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5 Easy Tips to Get Stronger

There are a lot of people that strength train trying to get stronger for many different reasons. These people may be putting in the time, but are missing the desired results. With the help of my five tips, people can power through their sticking point and get stronger.

1. Control the weight down- A lot of weight lifters out there only focus on how much weight they are using, and these people view form as a secondary action. Most people do not know that the eccentric contracting breaks down more muscle than the concentric contraction. For example, the way down on a bicep curl or the way down on a bench press is an eccentric contraction. Lifters who only focus on driving the weight up and forget to control it down not only are more prone to injury, but they are also skipping the most important part of their workout.

2. Rest- Muscle growth does not occur at the gym. The act of strength training breaks down the muscle, and it grows back bigger when you rest. If you over train and do not rest, the muscle is not growing back properly and you are wasting your workouts. Each muscle should be trained no more than two times per week. Also, the best workouts come after the body takes 3-5 days of rest. For example, power lifters will take up to a week off from lifting before a competition.

3. Protein- Up to about an hour after your workout, your muscles absorb nutrients such as protein easier. After a workout you should be consuming about 40-50 grams of protein because that is how much protein your body can absorb at a single time. Your body is capable of absorbing more protein about 4 hours later. For greater muscle gains, a lifter should be consuming the equivalent of their body body in grams of protein however this is frowned upon by nutritionists. Protein can be acquired through various sources such as food, protein powder, or milk.

4. Push yourself- When weight training, many people lift to a predetermined number of repetitions during a set. They feel like once they reach this number they have to stop. The most muscle is being built on the last two reps a person performances when he or she thinks they can not do any more.

5. Strengthen your core- A person's core is very important to lifting of any exercise because it is always being used. If a power lifter has a weak core, they are limiting their workouts. It is important for people to keep in mind that the core is not limited to the abdominals, but also includes lower back.

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Eight Reasons Strength Training Rocks For Your Health And Looks

Why strength train?

It's hard to think of a training method that offers so many benefits as progressive strength training. No one other method can enhance every facet of fitness;

Run faster, jump higher, cycle longer, hit harder, increase endurance, bigger muscles, stronger bones etc.

Any athlete that strength trains is a better athlete for it. In fact, any person that strength trains is better off for having done so.

Muscles are our own personal movement motors – they propel every movement we make. If your motors are conceded and weak, it reflects in every aspect of your life. Strong muscles make movement and life in general more enjoyable and easier.

When you strengthen a muscle you increase it's ability to produce force, which in turn can be trained into a specific sports related skill.

Not only that, a stronger muscle is harder to hurt (sprain) and as a result, the joints that they surround are more stable for it and then also harder to damage.

SO that far we have:

1) Strengthening your muscles increases force potential and then movement performance

2) Strength training reduces the chance of injury and strengnthens joints which in turn keep your bones and posture healthy.

For the majority of people, training with weights is considered reserved for those that want larger muscles – think body building. I would like to educate a person right now that is a possibility, if that is want you want to do, however it is not something that has to happen. Getting big muscles is not as easy as simply lifting weights.

When you do lift weights / strength train you are toning your muscles – tone simply means the residual electrical energy running through a relaxed muscle, holding it in a state of readiness. So when someone asks to “tone” an area, what they are actually seeking, is a way to strengthen that area. They may not know it, but strength training is the best and fastest way to tone a muscle.

Not only is it the best way to tone a muscle, it also happens to be one of the most overlooked ways to increase endurance too.

Taking cycling as an example (Us Brits like our cycling after Beijing) to help explain and how and why strength training helps your endurance capacity;

Your maximum strength level is 100 units in this example.

To keep the crank turning at 100 revolutions per minute you need to produce a force of 60 units each rotation. (Numbers are purely for illustrative purposes).

60 units out of a possible maximum of 100 units has you working at 60% of your maximum to hold that speed and your place in the pack.

Now fast forward 6 months and some serious, well programmed strength training later and you have increase your maximum strength level to 200 units.

That same effort of 60 units to keep the crank rotating at 100 revs per minute is now only 33% of your maximum effort and that much easier leaving you more energy and strength for a spectacular sprint finish.


You could continue to work at 60% of your maximumstrength levels which would now have you able to be pushing 120 units of effort through that crank – I'll leave you experiment with how many more revs you will get out of it (or what gear you can now work in) and how much further up the pack you are now you have added a well designed strength program to your training!

I do not know how Lance Armstrong trained but I am willing to bet he lifts weights to get the edge.

So now we have 2 more;

3) Progressive strength training is the quickest and safest way to tone a muscle.

4) Strength training is a hugelybeneficial method to increase your performance in endurance based events

But wait, there's more.

