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Facts About How To Lose Fat And Build Muscle – 7 Effective Tips For Your Diet And Workout

How do you lose fat and gain muscle? It's a contradiction, actually because a lot of people think that in order to gain muscle mass, you have to gain some fat, too. This is not applicable for most people. Unrealistic expectations of building more muscles lead many muscle building enthusiasts to believe that they can not gain muscles and lose fat at the same time.

Facts about gaining muscles state that mature adults normally gain 15 pounds of muscle at most every year. However, many people tend to gain only 5 pounds of muscle at the same time duration. This is equivalent to only 1.25 pounds of muscle gained every month while maintaining the same amount of body fat. To gain more muscles, you have to add more calories in your diet. Take in 100 more calories each day so that in one month, you have an additional 3125 calories per month.

What about losing fat? You can lose fat faster than gain muscle. That is, in order to lose fat, you have to reduce your calorie intake per day while increasing your calories output. For an average person to lose weight, he or she should take in 400 calories less per day than they normally do. That totals to a reduction of 12,000 calories take per month. It results to 1 pound lost per week which again totals to 52 pounds lost in one year.

Considering this equation, you'll realize that the calories increase you need to gain muscle is reliably very small compared to the calories reduction that you need to lose fat. Now, how is it to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? It basically means that you have to eat more and eat less altogether. To get this straight, you have to first get rid of a particular muscle winning myth, and that is the myth that you need to eat more so that you'll gain more muscles.

To get a better scenario about this endeavor, take a look at what your body does to the calories that it consumes. Twenty-five percent of your energy intake goes to your brain while 50% of the calories your body consumes goes to the activities that keeps you alive, such as breathing, regulating body temperature, pumping blood and replenishing dead cells. Another 20% of your body energy is associated to your physical activities such as moving, walking and lifting. Surprisingly, only 5% of your energy is contributed to adding muscles. As you notice from this calculation, only a small amount of the calories you consume are distributed to exercise and building muscles.

Your body has 2 main requirements in order to keep you alive:

  • Carbs or fat for energy that you burn
  • Protein amino acids

If the food that you take in is scarce, your body comes to the rescue by way of its emergency back up system. If it deems that you are in dire emergency, your body activates this nuclear power plant that cannibalizes your muscles. You have to stop the activation of this nuclear reactor so that it does not eat up your muscles. Here's how you lose fat and gain muscle:

  1. Take 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. That means eating 5 to 6 equal portions of protein consumed even throughout the day.
  2. Eat just enough calories to stop sending signals to your body that you are starving. Be wary of consuming too much calories or else you'll gain fat. A good value for this plan is to eat 10% less of your energy consumption every day. In other words, 10% calorie reduction.
  3. Eat proper nutrition, make every calorie count. Skip eating processed foods. Add lots of fresh vegetables to your diet
  4. Make a 30% calorie reduction from fat. Eat good fats instead, such as nuts, olives and avocadoes.
  5. Add more whole grains to your meals as well as low GI carbs. Skip consuming simple carbs from alcohol, sugar and white flour. Have a daily intake of omega 3's from salmon and flax, among other food sources.
  6. Be consistent in doing hardcore exercises. Ask a fitness trainer to design an appropriate workout plan for you.
  7. Do 30- 40 minutes of cardio daily. Cardio helps in your endeavor to lose fat and build muscle.

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7 Top Muscle Building Nutrition Food Sources To Gain Muscle Mass

You can not actually neglect muscle building nutrition in your muscle building program. But the thing is, many people avoid the topic of nutrition when it comes to building muscles. They think it's complicated. It's simply a matter of obtaining the right information because it is in fact easy to find the right muscle building nutrition foods to complement your workouts. What's more, your nutrition can even make your muscle building program more successful. With muscle building nutrition sustaining your maintenance, your work would be less tedious. That's right. Eat more foods for building muscles and you can work out less. What are the top muscle building foods to help you gain strength and muscle mass?

