplement consisting of Creatine is becoming an increasingly popular choice. This natural supplement aids to strengthen the muscle mass. There has been an extensive research on the efficiency of Creatine and this is most popular among athletes and other sports men. Creatine is found in meat but eating meat alone does not provide sufficient amount of creatine required for the body, therefore, creatine supplements are ideal to fulfill the need.

There are workout supplements that are also taken before starting the workout to give the needed motivation to those who need an extra push to hit the gym. These supplements are the Pre-workout energy drink. Most of the pre-workout energy drinks consist of nitric oxide that pumps the muscles, caffeine and other ingredients that enhance the body's metabolism.

Some other effective body building supplements are Omega 3's, Thermogenic Fat Burner, Glutamine, natural sleep supplement, casein protein that help one get ripped fast and look macho, muscular and very attractive.

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Health Benefits Of Using The Best Whey Protein

Whey protein is becoming quite popular these days, as it offers numerous health benefits. It is a good source of protein which can keep the body fit and healthy. It has also proved to be quite useful for losing weight. Bodybuilders and athletes are known to include it as a major part of their diets and it helps them to properly utilize the energy that is required to work out properly. Whey protein is a great source of protein for humans, as amino acids are used by the body to repair existing and grow new muscles of the body. For this reason proteins are known as body building food. People who are on a whey protein diet have confessed to observing the benefits that it provides to them.

Most humans get their protein source from meat products, such as beef, pork or chicken. Even though protein is essential, it is often required in very small amounts by the body. Therefore, eating a lot of meat for protein is not necessary, as a small amount of meat can do the job just fine. Many people use this as an excuse to eat fast food, which does not provide many proteins but instead provides the body with an excess of unhealthy fats and carbohydrates, which can lead to health problems.

As a result, the protein intake of the body can easily be fulfilled with the use of whey protein as a supplement. A proper diet of whey protein, combined with a balanced diet and a regular exercise schedule, can help you get a well shaped body. It is also beneficial as it helps increase the metabolism of the body. Other than people who want to shape up, pregnant women and nursing mothers could use a supplement diet, as they have to provide nutrition to the growing fetus inside them. Their body will require more nutrients to cope up with the needs of the child dependent on them.

This is even a good option for people recovering from a heavy illness, as the protein will be used by the body to recuperate and cured damaged cells. Do not choose just about any protein supplement, but instead choose one that will provide you with generous amounts of proteins with minuscule amounts of cholesterol or fat. Choose a supplement that will be available in the purest form and should be easy to digest. Whey protein is the most reliable choice, when it comes to choosing a proper protein powder supplement. Not only does it provide health benefits but it is available in a number of tasty flavors which will complete your palate as well.

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How To Build Muscle And Make Sure Your Body Looks Attractive

Many men around the world workout to build muscle, but it's only a certain percentage of those men that have a body that look attractive. Sadly, not all guys that are keen on maintaining a fit body get the right look for their physique that attracts women. There are a number of factors one must pay attention to when building muscle to make sure you end up with a body that joins.

Bodybuilding is the process of modifying the body's musculature to increase muscle size through diet and lifting weights. If you are interested in bodybuilding just to get bigger muscles, then that is possible, but you should be aware that getting a body to look attractive requires a certain approach towards diet and training that is often different to a program to get larger muscles.

In order to increase the size of a muscle the procedure is to eat at a caloric surplus, lift heavy weights to tear the muscle and rest the muscle to repair itself and grow bigger. Once that procedure is maintained in a progressive pattern your muscle should get noticeable larger over a period of time. However, there are many other variables involved in this process that affects the results that you get from diet and training including the look of your body.

While there are many men who train to get muscles all over their body to be as big as possible, lots of guys on the other hand want a moderately muscular body like fit male models. Male models that lift weights to build muscle do not aim for big bulky muscles like bodybuilders. In fact, it's a critical requirement of their profession to not look overdone with muscles.