When a muscle has been well toned and strengthened, it needs more energy to help hold it in that read state – it burns more calories. Bad for your food bill, great for your waist line and getting lean. The stronger you are, the more calories you will burn. Do not get the image of a super heavyweight power lifter in your mind, yes they are strong, however, they choose to be fat to stay in their weight class and the extra fat around joints helps store energy and reduce the range of motion they lift a weight over and that allows them to lift more.

Power lifters and weight lifters that stay in a lighter weight class to show off huge power to weight ratios are super lean for sure.

Strong muscles hold a better shape and are more pleasing to the eye. I am not suggesting we all look like body builders or that is even pleasing to the eye. I am suggesting that the muscles of a well trained athlete are far more pleasing than the soft out of shape muscles of your average person. Strength training can literally transform your shape – saggy bingo wings, get them stronger. “Relaxed” abs, strength train. Smaller tighter bum, strength train!

When you have a strong body you feel more confident, these leads to less stress, that leads to better health and lower levels of stress hormones, leading to better sleep and quicker recovery – bonus for sure.

As a happy side not worthy of mention strength training will also keep the muscles of you cardiovascular system strong, elastic and clear from junk.

To add to this list;

5) Strength training causes your body to burn more calories per day through an increased metabolic rate.

6) Strong muscles look better

7) Strength training reduces stress through increased confidence and better sleep.

8) Progressive strength training also helps keep your heart and vessels strong.

No other one mode of training offers so much from so little.

Be stronger, be better.

Enough said.

Richard Ham Williams

Epsom Personal Trainer

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5 Reasons Why Weight Trainers Should Get Wicked With Water!

Approximately 70% of the planet is water. Coincidentally or not, approximately 70% of your body is water too – mixed with a few pounds of chemicals. Water is good for your brain, as it looks to help the thinking process. But physically it is great for you too. It provides moisture for your skin and assists in the passage of food through the body.

Approximately 2 percent of your weight is lost before you start feeling thirsty. Just 2 per cent. Therefore, it is important to drink even when you do not feel thirsty. Your performance in the gym starts going downwards as a result and you will not be able to lift as much. That is how finely balanced your body is. To keep hydrated is the best policy as the body is not very good at recognizing when dehydration is taking place. One sign obviously is discolored urine. Deep yellow is a sign that the body is very dehydrated.

You should drink according to your size some body who weighs 200lbs should drink more than someone who weighs 120lbs. You should aim to drink eight large cups of water a day. Below are some more tips regarding being in the gym and water:

1. It lubricates your joints, which is especially helpful when lifting weights. Your joints obviously move easier when lubricated. Drinking plenty of water combined with a good fish oil supplement each day helps you to avoid any mobility problems you may have.

2. Water helps muscle definition too. Drinking cold water is excellent for the body. The body warms up the water that you drink and in so doing burns calories and therefore helps to maintain or lose weight. This process happens at any time, so if you are at your desk you can drink water as well as doing this when you are actually working out.

3. You need our beloved H2O when exercising to avoid cramps. Being well hydrated helps you to avoid that painful situation especially when doing repetitive exercises. I have done abdominal crunches before and endured agonising cramps in the abs. However, I have heard that a lack of water, along with lack of potassium is the main culprit. Eating a banana or two during the day as well as drinking plenty of water, will help with that scenario.

4. Our favorite fluid also assists in replenishing lost water through perspiration when working out. This is particularly useful when doing cardio vascular activity.

5. Water should be drunk before your workout routine, during and after. The amount of water in your body helps your electrolyte levels which in turn stimulates the nerves assisting in the muscle building process.

Drinks which are labeled as sport drinks can be useful after a prolonged period of exercise as they replace electrolytes. Generally speaking though, water is the head honcho. Many sports drinks contain sugars, which are not really needed unless you are doing a prolonged period of exercise. Drinking endurance drinks that keep you awake can be dangerous when working out too. They contain high doses of caffeine. Far from hydrating you, they dehydrate you and are not really designed to be consumed in conjunction with working out in the gym. In fact, they could be dangerous to take at the same time.

So do not estimate the power and importance of water in your workout routine, as well as in your daily life.

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They Asked Me How To Gain Muscles Fast And The Only Answer I Needed Was Deadlifts

Want To Add On Slabs Of Muscle

I'm still struggling to get my head around how well these exercises actually work. I was never really much of a barbell person until I talked to a personal coach. That one conversation changed the way I viewed all my workouts going forward.

If there is one movement that you absolutely need in your routine, the Deadlift would be it. Now, when anyone asks me how to gain muscles fast, I have an answer. Let's dig into this incredibly effective movement and discuss the reasons why you need to be adding it into your workouts.