  1. Lean beef. Thisought to be a staple in your meals if you want to build muscles fast. Loaded with zinc, iron, B- vitamins and other nutrients that promote the growth of your muscles, you can not skip lean beef in your nutrition. Other than that, it also provides high-quality nutrition for growing your muscular physique. Take note that not all proteins are equal, but proteins in lean beef contain high amounts of amino acids that work in tandem with insulin to boost muscle growth. If you're trying to lose weight, lean beef is a valuable option for your nutrition, too. Eat 3 oz of lean beef and you'll get the same amount of proteins found in 1.5 cups of beans. However, you'll get half of the amount of calories.
  2. Skinless chicken. Chicken, like beef is a good source of high quality protein which is essential for the maintenance and repair of muscles. It also aids in bone health and weight loss. You can prepare delish meals as well because chicken is easy to cook and prepare. At the supermarket, you'll find meat packaged in single serving sizes. You can season and cook it quickly.
  3. Cottage cheese. It's a perfect nutrition to maintain the health of your muscles because it is an excellent source of pure casein protein. Casein, as a slow digesting protein can sustain your muscle health even if you go on long periods without eating.
  4. Eggs. Other than being a good source of high quality protein, eggs also contain the right kind of fat, nine essential amino acids and Vitamin D. It's food that truly provides excellent value for your money. Contrary to what some studies have reported, eggs are not unsafe for your health.
  5. Whey protein. Supplements containing whey protein are the most popular in the fitness industry. They are a fast, convenient and affordable source of protein. Bodybuilders take whey protein supplements in the morning after waking up, as a post-workout supplement and as a supplement to mix with their meals. A scoop of whey protein in your muscle building shake is effective for gaining muscle mass. Then again, see to it that whole foods are your main source of high quality protein, augmented by whey protein supplements.
  6. Tuna and other fish. These foods are also rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Being low in fat and high in omega 3 fatty acids, fish also aids in fat loss and revs up your metabolism.
  7. Oatmeal. It's low glycemic index (GI) value makes oatmeal an excellent source of carbohydrates. It's also minimally processed as a muscle building nutrition food.

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What Are The Most Effective Fat Loss Supplements For Females Aged 20 to 39?

Although there is no magic pill for shedding off flabs for the fair sex, there are fat loss supplements for females to be combined with the proper diet and workout program. Other than that, you can make means to rev up your metabolism, too. Finding the right combination of fat loss supplements for females is like finding a support group for your fat loss agenda. What are some examples of these fat loss supplements? Here is a list of fat loss supplements for women who are aged 20-39:

  • Whey protein – if you're serious about losing fat, you definitely should not miss whey protein in your diet. You will not be able to build muscles without protein because proteins are the building blocks of your muscle tissues. Whey protein, in particular, is easily absorbed by your body. It is ingested by your system faster than chicken and fish. What are the benefits of taking whey protein supplements? They're convenient and easy to obtain. If you're bothered by constant food cravings, whey protein supplements can fill you up. It'll boost your strength as well. Your cardiovascular functions will be enhanced and it will optimize your immune system.
  • Multivitamins – it is a wise decision to invest in multivitamins to supplement your diet and exercise program. Taking multivitamins boosts the efficiency of your various bodily functions. You have to take a complete combination of multivitamins, or else a deficiency can have illegally side effects in your body system mechanisms. The benefits of taking multivitamins include a faster metabolism for burning fat, a healthy function of your immune system and fortified tissues and bones. Your muscle building and repair processes take place more efficiently with the aid of multivitamins. In the same way, the daily maintenance of your body is better supported.
  • Casein – if you're aiming for long-term muscle building, do not skip taking casein. With this supplement, your muscles are in tiptop condition as you go about with your daily activities. Your post workout shake should contain whey protein, but if you're looking for round-the-clock muscle repair even when you're not training, then it's casein you need. The benefits you'll get from casein supplements are the ability of your body to fight catabolism, a longer duration of protein absorption and muscular repair and the development of lean muscle.
  • EFA's – the acronym stands for essential fatty acids which your body can not produce on its own. You therefore have to obtain EFA's from food sources such as cold water fishes, flax seeds and salmon. Augment your diet with EFA supplements, and these would be helpful in various areas of your body health such as enhanced brain function, immune system and cardiovascular health. Your hormonal production and joint health are adequately supported. The fat burning metabolism of your body becomes more active and if you're doing high-intensity workouts, your muscular recovery process occurs faster.
  • Fat burners – these supplements contain a variety of ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extracts, yohimbe and branched- chain amino acids. Fat burners are also potent fat-fighting substances because of their vitamins, minerals and herbal content. The benefits of taking fat burner supplements are boosted energy levels. It promotes the ability of your body to burn fat as fuel. Your mental sharpness works better and it curbs your appetite and cravings.