The reason male models have to avoid looking overly muscular or getting any arrival at all that does not look neat is because their job is to portray an attractive male physique. They are place in magazines, commercials, music videos and other promotional campaigns to be seen as role models of what an attractive male body should look like. So if you want to build muscle to get a body that looks attractive, you need to aim for a body like male models who possess well-built bodies.

Most Hollywood actors these days who get in shape to prepare for film roles usually aim for a male fitness model type physique. They always aim for an average amount of muscle, and they take the right steps to get as lean as possible. Some Hollywood actors who got that look unexpectedly, suddenly got into the spotlight spotlight, and women started seeing them as sex symbols when they were never held in that position before. That is how dramatic such body transformation can be in Hollywood.

You may not be a Hollywood actor or a male model, but you may want to do something that can significantly improve your physical appearance so you can feel good about your self, or get a nice girl to notice you. Well, you too can get a nice lean and toned physique to look hot, you just need to use the correct guidelines that will take you there.

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What Are Pre-Exhaust Sets?

Pre exhaust sets are sets to tire out the muscle that you are working on before you get into your “Heavy lifting” sets. This would normally be an isolation movement before a compound movement.

If you are not familiar with compounds and isolations, put very simply a compound movement is a movement that uses more than one joint function, really any kind of press, squat, bench press, military press etc. Some would call these Strength building movements.

An isolation movement is an exercise that uses only one joint movement such as flyes, lateral rises, leg extensions etc.

An example of pre exhaust sets

An example of a pre exhaust set would be, if it was leg day I would go to the gym (Obviously really happy and probably get there early … As it was leg day). I would do my leg extensions before I would do my squats or leg press.

Now I know that you're thinking, “Yeah but by the time you get to do your squats, you will not be able to lift as much because your legs are tired.”

Yep, that's exactly the point. I firmly believe that this is a great way to increase your size and strength over time. I have personally seen the benefits of this method. Although I have played around with this type of training, the most effective way that I have found was to train in 8-10 week cycles of pre exhaust sets. I'd always say with anything new that you should stick to it for at least 8- 10 weeks because then you know you have given it a fair chance.

So by 8 – 10 week cycles I mean. Every gym session that you do assuming that you are lifting a mixture of compound and isolation exercises, you do your isolations before your compounds.

So –

Chest day, you get your flyes, cable cross overs, pec dec done before your chest press, bench presses etc

Back day you get your pullovers done before your bent over rows

Leg day you do your leg extensions before your leg press, squats etc

Shoulder day you get your expenses done before your shoulder presses etc

Arm day you get your tricep push downs, kick backs done before your dips, close grip bench press etc.

I found that when training in this way, yes I was a lot weaker on my presses at first and it was a lot harder until around the 4 week mark, then it became “the normal” I could squat the same weight and for the same amount of reps I had been squatting before I started the pre exhaust sets.

My experience with pre exhaust sets

I think the first time I did this that I did it for around 10 weeks then decided to switch back to compound exercises first for the next 10 weeks.

I remember going into the gym, this time on shoulder day. I sat down on the bench with my 20kg dumbells and blasted out a very easy set of 12 reps of contained shoulder press and the dumbells actually felt light! I changed the dumbells to the 30kgs and another easy set of 12 reps followed.

30KG was the max weight I would reach prior to my 10 weeks of pre exhaust sets on this exercise. I could now comfortably lift the 40kgs on separated dumbell shoulder press. Some reading this may think that that's not that great but I will add that this was strict form with full range of movement.

(I was once asked to spot a guy with this weight on the same exercise and I helped him and listened as he count 12 reps with less than half the range of movement.

Anyway, this was a 10kg increase of weight on this exercise. This and squats is where I saw the most improvement in the weight I could lift.

I know a lot of people will not even try this because at the beginning of it all, it will appear that they are weaker, so they will stop and go back to the compounds before isolations. This weakness at the beginning is part of the process. It is because you are challenging yourself more that you will get stronger from this method, your body will adapt to this type of training and you will get stronger. It worked very well for me.