Unfair Opinions

If you ask around, you may just find that there is an unfair judgment about the deadlift; most of it seems to be around your safety during the lift. Yes, you can lift some pretty heavy weights with this exercise but you can also do it very safely as well. So you may be thinking to yourself, why should I start deadlifting in order to gain muscles fast? Great question; let's answer it!

Ask Yourself This Question

This exercise is commonly known in the weight lifting circles as one of the “Big 3” movements (the others being the Squat and the Bench Press). The results of those that do this exercise properly do not lie! Do you want to add on slabs of muscle to both your upper body as well as your lower body all the while strengthening almost all the other major muscles groups? If you say yes, then deadlifts are your friend!

Your Body Will Not Look The Same Going Forward

Let's now focus on what this simple yet powerful effective exercise can do for you. Benefits will include:

1. Major muscle being added on to both your upper and lower body (more on which muscles are preferred in a moment)

2. Awesome cardio workout – not many weight lifting moves give your respiratory system a workout like deadlifts can. I suggest having a chair present on these days!

3. Real life applicable – How many times have you been asked to help your buddies move some furniture or even move heavy objects around your own home? Deadlifts are one of the best exercises to train your body and muscles to do just this type of work.

4. Kick your core into shape – Do you want to minimize your chances of injury while you workout as well as during your daily routine called life? The one way to do this is to have a strong Core set of muscles. Deadlifts strengthen the core which then helps with correct posture.

5. They are safe – If you want to pack on a lot of muscle, you need to lift heavy weights. Deadlifts allow you to do just that and you can have peace of mind knowing that it can be done safely (unlike squats and bench presses where there is always a chance of being injured by the weight coming down on you).

I Was Shocked When I Found This Out

The more that I learn about this exercise and the more I use it, the more I realize just how many muscles this one compound movement affects. When you are deadlifting, you are building the following muscles:

Back – This is by far the major muscle group worked (both the upper and lower)

Lats – These muscles come into play at the top of the exercise when the weight transfers from the lower body to the upper body

Glutes – You will find that this exercise really rounds out the “butt” muscles, especially during the transition from the lower to the upper body. Now for all you women out there that think the deadlift exercise is a “guy only” movement; think again. These movements will work wonders for all the right places!

Legs – There really is only one better exercise for building huge legs and that is the squat. This exercise comes a very close second though while also giving you the benefit of working all the other muscles groups as well. The deadlift is actually initiated by the leg muscles with your back acting to hold the weight in place.

Arms – Believe it or not this exercise will really give your forearms and hands a great workout. What you may find because as you get more advanced is that your gripping strength becomes your limiting factor. If this is the case, you can start using straps which actually attach the bar to your arms so that you are better able to focus on the weight and not your grip.

There Is Only One Correct And Safe Way

If you are like most people, seeing an exercise performed is much more useful than to read a description about it. There are many good videos on the internet that will show you proper technique so just do a quick search and take a look.

Ouch That Hurts!

The last thing you want to do while exercising is to injure yourself. I feel that proper technique is critical and the following points need to be taken into consideration. These are:

1. Maintain proper technique at all times – I know I sound like a broken record here but I can not emphasize this point enough.

2. Never (ever) round your back during the lift. Always keep it straight and in line.

3. Do not jerk the weight – Always make the movement a continuous flow from the ground up to your shoulder lock out.

4. Keep your knees and feet in a fixed position horizontally. If your knees are allowed to sway sideways, you are setting yourself up for injury.

So there you have it, a tried and true exercise that has been around for eons because it works. If you want to know how to gain muscles quickly then learn and use this movement. You will not believe the results it will give you.

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How to Build Lean Muscle Quickly

Are you looking to achieve that sculpted muscular physique you've always wanted. Do you want to have great muscles and a nice firm body but do not know what exactly you need to do to get it beyond working out, lifting weights and dieting. Mainly the best way to achieve and build muscle is to eat properly, exercise correctly and have the proper supplements to support your body's growth.

To start with eating well, by eating smaller meals every three to four hours it keeps your metabolism up and active. Its very important to never skip a meal. Its also important to eat high amounts of protein at each meal, this means 15 grams per feeding for females and 20 grams per meal for males. Also remember to drink plenty of fresh water and stay hydrated. Your protein should come from meats, eggs, and fresh caught fish. Avoid processed carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are the major cause of weight gain and many diet related diseases.

Some of the best muscle building foods are:

Beef – beef is important due to its high protein content, vitamins and iron. Beef from grass fed cattle have higher levels of conjigated linoleic acid which gives you a boost in shedding body fat and helps in building lean muscle.

Beets – beets are a good source of betaine, this nutrient gains liver and joint repair and also increases muscle strength and power. Beets also enhance energy and aid recovery after workouts.

Brown Rice – Brown Rice provides long lasting energy throughout the day and during your workout. Brown rice can also help boost your growth hormone levels which aid in lean muscle growth, strength, and fat loss.