These are 5 of the most important fat loss supplements for females. Choose your best allies in your battle against the bulge with these very effective fat loss supplements for females aged 20-39.

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3 Dynamic Fat Loss Workouts For Women To Build A Lean Physique

What is the best fat loss workout for women? The quickest way to burn fat and sport a lean and sexy physique is to regularly engage in a workout program of strength training combined with HIIT or high intensity interval training. This fat loss workout program has been a proven technique in melting fat and building lean muscles in the least amount of time. Other than burning calories and building fat-burning muscles, you'll avoid the glitch of a weight loss plateau.

Getting into a fat loss workout regimen for women does not mean that you'll develop a bulky and thick physique. You'll be lifting heavy weights, yes, but the muscles you'll build will burn calories even if youre at rest. Your muscles become metabolically active and the more you have of it, the more fat you'll melt. Muscles in general are dense and it may appear that you're heavier on the scale, but do not rely on the pounds you see. You'll be surprised to look great in your skinny jeans.

Here is a list of strength training-high intensity interval training combos for your fat loss workout:

  • For this routine, you need to get a pair of 10-20 lbs. dumbbells and a piece of jumping rope. Do 1 set of exercise using the dumbbells and 1 set of exercise using the jumping rope. Perform the circuit again for 3 times, but you can do 1 full circuit if you do not have sufficient time. Do this workout 3 times a week to obtain the best results. As you go along, make it more challenging, add more weight for each of this workouts. This is a good way to build a solid rock core and sexy arms and legs.
  • Single leg deadlift – pick up a pair of dumbbells using an overhand grip. Grab the dumbbells and hold them in front of your thighs. The dumbbells should be at arms' length. Perform a standing position where your feet at hip-width distance. Slightly bend your knees. While keeping your knees bent, bend at your hips then sink your torso until it becomes parallel to the ground. The weight should be kept close to your body as possible. Halt and resume to a standing position. As you do this movement, keep your back naturally arched. Perform 8 repetitions of this workout at each side. This is a form of exercise that will define your glutes and hamstrings.
  • Split squat jumps – execute a lunge position while bending your knees. Your front knee should be seated above your ankle. Put your arms at the back and lower down to perform a lunge. Jump off exclusively from the ground and exchange your feet while you're jumping. When you land, softly resume to a lunge position while placing your other foot in front. Consistently switch your feet at a faster rate. Lift your chest and sway your arms in front while you jump. Perform 5 jumps of this routine on each side. This is an exercise that engages all the muscles of your body and at the same time blast calories.

These are 3 of the best fat loss workouts for women. You can learn more techniques by asking for tips from your fitness trainer. Doing a regular routine of the best fat loss for women builds your muscles and makes you burn more fat resulting to a lean and fit and healthy physique.

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Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 Review

Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 made by Rick Kaselj is the new program that talks about muscle imbalance exercises for the lower part of the body. This is a new system for those who wish to fix muscle imbalances without having to get out of the house to go to them gym.

This program also discusses easy and simple exercises to increase the speed of recovering from injuries, and tips to prevent injuries from occurring while exercising.

Additionally, this system is made by Rick Kaselj, a well-known, world-renowned exercise and injury specialist, and international fitness presenter who has spent more than twenty years in this fitness industry.

Since Rick Kaselj launched this system, many have used it to discover the best way to address their muscular imbalances problems in either their shoulders and lower bodies. Accordingly, Tianna Davis has performed a full review of this program that uncovers whether this system is worth purchasing.

Inside this program, members will get an outline of key information about muscle imbalances, assessment recommendations, and exercises to improve flexibility, strength and cardio endurance. Additionally, when introducing this program, Rick Kaselj gives a full series of instruction books and videos like:

The “Strategies to Improve Hip & Ankle Mobility” video

The “DB Mobility Workout With Kevin Yates Of MIRL” video

The “Corrective Exercises For Performance By Nick Rosencutter” book

The “Naked Running – Introduction To Barefoot Running” book

The “fascia, Exercise Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body fascia Part 2” book

The “Training The Myofascial Lines For Back Injuries” video

The “fascia, Exercise & Muscle Imbalances 3.0 – Lower Body” book and video

The “Addressing Imbalances In The Shoulder” book and video

The “Addressing Muscular Imbalances In The Lower Body” book and video

The “Identifying Muscular Imbalances In The Lower Body” book and video

The “Maximizing Strength & Stability Of The Knee” book and video

The “Mobility & Imbalances” book and video

and several others.