Give this a go and see what you think but remember to use correct form as it may be very tempting to do more cheat reps. If you do this remember to keep pushing yourself and give it at least 8-10 weeks.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

By James Atkinson

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How To Do A Pistol Squat

The one legged squat is one of the toughest bodyweight exercises you can perform- a full repetition requires good balance, strength through a large range of motion and enough flexibility to lower yourself completely to the floor.

How to do the Pistol Squat

If you think you are strong enough to try a pistol or one legged squat, give it a go. Start by balancing on your strongest leg, with your other foot a couple of feet out in front of you. Shift your rips backwards and lower yourself until your glutes are a couple of inches off the ground. Now comes the hard bit- try and return to the starting position using just one leg- the first time you try this, do it next to a wall so that you have something to grab if you find it tough.

How to Train for the Pistol Squat

Most people will get nowhere near doing a one legged squat first time off- here are some tips to help you progress.

1. The best way to get better at the gun squat is to practice it with a bit of assistance and there are two great ways of doing this.

A. If you have access to a gym, then stand in a power cage or squat rack, so that you can grab the supporting bars with your hands on either side. Try the pistol squat as normal, but when you reach the bottom, use your arms to take some of the weight off your leg- try 4 sets of 5 reps on each leg. By doing assisted pistol squats you will not only improve your leg strength, but also your balance and soon you will be ready to give it a go unassisted.

B. If you do not have a gym or squat rack, then the next best thing is a doorframe. Wedge the door open and stand in the middle of the doorframe, facing the wall head on. Place your hands either side of the wall, and use them to support yourself when you try the exercise.

2. Once you have built up your flexibility, balance and leg strength through assisted squats, it is time to try and progress towards the full one legged squat. Most people find that the lower they squat, the harder it is, so limiting how low you go is a good initial training method. Place a bench underneath you, so that once your lower leg and thigh make a 90 degree angle, the bench will stop you- once you hit the bench, squat up under your own power. Again try 4 sets of 5 reps on each leg. Once you find this easy, it is time to find a lower bench or block- keep lowering the height until you can do a full pistol squat .

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IGF-1 Side Effects and Benefits

Insulin growth-like factor 1, or IGF-1 as it is more commonly referred to, is one of the most important hormones to help the growth and development of a child. In adults, it is widely recognized that IGF-1 levels are responsible for the aging process, which usually starts to affect adults around the age of 30. To combat this, many adults take IGF-1 to boost their IGF-1 levels. However, before you decide to buy the first IGF-1 booster you see, you need to know the side effects and benefits of IGF-1.

Side Effects of IGF-1

The good news about IGF-1 enhancers is that they are composed of vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances, which means there are no common side effects. However, if you take IGF-1 injections, there's a completely different story. Common side effects of IGF-1 injections include jaw pain, swelling, headaches, and an irregular heartbeat.

Obviously, with needles, you always pose the risk of developing an allergic reaction to the needle, which is sometimes referred to as injection-site reaction. Likewise, with needles you have to worry about whether or not the needle is sterile, which can be frightening.

Finally, taking too much IGF-1 can be counterproductive. Too much IGF-1 has been identified as the culprit for causing bloating in the abdominal region, which explains why you see some bodybuilders with a potbelly.

IGF-1 Benefits

After what you think of IGF-1 right now, you should know there are almost infinite benefits you can experience from IGF-1. Some of the most common benefits include:

Increased Muscle Mass / Strength: IGF-1 is closely related to HGH and together the two hormones can dramatically increase your strength and muscle mass in a short period of time. It is not uncommon to see results within weeks of when you just start taking IGF-1.

Decreased recovery time / improved endurance: IGF-1 improves the body's ability to transport nutrients into your muscle cells. Doing so decreases the amount of time each muscle cell and each muscle fiber needs to recover from your workout.

Improved joint health: IGF-1 has potent anti-inflammatory properties and numerous studies have shown that IGF-1 can dramatically reduce joint pain and inflammation. Sometimes, IGF-1 supplementation is used as an alternative arthritis treatment because it can provide almost immediate relief for joint pain.