Cottage Cheese – Cottage Cheese is rich in protein and contains the slowest digesting protein you can eat, casein protein. Eating a slow digesting protein means it prevents your muscles from being used as an energy source while you fast.

Oranges – Oranges help boost growth, strength and help aid in endurance.

Cantaloupe – Cantaloupe is a fast digesting carb which makes it a good carb, especially to have in the morning or after a workout.

Eggs – eggs are known as one of the best proteins out there. Their ability to boost lean muscle and strength is what makes them so great. The yolks are where majority of the goodness comes from, however that's where the cholesterol lies as well.

Good workouts are also important including proper strength training and cardio exercise to burn calories.

Another important factor is taking supplements to support lean muscle growth. Precision Lean Muscle Formula is proven to support this growth, build lean muscle, burn fat and more.

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How to Build Lean Muscle for Women

Women all over the world want to know how they can build their muscle easily. The truth is that building muscles for females is not as tough as it may seem to be. A lot of women think that they can not build muscle because modern society has a stereo type about women building muscle. The initial step to getting muscles for you is to wash your brain from these kinds of misleading comments that ladies can not build muscles.

The truth is that women can and really should build muscles because this is likely to help you be healthier and happier. Most women are not trying to build large amounts of muscle so they do not appear cumbersome. They kindly want to sculpt their bodies as well as gain a small amount of muscle tone which will give them a sexy look and also feel great.

Here are some tips that makes it easier for women to build their lean muscles.

1. For all those ladies who want to build their muscles, follow the same way as any boy builds his muscles; that is through the correct exercise plus a proper diet. No matter if you're a girl or a guy, for building muscles, the only thing that you need to learn is what exercises are best to achieve your desired result.

2. Using an excise which will build your entire body is the better approach to achieve it. Weight training exercise is a good example and these types of regimens will build each and every muscle group in your body. That will aid your whole body to become lean with excellent muscle tone to help you to live an awesome life having a healthy physique to go with it.

3. Now, it is possible to choose your personal instructor, or take the help of a buddy. The best way is to use a personal coach who has an understanding of the best exercises for gaining muscle and most importantly, always select a person with which you feel easy and free for exercise because the mental relaxation is very important for good health.

4. No matter what way you determine to come up with the particular exercises that you'll perform, the secret is to begin with the right way and also improve your eating routine if you're not eating healthy.

5. A few of the food items you must have to eat are fruits and veggies, green vegetables, liver, hen or even bass, whole grains, dark brown hemp and many more. Take some time to plan this diet you may consume and make sure to consume six or seven small meals a day to maintain the metabolic rate securely so you can successfully build muscle.

As you can see, the answer to the actual question, how can women get their muscles is actually very easy and it is not dependent on whether you're male or female. Everyone can certainly accomplish this objective with the same approach, though with an exercise program and diet which are best suited for you.

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What Is the Best Way to Build Muscle?

The worst mistake made by several individuals while building their muscles is that they follow workout plans found in muscle building books or magazines. Almost all men you see on these papers take anabolic steroids or they have a naturally blessed mesomorph edge which allows these individuals to gain muscle sooner than typical individuals like you and me.

Let me prove the best ways to grow muscles effortlessly and fast – although not by injecting yourself with things or getting cooked up in insufficient, incorrect exercise habits that do not work.

Here are the three best ways to build muscle?

Weight Lifting

When you lift up heavy items, segments of your muscles will break and then reconstruct. It means you do not need to go to the gym and you can actually do them at home on your own. Keep in mind that you must continue this exercise routine on a daily basis. You can not stop it for a while and pick it up again and do a couple of days. This back and forth way will not assist you to build your muscles; instead the exercise might hurt you. In the meantime, you can also add some extra and effective exercises to build your muscle mass, such as deadlifts, mass rows, push-ups, and seat press and so on. All of those mixtures of lifts will help you build muscles.

Eat Foods to Build Muscles

However, when you follow your workout plan to do daily exercise at the gym, do not forget to eat a healthy diet at the same time. When doing deadlifts, or barbells, your body consumes calories and burn fat and you need to recover the strength. What quantity of food is enough for muscle building? For example, if your weight is 132 pounds, you would need to consume at least 2460 calories every day to build your muscles, therefore, a healthy diet plan is essential.

Sleeping Habits

Relaxation and a free mind are always vital factors for good health. Without restful sleep, your muscle building will slow. Why? The reason is that human muscle tissues are built only when our bodies are relaxed. The tissues are not built when doing your workout at the gym. Normally people need 7-8 hours of sleep per day. Do not stress yourself and live healthily.