This PDF has proven that it can provide members with faster results, increase the speed of injury recovery and stop injuries by moving your clients from imbalanced to balanced. This program consist of an outline of important information about images explaining muscle imbalances, muscle imbalances, videos of exercises and recommendations of assessment. With Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 Free Download you'll be able to watch the video presentation using the internet or download it onto your PC or laptop for viewing at another time.

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Follow A Workout Routine And Help Yourself!

Being fit is the soul mantra in today's life. Not being able to stay healthy costs us in every sphere of our daily activities. With the increased consumption of fast food and unhealthy options, staying healthy and fit is taking a toll indeed!

Now, is fitness all about sticking to a diet plan and not cutting anything loose? It is obviously so, but there is another side of this story as well. Staying healthy and fit also encompasses doing your daily dose of exercises. The importance of a proper workout routine can never be under.

Specialized workout routines exist for men and women that focus on building strength in specific parts of the body. Being fit joins appreciative eyes as well. I am sure everyone enjoys the spotlight and hope your are not different. Regardless of your age, sex and the food you take, a regular workout plan can bring major positive changes in your life starting from enhanced moods to rejuvenated sex life!

If you are still not motivated enough to burn your daily dose of calories let's look at the 6 positive effects of a sustained regular workout plan.

  1. Control of weight: A proper workout schedule helps prevent weight gain and losses weight loss as well. The more you burn your calories the more you shed off your excess carbohydrates, staying in tone.
  2. Improved immunity: Improved resistance to various diseases and health conditions is a direct result of a daily workout plan. The increased blood flow during an exercise period reduces the risks of cardiovascular ailments.
  3. Feel happier: It is a proven fact that regular exercise promotes the activity of the brain inducing chemical changes. These chemical changes can seriously uplift your mood and make your feel happier!
  4. Increase your physical endurance: Increased muscular activity helps increase your physical endurance. Workout routines help the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the various tissues of the body including the heart bolstering their strength. Stronger heart and tissues improves your endurance to take care of your daily life better.
  5. Rejuvenate sex life: Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Are you too tired to get intimate with your partner. You will not believe how wonderful physical exercise can bring in a positive change in your love-making. Improved performance and sustained orgasms are definite fall outs of a regular workout routine.
  6. Better physical appeal, look sexy: Following a workout routine instills self-confidence. The more confident and charming body you have the more sexy you become!

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Mega Muscle Gain

This is a very exciting time in your life as I am about to share my knowledge of how you can achieve a rapid muscle and fat loss system. The healthy weight loss result can be achieved without pills, potions and powders. You can start to experience a leaner and firmer body by applying these methods to your daily routine.

The Perfect Body Formula is a powerful formula which has been shared with thousands of men around the world. If you do not know what the hormone is called, then you could think it would be testosterone, although you can increase this which can help your health overall. Natural testosterone levels have actually decreased which has caused an increase in health risks.

Generic diets are more designed for women so they do not meet the men's needs at all. These diets focus on fat restriction which can make the situation even worse for a man. Some of the best testosterone based foods are steaks, avocado, coconut oil, broccoli and Brussel sprouts. Some of these foods will help you to boost your testosterone.

The food that you can eat can go straight to your belly. Low testosterone can take chemicals and oestrogen like qualities in your body. Try and avoid soy based foods, salad dressings, processed food and dairy products like milk and yogurt. Fat burning can be achieved by keeping an eye on what you eat. Your use of carbohydrates can be wiped with age which can mean that they get stored as fat in the body. Try and reduce the carbohydrates and increase the healthier options such as the options explained above.

Shape specific nutrition has been extremely useful to target fat loss in problematic areas and understand why you are storing body fat and why. Carbohydrates can be really tricky to monitor in the diet. You can focus on the specific nature of the storing of fat. Burning belly fat can be difficult to shift. And avoiding too many carbohydrates as possible is a one of the building blocks. Generic plans do not work and that is why dieticians can have a massive advantage to those who follow these rules and experience how you can monitor your own nutrition.