Improved mental functions: Studies in New Zealand have found that IGF-1 can drastically improve short and long-term memory, focus, and overall productivity. In the studies conducted, researchers noted that IGF-1 had the ability to “improve the overall health of the brain and all brain functions.”

Improved heart health: IGF-1 has shown promise as one potential way to naturally lower both blood pressure and cholesterol without the use of statins. For people that are hypertensive or have high cholesterol, IGF-1 is the perfect way to help maintain a healthy cholesterol profile. This not only reduces your risk for a heart attack but also improves the overall health of your heart.

These are just five of the dozens of benefits IGF-1 can provide. IGF-1 also has a positive impact on your immune system, your prostate, the nervous system, and can help alleviate sexual dysfunction as well.

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What Are The Benefits of IGF-1 – Ten Facts You Should Know

Insulin-like growth hormone or IGF-1 is beneficial to growth and development, as well as with the aging process. It is a hormone that is produced from the liver after the human growth hormone (HGH) is released. Occasionally, these two hormones work hand in hand.

Unfortunately, as we get older, the human growth hormone released decreases. As a result, there is a loss in production of IGF-1. This loss will seriously affect our body, thus, it is essential for us to know its importance and be aware of what are the benefits of IGF-1.

IGF-1 can affect different parts of our body in a positive way. Therefore, it is considered beneficial. To know what are the benefits of IGF-1, below are some of the facts for your guide:

1. IGF-1 stimulates DNA in our muscle. It causes stimulation of muscular development, lowers down fats, increases lean body mass and contributions in muscle and nerve growth.

2. It is also an anti-aging agent because it inhibits cell death. It maintains and improves bone health upon aging so loss of bone density is lessened. It also improves cardiovascular system function and causes good blood circulation. It also delivers nucleic acid into RNA and DNA which aids in healing damage cell and at the same time, maintains muscle tone and health for old age.

3. It is also beneficial for some athletes or for those people engaged in sports and activities that require a great amount of strength and training. It causes an increase in muscle recovery after training hard or after having an injury. It also increases stamina, strength and energy.

4. Aside from preventing aging physically, it also prevails diseases on the brain caused by aging. By restoring damaged cells and neurons that would eventually lead to cell death in the brain, this growth factor is very helpful in its preservation.

5. It suggests an improvement in metabolism of glucose because it has the same properties with insulin. Thus, improving the level of blood sugar and at the same time enhancing protein metabolism in the body.

6. It has an ability to regenerate nerves. Because of the damaged caused by injury and illness, IGF-1 can help repair the damage peripheral nerve tissue.

7. It can also boost the immune system, improves sharpness of memory and mental clarity.

8. Physically, it can improve your appearance by refining your skin and hair so that you will look more youthful.

9. It can also aid and increase sexual performance especially in men.

10. It also levels up the function of the spinal cord's motor neuron.

IGF-1 affects our growing up process. Hormones institute a small amount in our body but it has a potent effect on our whole being. So, by knowing what are the benefits of IGF-1 can help us determine what supplements to take that will definitely help our body functions.

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Workout Time – How Much Time Do You Really Need To Spend In The Gym To Get The Results You Want?

Would you rather spend three hours in the gym a day, or three hours in a week?

Most of us hold to the belief that more is better. When it comes to building rock hard lean and ripped muscle, nothing could be further from the truth. If you want this kind of look you need to be doing the right kinds of exercises, feeding your body the right know of nutrition and getting quality rest.

Think of working out as a pharmaceutical drug. It should be taken in the exact prescribed amount. Anything more can be harmful and anything less can be ineffective. The same is true for your workouts. You want to stimulate your body with the exact amount of high intensity workouts, then get heck out of the gym! Your body does not grow from what is done in the gym, it grows from what you do after the gym (what you eat and the quality of your rest). This is what will make the difference in your results.

When you're doing a high intensity workout, your body responds by secreting optimal levels of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone. These are the two hormones you want more than in order to build lean muscle mass. The best part is that you only need to workout for 25-45 minutes to achieve the optimum levels of these two critical hormones. In fact, working out much longer than an hour will cause your body to release cortisol, which creates the exact opposite effect in your body.