In addition to the tips above, there is some other, extra information for those men wishing to build their muscles. “SOMANABOLIC MUSCLE MAXIMIZER” – Kyle Lean, a well-known nutritionist as well as professional trainer, vividly introduces how to build muscle mass. His goals are to help men understand in what conditions muscle mass can be built and assist those gym goers to correct their improper thinking and ways of building muscle mass. Food and exercise plans should be endeaken at the same time so as to build up mass and lose weight. Hopefully those men obtain nutrition regularly and keep their bodies in good shape.

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Truth About Your Six Pack

This is definitely one of the most common topics in the fitness industry. The elusive six pack abs. Most guys would give anything to reach this point. Most women do not want bulging abs in this form, but they still want to have a toned, slim stomach, and the concepts for creating both are the same.

Athletes should take note here as this is of vital importance for superior athletic performance, no matter what the sport.

First of all, it is important for you to understand that your 'six pack' is actually an 'eight pack'. Ideally, your goal should be an eight pack. Your actual eight pack is actually just one muscle (rectus abdominus), not two or multiple muscles as many people think. The six (actually eight) highly thought after bumps are all a part of the one muscle poking through a grid of tendons that run down the middle and across the muscle at given intervals.

So why are your abs so important? Remember, your abs and core is your body's power center. All source of movement comes from your core in some form. Your core also keeps all of your organs held firmly in place. Without a tight stomach, you will never be able to transfer power from the point of leakage where the feet meet the ground, through the pelvis through to the upper body. Everything starts from the core.

I'm not going to go into any actual workouts to help you with your abs, but I will go over the concepts and information that is absolutely critical to know in gaining your sexy back.

When you think of ab exercises, what is the first thing that you think of? Sit ups and crunches. I'm about to tell you a secret: They do not work. Yep, I said it, sit ups will not help you get a flatter stomach. Why? Because the muscle fibers are the wrong direction! Do not believe me? Lay down on the floor and place your hand on your stomach. Then do the typical sit up or crunch and feel what happens. Your stomach naturally bulges outwards. What most people are looking for is a reduction in girth of their waistline. Sit ups will not help you with that.

In order to get a tight stomach, you have to work your transversus. Your transversus is a thin sheet of muscle that connects to your eight pack and runs around the sides of your body. Along with your internal and external obliques (also along the sides of your torso) these are the main muscles that you need to work in order to get that tight gut that you are looking for.

In other words, exercises that target your sides are ideal in that respect. Once you strengthen your sides as well as add some rectus abdominus strength, your original six pack should be showing. This will most likely also require a drop in total body fat in order to get the really nice definition that you want.

I said that once you do this that your six pack should be showing. But wait a second. Earlier I said that you should really be shooting for an eight pack, not six pack. For most people, getting the six pack is the easy part (relatively). What evades even most of the largest gym rats and fitness buffets are the lower abs. To turn your six pack into an eight pack you must get the lower abs to show.

Many think that the reason they are not getting the lower abs to show is because they are not doing the right exercises. While this is true to an extent, the main reason is simply because of excess fat and possibly even digestive problems. The lower abs is one of the first places people store excess fat, and as such getting them to show requires a very low body fat percentage. This is why even people who have a solid six pack of abs still can not show the final part to officially convert it into an eight pack.

So that right there are the basics of what you need to know about abs in a nutshell. Now take action and get those abs back!

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How Bodybuilding Differs From General Muscle Growth

Bodybuilding is a form of exercise that is about changing the overall appearance of the human body through a super intestine regime of exercise and diet. In most cases it would appear extreme to the everyday person. It is often known for its professional or competitive nature where entrants are judged on their overall positions and appearance.

Competitive / professional bodybuilding has become increasingly prominent from the 19th century onwards. Before the 1970s, it was typically focused on defined muscle group and overall appearance. However, the rise of anabolic steroids in the 1970s saw a dynamic shift that lead to what we now see as the typical bodybuilder – Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly being the most famous example.

General muscle building is what people would normally hope to achieve from exercise. Generally considered to be one of the overall goals of a fitness regime, it revolves around building muscle through resistance and anaerobic exercises while maintaining a healthy diet that promotes muscle growth. With exercising, the general consensus is to work harder but with shake repetitions to achieve muscle growth.

The major difference between the two is how this increased muscle mass is created. In bodybuilding, the muscles are enlarged by a process called muscle hypertrophy. This is an enlargement of the muscles by the component cells becoming enlarged. While a natural process, successful bodybuilding looks to quicken this process by underlining known stimuli such as strength training, anaerobic exercise and combining it with a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Muscular endurance training is also used to ensure that training can continue on a regular basis.