What would work best for your male metabolism? Well by using the Adonis ratio weight loss system you can increase your likelihood of succeeding on a program to shift your fat. Maximize your lean muscle and avoid specific foods. Match specific foods and monitor your overall fitness levels and dietary habits. The results are absolutely amazing – considering how delicious the recipes are and how you can continue to enjoy some good wholesome food.

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Choose The Right Muscle Building Foods To Complement Your Workouts

You’ll have to spend hours in the gym to build muscles, and you have to eat the right muscle building foods, too. Your muscle mass is growing, that’s why you need more calories and nourishment. You need to feed yourself well, too to sustain your changing levels of activity. If you’re planning to make muscle building a lifestyle, consult a health professional, dietitian or fitness trainer first to avoid complications. Now, what muscle building foods should you eat to build lean muscles?

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5 Valuable Tips About How To Build More Muscle

How do you build more muscle? The best time to build more muscles is actually during winter. As the winter season approaches, you can shift your muscle building regime. If you have been focusing on fat loss, it's time to move on to muscle building. You'll be wearing layers of clothing during winter, anyway, so there is no need to concern yourself about how you look in a shirt or a bikini. If you have a smaller physique, the winter time apparel can cover you up. How will your muscle building program work?

Give yourself 4 to 6 months to build quality mass of muscles and add 2 to 3 months more to lose the fat that you've earned along the way. When the next summer season comes, you'll have a buff and lean body to show off. Here is a short list of valuable tips to build more muscle.

  1. Choose an appropriate plan and adhere to it. Most people make the mistake of halting their exercise plan after realizing that it does not produce any results in 1 or 2 weeks. You actually need to monitor your progress and understand that your muscle building program would not normally show any effects until the 4 th to 6 th week of working out. Jumping ship at the initial stages of your program results to a waste of time and effort because you need to readjust your exercises again. You'll get too far to the mass developing stage of building your muscles.
  2. Mix dry oats to your muscle building shake. Good if you're doing well on your calorie intake, otherwise you'll have to look for more means to gain weight and bump up. One easy way to make your muscle building shake more effective for weight gain is to mix c cup of raw oats to your shake. The consistency of the shake will be altered, but you can grind the oats so that you'll hardly notice them on your beverage. It will give a thicker taste to your shake. Instead of fruits, oats contain carbs that works better to restore glycogen in your muscles which is very important in building muscle mass.
  3. Take time for rest for muscle recovery. Stay out of the gym for an ample time. Do not spend all of your time in the gym because doing so will break down your muscle tissues. The culprit for this is too much weight lifting. Take some time out of the gym to allow your muscles to repair. When your muscles have recovered, they build back as stronger muscles. Continually pounding your muscles while weight lifting without allowing time for recuperation will make you grow weaker.
  4. Relieve and manage your stress. You may be so focused on what you're doing at the gym and the kitchen that you're constantly 100% on. Be wary that you could be such a perfectionist that it causes you high levels of stress. Consider that stress can work against your muscle building program. Being under too much stress causes the release of certain hormones that can break down your muscle.
  5. Ask for the guidance of a coach or mentor, but be aware of the workings of your own body. If you're really serious about building your muscles, you can look for a coach or mentor. A coach or a mentor is well-knowledgeable about your endeavor, plus they boost your motivation, too. But while you have a mentor with a physique that you covet. Understand that you can work to have the same muscled body, but remember that you have a different metabolic rate and recovery mechanism. Your nutritional needs and habits are different from your mentor's. Heed the coaching of your mentor and use their techniques as a guide, but you have to adjust your program according to your own individual needs and the responses of your body.

Good luck on your muscle building endeavor. These 5 valuable tips on how to build more muscle can help you achieve your physique and fitness goals.

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Only the Strong Rest

Are you resting enough between your sessions? The last thing anyone wanted to do when you are busting your butt to get in shape or shatter your personal goals is to take a day or two off to rest. A big misconception is if I take time off from exercising I am not improving, but this statement could not be any further from the truth. It is extremely important to not only rest your body physically but also mentally.

If you are increasing muscular strength and incorporating a weight lifting regiment I would not suggest lifting more than 5 days a week or working out a particular muscle group twice within a 48 hour time period. Lifting weights puts stress on your muscles that create microscopic tears in your muscle that need time to repair. It is important to understand that you do not increase muscle strength when you are throwing the weights around in the gym, but rather when you are in your deep sleep or chowing down on whole foods. I find it best to incorporate a 2 to 3 day continuous rest period every week, by taking these long breaks you are giving your body amount amount of time to repair any deep tears in the muscle that are still in the process of being repaired. I have also learned by trial and error that taking 6 or 7 days off every couple of months will completely change your mental aptitude of exercising, taking these long bouts reinforce how important fitness is to you and why you work so hard to become better.