Keep your workouts to thirty minutes, no matter what kind of workout you are doing. This will allow you to minimize your rest periods in between your working sets and add more volume to your workout in less time. Both will increase the intensity of your workout significantly. Although this kind of approach actually shortens your workout time, take my word for it that it will be more difficult that workouts you are accustomed to. An added benefit to this approach is that since you will feel wiped out after each workout, it will make getting good quality rest more habitual and your body will be craving the kinds of foods that it requires to build itself back up.

Imagine how good it will feel to finally get the body you've always dreamed about and do it in less time. Less time in the gym means more time doing all the things you love. Getting the fitness results you want does not mean you need to be a fitness expert or have to spend endless hours in a gym. You can get those results in half the workout time.

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The 411 On Losing Body Fat and Keeping It Off

Once we start a new weight loss program it is important for us to stay motivated. To continue to lose fat until we reach our goal. To create lean muscle, to be fit and healthy. Of course we also want it to be a permanent lifestyle not a temporary fix. So how come so many of us can not? You need the right information, the right tools and of course the right mindset.

The fact is burning fat is not as hard as most think. I am not talking about losing in pounds or even inches. I am talking about losing fat and creating the lean muscle we all want. There are reasons so many weight loss programs fail. People get discouraged either because they are not seeing the results fast enough or when they hit that magic number in pounds the smaller but still what some may refer to as “skinny fat”. Not losing the fat in the target areas for your body is also discouraging. So how can you be sure the weight loss program you are choosing is the one we will not fail with?

1. We all know proper nutrition is a key to burning fat. What foods speed up your metabolism? What foods help get rid of the belly fat? What foods should we stay away from? Is it always about calorie take? What most do not take into consideration is that depending on your age and sex this is different information for all. What an 18 year old girl should eat, who is active, to maintain or build a healthy body is different from a 40 year old female who is just as active. As we get older our bodies require different types of fuel (food) to keep our metabolism going strong and our muscles lean. “Eat to live do not live to eat”.

2. Exercise is another key to not only burning fat but also creating muscle. Not every exercise plan gives the same results for all. It depends on your body type. So how do you know if you are doing the right exercises? How often should you weight train and what exercises will give you maximum fat burn while building muscle? How often do you need to do cardio in your routine? Your weight training, and cardio routine will be different than say your best friend who may also be your workout partner. If you are heavier in the legs and she is not, your routine needs to be different. If you want to lose belly fat and she wants leaner arms … different routines are needed. You have to customize your routine to you. Every exercise program needs to incorporate strength / weight training and cardio in order for you to see the physical changes you desire. Building muscle burns fat faster!

3. Finally attitude, motivation and will are just as important as the nutrition and exercise piece to being successful in the weight loss challenge. How do you keep the best attitude when you are not losing or seeing results? How do you stay motivated when you have eight million things in your life going on and can not seem to find the time? Its time to make the time. That's how! Make an appointment with yourself everyday. Set away at least 30-45 min a day. You will easily spend that kind of time in front of your computer browsing or watching TV. So you have the time. Redirect it to your want to a healthier, leaner body. Find a workout partner. One who will motivate you and in return who you can motivate as well. Your girlfriend / boyfriend, your spouse, your best friend, a co-worker. It works! Once you put all these things into place, you will see the results. You will feel good. You will look good and before you know it people will be asking YOU how? You will be their inspiration.

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How to Start Muscle Building at Home

You know that you want to, and possible should, start working out and getting into shape. But maybe you do not like the gym or you want something to do when you're not going to the gym? Well then you need to learn muscle building at home techniques. Muscle building at home does not have to be difficult, it can even be fun, but you are going to need to have motivation and dedication to really get the results that you are looking for here.

Starting on a Diet Plan

If you want to start muscle building at home, the first step needs to be for you to create a proper diet plan. Many many people make the mistake of thinking that exercises come first and are the most important part, but this is actually not the case. Instead you are going to need to focus on your diet and what you are eating before being concerned with the exercises that you are doing.