While bodybuilders focus purely on hypertrophy, general muscle building will focus on both hypertrophy and hyperplasia in equal measure. Hyperplasia in contrast to hypertrophy is the increase in the number of cells making up a component muscles. When muscles are damaged and micro-trauma occurs, the body naturally responds to this by replacing the damaged cells of the muscle back to its original state, but also adding more cells to reduce the risks or risks of damage occurring in the future. General muscle building will stress the muscles so that both hypertrophy and hyperplasia occurs. The overall result is that muscles are more defined because they are bigger in size and number. Another result is the muscles are stronger because the cells are both larger in number and size.

For general muscle building eating fats is essential. While bodybuilders must limit their fat intake, general health and fitness requires fats. However, it also requires that the right kinds of fats are consumed. Eating a block of butter is not going to help as these contain contained fats. Fats that are found in fish, nuts and seeds are called either mono or poly-unsaturated fats and these help to deliver essential vitamins around the body. By consuming these healthy fats, it ensures that muscles will grow.

While bodybuilding appears to have fantastic physical benefits for both health and appearance it is important to stress there are downsides such as joint damage, liver damage and stretch marks. It can be viewed as extreme given its strict nature and the vast majority of the general public would never undertake such an activity. There is also the underlining concern about performance enhancing drugs. However, general muscle building can be great for the body and provide that feeling of wellness without any of the extreme requirements of bodybuilding.

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How Deer Antler Spray Can Improve Overall Well-Being As an Athlete

Are you curious about using the deer antler spray? This is one of the best and most efficient natural supplements that improve total athletic performance. The deer extract spray is made from male elk antlers, which have the highest amount of velvet. The velvet in the antler covers the bone and cartilage. It is harvested is prior to calculation. Centuries ago, the antler velvet was used as a supplement to increase energy and stamina. In this article, you will learn how it became one of the most important medicines in Chinese culture and modern treatment.

What Does Deer Antler Spray Contain?

Most people who use the deer extract spray are athletes continuously doing strenuous activities. They use this as an alternative for steroids to build muscle and recover faster from fatigue. Experts agree that the antler velvet spray is safer than steroids. It resembles the hormone insulin and can not be noticed in urine or blood tests. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved most antler velvet sprays; nonetheless, it is important to ensure that it is approved before using any brand. The antler velvet sprays contain the growth hormone IGF-I. This hormone stimulates muscles to develop faster.

Nutritional Benefits of Deer Antler Spray

Amazingly, the deer extract spray not only improves stamina and muscle development but also gains heart health. The overall immune system of the body also improves with the consumption of this natural supplement. Moreover, the deer antler supplement also has other health benefits:

  • Joint pain. Antler velvet contains glucosamine and chondroitin, two amino acids responsible for cartilage production. It also has collagen, which is a lubricant and prostaglandin, an anti-inflammatory agent for pain relief.
  • Sex drive. It increases certain hormones like estrogen and testosterone, thereby increasing sexual drive and function.
  • Immunity. The nutrients in antler extract have been shown to provide a boost in immune function. Users find a drop in the common cold and a more consistent level of health.
  • Cardiovascular and overall health. It is proven effective in dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, indigestion, and weak bones.

Overall, the deer antler spray is beneficial for many ailments. This product does wonders for a person's well-being. Moreover, the deer extract spray has fewer side effects and can be a long-term supplement because it comes from a natural source. Neverheless, there are lots of product reviews you'll find on the Internet for this supplement.

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Discover Deer Antler Extract Benefits

Are you looking for an overall alternative cure for osteoporosis? You need to try antler velvet extract and experience the deer antler extract benefits. For centuries, this amazing natural supplement has been used in Asia as a cure for joint pain due to osteoarthritis and other conditions, such as asthma, stomach ulcers, migraine, and high blood pressure. This alternative medicine is extracted from the elk antler. Learn more about nature's gift in this article.

Where Can You Get Antler Velvet Extract?

The best source of deer antler extract benefits is from elk or red deer antlers. It is safe to harvest because it is a renewable resource and does not harm the deer. It contains a number of hormones, 24 amino acids, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, selenium, prostaglandin, and collagen. There are several ways that the antler is processed after it is cut off. But first, the antlers must be fully grown but not over calcified. The “velvet” is the cartilaginous substance surrounding the antlers. Most manufacturers use only the lower section, which is near the base since it is inexpensive. However, according to Chinese medicine, the tip of the antler contains all the nutrients that maintain health, while the base contains the nutrients for breeding ailments. The middle section contains agents necessary for treating osteoarthritis.

Deer Antler Extract Benefits on Health

Chinese medicine literature credits antler velvet extract as an effective treatment for various ailments, and several studies has shown it has many therapeutic benefits.

Bone and joint health. People suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can greatly benefit from this natural supplement. The velvet antler contains anti-inflammatory agents, prostaglandin and selenium, which help relieve pain during an arthritis attack. The velvet antler also has huge amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen, which are the agents responsible for cartilage production and joint lubrication. Lack of cartilage is the main factor in joint inflammation.