Not only is it important to rest but to rest with purpose. If you are just taking days off from exercising and spend your entire day eating junk food sitting on the couch and staying up late drinking and partying you will not see any progress. It is important to get at least 8 hours of sleep, if you are just getting 4 or even 6 hours of sleep your body does not reach its Rem cycle also know as the deep cycle of sleep in which your body is repaired at an accelerated rate .Your muscles are not the only part of your body that needs rest after heavy lifting session or intestinal exercise regiments. Your brain is taxed almost just as much as the muscles you are punishing in the gym. The brain needs just as much rest and sleep as your sore muscles, when you reach the 8 hour sleep threshold you regain your alertness and drive that helps push through the most intense of workouts.

Consuming whole foods with nutritional values ​​in your diet is just as important as the physical sleep you get. Eating fatty junk food on your rest days will instantly turn to excess weight since there is no immediate exercise taking place to burn the calories off. Make sure to eat a high protein diet with healthy fats that are found in foods such as eggs and avocados. I find it very helpful to find some sort of light exercise to occupy your fitness craze on the rest days such as biking, hiking or going for a long walk around a park or neighborhood.

If you make an effort to take the time off from the gym and get some good quality rest in you will come back to your workouts with a tank full of energy and the mental preparationness to set all sorts of personal records wherever you are lifting a new record weight or completing more reps than you thought possible. Get all of those Z's in and you will be ready take on any fitness summits you have out there looking down on you!

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Trading Body Fat For Muscle – Three Secrets That Will Help You Succeed

Becoming ripped is something that a lot of men would like to experience at least once in their lives. A lot of guys join expensive gyms with the hopes of getting that six-pack abs and big guns for arms. They go to the gym religiously hoping that their efforts will pay off and that they are not wasting their time. What they fail to realize going to the gym is not nearly as important as doing the proper things. There are plenty of guys who do not even have a gym membership that have the six-pack Abs that they dream of.

People are born at all sizes some guys were born with large muscles others were born with small muscles. Most people believe it's easy for the guys who have ripped bodies, these guys did not have to work for them. This is not true and often used as an excuse not to do the work because it is not in their genes. The truth is the road is challenging it requires will power to do the work. There are three things that a guy needs to keep in mind when deciding to build a lean well define body for himself.

1) He must be committed to doing what ever he needs to do to get the body he wants. It takes discipline to stay on the diets and stay with the work out routines. He needs to have the strength and understanding to realize if he falls for the program for a day or so, all he needs to do is to brush himself off and get right back on it. No excuses are allowed.

2) Next he must realize he has to lower his body fat. It sound simple but if he needs a plan that helps burn off fat. No matter how many sets and repetitions you do or how heavy of weights you use the muscle will not be visible. A layer of fat will hide the definition. The majority of guys who developed the ripped look allow a certain amount of body fat. They achieved it not only because of their genes but because of their plans and life style. The most important thing is eating the right amounts and kinds of food. If you are not gifted with the genes of a thin person and you need to work a lot harder to get ripped. Eat less simple sugar and reduce bad fat and increase protein. Protein has two advantages, First it is what muscles are built from. Second it takes 2 times the amount of energy to metabolize it when you eat as compared to carbohydrates and fats. Be sure the diet is balance and healthy.

3) He needs to increase his activities a good way to lose body fat is by running. However, running for a few minutes and then running the rest is not what you want to do. Alternating spurts of running with walking works your heart and builds it stronger. Doing a run-walk-run pattern that changes about every 30 seconds is a better way to begin. The other way to use exercise to tone muscles without growing them to much is to do resistance training. Weight lifting will help you bulk up your muscle by growing them. Whereas resistance training makes your muscles harder and more defined without necessarily making them grow. In general to increase muscle size you need to increase the amount of weight you use. To increase how hard and defined your muscles are you need to keep the amount of weight you are lifting lower while increasing the repetitions. This will help you look strong and muscular without looking too big.