Getting Equipment

Now before you can start muscle building at home, you are going to have to get the right equipment for yourself. You are going to need to get weights for one. Make sure that you are aware of what amount of weights you are getting, it might be best to get a dumbbell set where you can change the dumbbell weight. This is because although you do want to challenge yourself at the same time you do not want to overdo it and end up injuring yourself, this does not help you get into shape.

Make sure that you consult your physician before you start trying to muscle building at home. This is important so that you know how to safely use the weights at home but also it is important as it will ensure that you are going to lose the most body fat in the shortest amount of time. Also this will ensure that you do not have any health condition at play that you are going to have to be concerned with when working out.

You also want to keep in mind when you start building building at home that, unlike weight machines, free weights do not restrict movement, which basically I think makes them a lot better. Consider your exercise motivation for the quality and durability of the weights that you are thinking of buying, make sure they are fit for purpose for what you have in mind.

You also want to make sure that the weights you are going to be purchasing are going to be easy enough for you to store. Especially if your home is already cramped it is very easy to lose an entire room to a set of equipment for muscle building at home, which is why I would recommend a set of dumbbells.

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This Group Of Exercises Dictates Workout Quality

The concept of 'fitness' has slowly started to work itself in reverse. You might even notice that this has started to happen in your own gym. People seem to be mindlessly working themselves around the gym floor hitting a few pieces of equipment, maybe picking up some dumb bells, hitting the treadmill, and heading for the door.

Some people have come to the realization that they need help, so they venture to the internet in search of that new workout that is going to bring it all together.

They do a quick search, they find something that fits into their budget, and without even giving it a second thought they give it a try.

They run through this workout for a little while only to find that they have made little headway in reaching their own physical goals, and they can not figure out why.

If this anecdote sounds familiar then pay attention, that workout that you just purchased has robbed you of your money, and denotes too much time and energy to this group of muscles, and those muscles are the ones that can be found on your arm.

At least 75-percent of workouts that you purchase online spend a great deal of time working a group of muscles that make up less than 10-percent of your total body mass.

This is why your workout is not working out. You spend too much time working a small group of muscles and too little time working the largest calorie burners in your body.

The fact of the matter is you might only need to do one concentrated exercise on each of your biceps and triceps muscles in a given week. Smaller muscle groups have smaller muscle fibers which means that it will not take long to exhaust them.

You do not need to burn an entire day at the gym to get larger arms. Truth be told, you are working your arms on every other upper body exercise that you do at the gym.

Just think about it, every time you are gripping a bar or a dumb bell you are engaging the muscles in your arm. If you are pushing that weight then you will be working your triceps muscles, and if you are pulling that weight you will be working your biceps muscles.

The fitness 'experts' that spend a great deal of time focusing on working the muscles of the arm do not have a clear understanding of the human body. If larger arms are what you are after then know this, your arms are only going to grow as big as your body will allow them to. Your body grows in proportion to itself, so if you have a weak chest and shoulder muscles, then it is likely that your arms will likely follow suit.

The next time you purchase a workout, or try a free one, check and see how much time is spent working the arms. If it makes up a great deal of time then throw the workout into the trash as it will take you much longer to reach your physical goals, even if that goal is to have larger arms.

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Tips on How To Bulk Up Your Body

It seems that almost every place you look, whether it's online or in magazines, there will be plenty of articles about how to gain weight and muscle mass quickly. The prospect of gaining weight and muscle mass can seem a bit of a task at first, and this is because you are going to have to change your eating habits as well as your exercise routine.

Changing Your Eating Habits

To start with, you are going to have to change your eating habits, not only what kinds of foods you eat, but also when you eat as well. If you do not get the balance between food intake and exercise then you are going to find that it takes a long time to achieve the weight and muscle gain that you are hiring for. Start by switching to foods that have high protein content, such as eggs and red meat (make sure to trim any excess fat off). A good fluid intake is essential and you should make sure that you take in as much water as you need, plus drinking milk is another good way to make sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs, such as calcium, oh and it should go without saying that you need to avoid alcohol.