Heart health. Many studies have shown a positive relationship between velvet antler consumption and cardiovascular health. The daily consumption of chondroitin sulfate found in velvet antlers lessened the risk of cardiovascular ailments by more than 400 percent. Many participants with low or high blood pressure who also took this supplement found that their blood pressure became normal.

These are only some of the major deer antler extract benefits. Many of the advantages you can get from the antler velvet extract are astounding, and it has long-term positive health outcomes. It is always recommended to research reviews online to find the best product.

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What You Need to Know About Deer Antler Benefits

One of the thousand herbs in ancient Chinese medicine, the deer antler supplement is one of the most potent. Not only does the antler velvet have the therapeutic benefits, but it also helps maintain your health. This supplement can do wonders because of the numerous nutrients it contains. It helps with mental clarity, energy, endurance, and even stamina.

Deer Antler Benefits: Osteoarthritis

There are over 50 million people suffering from osteoarthritis in North America alone. Even household pets have this condition; it often results in a lack of mobility. There are certain prescription drugs that treat pain from osteoarthritis, but these drugs also pose serious side effects. Nonetheless, recent studies found antler velvet help with this debilitating condition. Before it arrived in Western countries, Asian countries have already used it for several centuries. Osteoarthritis results from a lack of cartilage due to old age, degeneration, issues with metabolism, and infections. When cartilage is lost, the bones become exposed, which also presents it to friction, swelling, and pain. Some of the treatments for joint inflammation only relieve pain, which can only do little for joint rehabilitation. However, velvet antler contains chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate, which trigger cartilage production and lubricciate the joints.

Deer Antler Benefits: Athletic Performance

Apart from osteoarthritis, deer antler velvet has promising effects in terms of athletic performance. This substance has morphogenetic proteins, which are responsible for regulating bone growth along with growth factors I and II. The growth factors, in this case IGF-1, increase the cell division rate and contribute to the high amino acid levels. Because of these components, the supplement is a potent growth hormone level increasing agent. A study conducted in New Zealand tested two groups. The first took 70 milligrams of velvet antler for about 10 weeks, while the second group only took a placebo. After the treatment, there was a huge difference in vitality, strength, and endurance between the two groups.

Deer Antler Velvet: The Promising Natural Supplement

It is no longer a secret how this natural substance can benefit those who regularly consume it. The supplement is also beneficial for headaches, eczema, low energy, chills, and indigestion. There are so many deer antler benefits that many individuals consider it as the miracle supplement. Research reflects the same laboratory findings, feedbacks, and reviews relating to its natural supplement. In most cases, you'll find reviews that highly recommend this supplement to those who look for natural alternatives.

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Rejuvenate Your Life and Gain More Energy Using the Antler Velvet Supplement

The deer antler velvet supplement has many active ingredients proven to offer safe and effective energy enhancement and treatment inflammatory ailments. Most individuals using antler velvet suffer from osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, weight gain, and excess fatigue. People have used this natural supplement for centuries to get an energy and vitality boost.

What Does the Antler Velvet Supplement Contain?

Scientific studies on this supplement have shown that it contains 390 vitamins and minerals that can improve almost every bodily ailment. The velvet antler is the precalcified cartilaginous substance around the antler of a deer. Once the antlers have fully grown, two-thirds are cut off to prior to its labeling so harvesting does not harm the deer. The antler is discharged and powdered or made to a concentrated extract. The highest quality of manufacturers use deer raised farms in New Zealand.They produce this natural supplement in the most humane way. There are many types of moose or deer in America and New Zealand, but only elk or red deer antlers produce the most of the supplement, which should be supplied in approximately 100 milligrams per dose.

What Are the Therapeutic Benefits of Antler Velvet Supplement?

The supplement is a breakthrough in healthy alternatives to address inflammatory ailments and boosting athletic performance. The antler velvet is a rare but beneficial agent that restores vitality and helps people maintain their energy levels. In ancient Chinese culture, the velvet antler was used to treat fatigue, joint inflammation, and even high blood pressure. In recent years, alternative medicine has used velvet antler to treat osteoarthritis because it contains high amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin. Both agents are potent and treat joint inflammation or osteoarthritis, which occurs because there is a lack of proteoglycans or lubricants for the cartilage, and this often results to friction and damage of the bones.

Vitamins Found in Deer Velvet Antler

With almost 400 vitamins and minerals, many are found to have significant affect to health ailments. Some of the vitamins and minerals found in antler velvet include collagen, selenium, iron, glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, polysaccharides, phosphorus, essential amino acids, and potassium. All these vitamins and minerals enhance the body's vitality and stamina. The antler velvet is one of the most trusted supplements. There are many case studies and researches you'll find on the Internet. Some give good reviews on other supplements but the specific type of supplement really stands out among all other types of supplements.