To put these three into summary, Be mentally ready to do what you need to do and prepare to pick your self up if you fall off the program: eat a healthy balanced diet that burns body fat. Do exercises that are designed to achieve your goals. Remember it is your choice to obtain the body you want so be careful when you are making this decision of healthy eating and the exercise program. If you want to sit around and watch TV while eating a bag of cookies you will not get your ripped body. Decide now !!

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5 Tips For Women To Develop Lean Muscle Tone

Many women want to improve their fitness levels, partly for health reasons and partly for their overall look. For women who want to look more toned you can do it by building muscle tone and making those muscles much leaner.

Here are the top 5 ways that women can achieve good muscle tone and improve their over-all appearance.

How Build Lean Muscle Tone

Muscle tone improves when the muscle fibers become larger. This is achieved with regular training with weights. Women are often concerned about building muscles mainly because they think that they will develop a bulky male body-builder shape. But men's bodies only develop that way way due to the testosterone hormone that has very minimal amounts in women.

1. More Repetitions When Weight Training

When you are training with weights you need to increase the number of repetitions that you are doing to stretch your muscles even more. A good workout routine would be to lift a reasonable weight for six to twelve repetition sessions.

2. Eat More Protein

Women can also get good body tone by eating a healthy and balanced diet. This includes eating a good amount of protein regardless of whether you are exercising or not. Protein is basically the building blocks for muscles. The more you have the more you can build your muscles. Protein is also fills you up so you'll feel fuller for longer and help you snack less between meals.

3. Reduce Carbohydrates

Even though carbohydrates are a necessary part of a healthy diet, you want to cut down the amount you eat if you are trying to build lean muscle tone. This is not saying to cut them out completely as they help your body release insulin, which is needed for energy and to help with muscle repair.

4. Eat More Vegetables

Eating vegetables are part of a healthy diet. Vegetables are typically low in calories and take a lot of energy to eat and digest. This helps with building muscle tone, particularly if they are ate raw or just slightly cooked.

5. Limit Your Cardio Exercises

If you're concentrating on building a lean body tone then you need to limit the amount of cardio exercise you do. For example, long distance running actually encourages muscle wastage. Instead of stopping all cardio workouts, you can still build muscle tone by including very short bursts of high intensity runs or cycle workouts.

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7 Excellent Food Sources For Your Muscle Building Diet

Bulking up largely depends on your muscle building diet. You may be working out all you want but if you're missing in food nourishment and the right nutrition, you will not be able to build your dream physique. The foods and nutrition that you take in is actually the make or break factor in your muscle building endeavor. You'll want to create an environment that's conducive for muscle growth, and you do this with the aid of the nutrients that you consume from foods and supplements. You've probably come across long lists of muscle building foods, but here's a select -few of muscle building foods that consistently come up in the true bodybuilder's shopping list:

  1. Egg whites is a source of pure protein. This muscle building diet food source has a fat to protein ratio of 60: 1. Otherwise called as a magnificent muscle growth food, egg whites also has an extremely high biological value. Egg whites is a large source of protein that is readily utilized by the body for protein synthesis. This rich protein food contains carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals as well.
  2. Chicken and turkey are lean meats for building serious muscle. These foods are staples in every bodybuilder's workout diet. Chicken and turkey breasts are excellent sources of high-quality protein. They contain extremely low amounts of saturated and trans fats.
  3. Fish is a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Although it's normally recommended in a muscle building diet to eat less fat, fish is an exception to that. Oil from fish supports the muscle building process. Go for cold water fishes such as trout, tuna, salmon and sardines contain sufficient amounts of healthy protein and fats. Add canned fish packed in water in your shopping list. It's a quick protein source for munching especially when you're on the go.
  4. Beans and legumes are delicious sources of fiber and protein. Serious muscle builder should not ignore the power of beans and legumes in building muscles. Eating fiber-rich foods supports normal bowel movement and regulates the secret of insulin in your body. These nutrients aid in the proper absorption of nutrients taken in foods and supplements. Eat plenty of kidney beans, too. One cup of kidney beans contains 14 grams of protein and fiber.
  5. Lean red meat is an excellent protein source for hard gainers. Cuts of red meat and lean ground beef are excellent food sources for growing muscle mass. They contain ample amounts of zinc, iron, protein and B Vitamins. If you're a hard gainer, chomp up more red meats that contain plenty of calories per serving. Then again, limit your intake of red meats because it is high in saturated fats. Refrain from eating them on a daily basis. In your weekly diet, add red meat to turkey, chicken and fish. It'll add variety and flavor to your muscle building diet.
  6. Low glycemic carbs fuel your muscles. These are slow burning carbs found in sweet potatoes and oatmeal are excellent pre-workout snacks. You build muscles not only with protein nourishment but with carbs, too. When you workout, you use carbs found in your muscles as fuel. So when bulking up your muscles with weights, fuel yourself with slow-digesting carbs, or else your intensity decreases.
  7. Drink 10 liters of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. Doing so will keep your muscles looking full. Due to misinformation, some bodybuilders think that the most important element in building muscles is meat. However, the truth is, water should be the no. 1 item in your list of muscle growth requisites. Water transports nutrients to your muscle cells, and in turn making the nutrients and supplements that you take in more efficient.