Sleep Well And Exercise

You are going to be doing more exercising and that means getting a better night's sleep, a good night's sleep will help your body to increase the mass of your muscles due to the increase in hormone production that comes when you are in deep REM sleep.

You will also need to change your exercise routine, and one of the best ways to do that, is to make sure that you do some light exercise before breakfast. As well as doing cardio-vascular exercises do not forget to do those all important ab exercises too, but do not overdo your exercises, an hour per day is enough to start with. Doing too much too soon will only leave you open to the risk of injury, which will do nothing but set you back days or even weeks in your exercise regime, so it is best to stay within your limits before increasing the amount of exercise over time . Once you get into a routine you will soon start to notice the benefits and despite weight and muscle gain will not happen overnight, you will soon start to notice the difference.

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Foods That Build Muscle – Breakfast

You've unduly heard it said before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you're trying to build lean muscle, the foods you consume become even more important. This piece will focus on what foods you can consume for this critical meal that will give you the results you want.

Too many people who are trying to build muscle follow what I consider unrealistic nutritional guidelines. Nutrition is the critical component for seeing the results you want from your works outs. The best workout regiment in the world will not expose your six pack abs unless you're giving your body the nutritional intake it requires to build lean quality muscle. For you to experience any results, or long term results, you must follow a nutritional regiment that is realistic and doable.

A realistic nutritional regiment will be something you can commit to over the course of time. It must consist of foods you enjoy eating, food that is readily available and it must not require expertise in the kitchen to put together. If any of these three elements are missing, you're chances of straying away from your nutritional plan increases. You will only build muscle from a nutritional regiment you can actually follow.

I'm not suggesting you slack off on what you and only eat the foods you enjoy eating. Building muscle is about making the right food choices, which for most means making configurations in what they decide to eat, but does not have to mean eating only vegetables or cutting out entire food groups!

Here are a list of what I consider muscle building staples, foods you should have on you at all times for your breakfast options:

– Eggs / Egg whites
– Oatmeal
– Skim or low fat milk
– Turkey Bacon
– Cinnamon
– Cereal
– Protien Shake
– Fruit
– Potatoes
– Waffels

At first glance you might be surprised I have some of the foods listed here that I do. Good! I want to be clear that eating to build muscle does not mean you have to starve your self by not eating carbs or eating foods you do not like. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Balance is key here. This is the meal that will get your day started so its important to have the right combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. I do not believe in calorie counting either. It does not fit into my requirement of something that is sustainable and realistic. Most importantly, counting calories misses the point. If you're giving your body the right kind of foods to build muscle, you can consume without worrying so much about the quantity.

Generally speaking my breakfast consists of 3-4 scrambled eggs (1 yoke and three whites), 3 strips of turkey bacon, one pack of instant oatmeal, a glass of skim milk and my omega-3 supplement.

Remember building muscle is a simple process, do not overcomplicate it.

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How to Get Ripped Biceps Guide

When you start talking about muscle building or strength training, the first question people normally ask someone is how much they can lift. While most people want strong abs, legs and back muscles most people will likely work on and want to flash the arms, there's more on show than your chest and stomach. By doing the correct amount and kinds of workouts and taking the right rest breaks from them, to allow muscle recovery and growth, you can raise the muscle mass and strength of your biceps. The following instructions will help you learn how to get ripped biceps.

How to …

Pick the correct weight to utilize; This should be one that is not too heavy but also not to light. When you use a heavier weight, your other muscles such as the ambushes and deltoid muscle catch the slack, meaning your biceps are not working as hard. Try bumping five to ten pounds from the normal weights and note which muscles work heavier as one lift, however, if you can keep going after 10 reps it is too light.

Take a break for fifteen seconds between reps, by doing this you give the biceps time to rest and gain oxygen. In turn means you can work them more intensely for the 3 sets of 8-10 reps linked with gaining muscle mass.