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Building Muscle – How to Build Up Your Legs

Developing strong muscular legs takes hard work and dedication. That may be one reason you see a large number of amateur bodybuilders who have well-developed chests, arms, and backs but, lack matching size and strength in their legs. When it comes to strength training, your legs take a reasonable amount of resistance to stimulate the muscle groups in the thighs, hamstrings and calves. In other words it is hard work and dedication.

To build size and strength in your legs, there are a number of exercises available that will help in developing them, however there are three basic exercises that if completed during your leg workouts will help in adding strength and size to them. The three I list is not all-inclusive when it comes to completing leg exercises. The exercises I have added are exercises that most anyone can use no matter what your age is without causing risk of injury if used correctly. The three I recommended to my patients and clients are the leg press, hamstring curl, and calf raises.

The leg press is a compound exercise that duplicates the squat which is considered the king of exercises when it comes to leg training. The squat is a great exercise providing you do not have back or hip issues, and have the flexibility in your hips and ankles. With the leg press, your back is supported and it greatly reduces the chance of back injury. With the leg press you complete four sets of 12-15 repetitions to stimulate your quadriceps, hip, and gluteal muscles effectively, rest one minute to a minute and a half between sets.

Follow immediately with hamstring curls. These can be done sorted, standing or lying prone. All three are effective however, I prefer the prone position. Again use four sets with repetitions in the 12-15 range with minute rest period between each set.

The third exercise that you should include when it comes to building a strong pair of legs is the calf raise. This exercise can be done on a variety of exercise equipment however, the standard piece of equipment used is the standing calf machine. Start by completing three sets of 10-12 repetitions with this exercise. Your calf muscles are a dense muscle and you can generally go a little heavier with this muscle group. This will of course depend on how far advanced you are in your training.

The exercises listed above are basic exercises and what I recommend for those of you who are just starting out with weight training. These exercises are also used by advanced lifters in conjunction with others as well. The idea when it comes to your legs is keep your exercise program basic and use the proper technique when it comes to lifting to insure you stay injury free.

Your legs are your foundation, keep them strong and looking good-by making sure you incorporate these exercises into your weight training routine one to two times a week.

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How Antler Velvet Extract Can Help Boost Energy and Stamina

One of the best ways to increase your energy and stamina is through the consumption of antler velvet extract. The deer antler velvet is second to ginseng in providing therapeutic benefits in traditional Chinese medicine. Moreover, its benefits have already been widely known for several centuries, and now, its fame is spreading through the globe. In this article, we will examine the benefits, efficiency, and issues relating to the extraction of velvet deer antlers.

What Is Antler Velvet Extract?

The velvet antler is the cartilaginous antler harvested during the precalcified stage. This part of a deer is cut off from the base when it is about 2/3 of its full-grown size. Further calibration is preceded through this procedure. Afterwards, the antler is dried under the sun, then powdered and made into an extract. The extract comes from elk or red deer whose antlers growly grow from March until July. Most of the extract comes from New Zealand, while a small percentage is made in America. The antler velvet has been used in many health maintenance concoctions and remedies. It has several vitamins and minerals that can help boost stamina, reduce infection, and treat other ailments. The list below consists of all the vitamins and minerals found in the velvet antler:

  • Glucosamine sulfate – anti-inflammatory, building block of cartilage
  • Chondroitin sulfate – adhesives fluid into the proteoglycan and supports the cartilage with enzymes
  • Monoamine-Oxidase Inhibitors – advances mood
  • Prostaglandin – anti-inflammatory
  • Selenium – lessens infections and supports the heart, liver, blood cells, and lungs
  • Bone morphogenetic protein – speeds bone growth
  • Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) – aids in cell development within the cartilage

Many studies have discovered that the velvet antler can be an alternative treatment for osteoarthritis symptoms. The velvet antler is also a potent substance for enhancing vitality, increased immune function, cardiovascular health, and slowing premature aging.

Therapeutic Benefits of the DeerVelvet Extract

Recent research has found that the antler velvet consists of several compounds that stimulate the immune system, help anti-inflammatory agents, and growth growth. The following are the therapeutic benefits you can get from the velvet antler extract:

  • Addresses issues of high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, and fatigue.
  • Increases level of estrogen and testosterone, thereby enhancing sexual drive, sexual function and interest in sexual activity.
  • If used with an herbal combination, it can improve athletic performance and enhance hearing and eyesight.

Lastly, the use of antler velvet extract as a natural supplement can provide health benefits for children and adults. In comparison to prescription drugs, there are lower chances of experiencing side effects when using antler velvet.

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