There are actually more food sources that will support your muscle winning goals, but the 7 mentioned edibles above are the basics. Build muscle mass and look good. Rev up your bodybuilding workouts with an efficient muscle building diet.

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3 Evergreen Movement Patterns for Strength Building

Movement exercises are always great for the body. They improve the body strength apart from weight loss. There are three movement patterns that can bring great results for weight loss. Following these regularly will initiate fast result unlike muscle building in a gym.

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What Are The 4 Best Bodybuilding Supplements For Skinny Guys?

What are the best bodybuilding supplements for hardgainers? It can be such a dismay when you're too scrawny and people do not believe that you train for 5 days a week. You're supposed to be buff, but what's the glitch? Genetics may be a factor in you being too skinny, but but not because you are not alone. There's hope, absolutely and you can actually sport a lean and mean really jacked body like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!

You're thinking that bodybuilding supplements must be the key to having a perfectly muscular physique, but be wary. There are loads of bodybuilding supplements sold in supermarkets and in online stores that overpromise you huge muscular gains that could have you winning your first bodybuilding competition. But having a lean and mean buff body is not about supplements alone. Supplements are only 10% responsible in having a really muscular body. You have to complement it with training, diet and your overall lifestyle. If you're looking for the right supplement, you have to first affirm the fact that you are a hardgainer. Experts advice that you adhere to the right program, which basicallyought to be your lifestyle.

You can not actually say that you're taking the best protein supplement because you will not see any significant changes if you're not eating protein-rich foods every 3 hours. There's no point sticking to pricey pre-workout and post workout supplements if you're not consuming the right amount of calories. You also should have enough sleep every night, and that's for 8 hours. If you're boozing every night, do not expect your testo booster to work wonders. Eat about 10 servings of fruits and veggies everyday and take your multivitamins.

Consider that your bodybuilding supplements can only be as efficient as they can be when you combine it with enough training and eating a healthy diet. Here are 4 of the best bodybuilding supplements for hardgainers:

  • Creatine – You're misled if you think creatine will make you grow muscle mass. What can creatine do for you? Creatine will help you with your training by replenishing creatine phosphate, a compound that's loaded with high energy. The muscles need creatine phosphate so that they keep contracting when you're doing high intensity lifting. You're going to keep lifting if you've taken sufficient amounts o creatine. Creatine supplements bridge the gap between your workouts and your high-creatine diet.
  • Protein Powder – You have to eat a protein-rich diet if you want to grow muscles, but your diet may fall short of your protein needs, that's why you should take protein powder supplements. It's convenient to take protein powder before working out, while working out and after working out. However, be sure that you're eating enough solid food meals along with your protein powder supplement. Your supplement will not do the job alone.
  • Glutamine – When you work out, your muscles get stressed, and this is where glutamine does its work in replenishing your stressed muscles. Your body actually produces glutamine, however it may fall short of your needs. Glutamine supplementation can boost your glutamine supply. It increases the ability of your muscles to recover after lifting weights.
  • A Greens Product – You basically have to eat more if you're bodybuilding, and there are times when you'll have trouble taking in so much food. In this case, look for calorie-dense foods to provide for your diet. Eating vegetables will not suffice either because it makes you feel fuller without providing the right amount of calories. But vitamins and minerals from veggies are essential for your bodybuilding program, so you can take a greens product as supplement. Doing so gives you a nutritional assurance for your muscle gaining goals.

Get your training and diet program together and complete it with the best bodybuilding supplements so that you can work successfully for your lean, mean and muscular physique.

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