Bring in cardio to your everyday routine. This is particularly significant if you have body fat round your arms or other regions. For example using a weighted jump rope will give the biceps an exercise while burning fat.

Compress on every lift. When you're targeting your biceps, you need to compress the muscles tight at the top of every curl and hold it there for a one second and then releasing down over a 2 second period.

The muscles need time to rest and repair, this is how your muscle mass grows. You should leave 24-48 hours between each bicep workout to give your muscles time to recover properly.

Workout for How to Get Ripped Biceps

Firstly I would recommend dumbbell curls 3 sets for 8-10 reps. Secondly I would recommend doing one armed dumbbell preacher curls 3 sets for 8-10 reps. And finally doing 8-10 reps, 3 sets of zottman curls. This is what I am personally using to build up my biceps and it is very intense but they are three of the best exercises I think you can do for your biceps.

The final key is to want it. If you want it and you go for it and you do not give up that that is really how to get ripped biceps.

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Extra Push

We all find our selves hitting a plateau from time to time. The question is what can we do to break down the wall and of course get bigger? Some people will tell you to stop training take a break; I am not sure if I believe this is the right thing to do. The whole thing with over training in my opinion is way over done. I am not saying that it can not be done, but I know many people who train the way they are suppose to and hit a plateau. They are not over training the muscles have just adapted to their training method. Does this mean throw the whole routine away and start over? I do not think so; with a little push you can trigger growth again. The thing that a lot of people do not realize is that our muscles have memory. What I mean is that they remember what we do through out a day and adapt to that. Look at it this way if they grow every time we lifted something all the bricklayers and iron-workers in the world would look like professional bodybuilders. Basically the body uses more energy to keep muscle on so it only takes on what it needs to get us through a day. Here are a few things that can give you that extra push you need to get mass muscle. Let's start with the drop set; it is one of my favorites. What a drop set is you finish your last set with what ever rep range you are doing and immediately with no rest drop your weight down and do another set. It does not really matter how far you drop down your weight, everyone is different. Everyone's level of muscle fatigue is going to be different so there is no real accurate number to tell you how much to drop your weight.

Just remember that this set should also be to failure. Some times if you really are feeling like you want to exhaust your muscle do a third set immediately after the second. Do not do this on every exercise per muscle group just the last set of the last exercise. The next method I am going to talk about is the rest pause set. This is exactly what it sounds like. On your last set of an exercise go to failure take a 10 second break and push out a few more. The way this has worked best for me is to up my weight slowly and do 3 sets of 10 but usually on the last set because I have upped my weight I can get 7 or 8 out then I rest 10 seconds and get the last few. Some people say you can do this on the last set of every exercise, but like the drop set I do it on the last set of the last exercise of what ever muscle group I am working on. Another great method is FST-7. This is a system that Hany Rambod came to with train professional bodybuilders, and after years of research he has got it down to a science. What FST-7 stands for is fascia, stretch, train and the 7 is for 7 sets. This is really designed for body parts that you are having trouble getting to grow. With this system you need to pick 4 exercises for a particular body part. Two of these exercises need to be composite movements and two of them need to be isolated movements. So to start off with you do one of the composite movements with 3 to 4 sets and 8 to 12 reps, try to go as heavy as possible. Next take an isolated move and use the same sets and rep range as before. The third set is again going to be a compound move and keep following the same set and rep range. Remember you want to lift as heavy as you can with these 3 exercises; also keep your period period about 1 min in between each set.

Now for the last exercise, this one is going to be an isolated movement. You will probably have to use less weight than you normally would on this exercise. What you are going to do here is 7 set of 8 to 12 with only 30 seconds of rest in between each set. This is going to get the blood rushing through the body part you are training and give an amazing pump. Some people like I said use this for trouble areas and some train this way all the time on every body part. Try it and see what works for you. Well I hope this helps you to get past your plateau. These are some of the things I do to help me out. Just try them out for a while and see which is the best for you, we are all different and what may be great for me may not work for you. Any train smarter not harder.

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