Are you looking for an overall alternative cure for osteoporosis? You need to try antler velvet extract and experience the deer antler extract benefits. For centuries, this amazing natural supplement has been used in Asia as a cure for joint pain due to osteoarthritis and other conditions, such as asthma, stomach ulcers, migraine, and high blood pressure. This alternative medicine is extracted from the elk antler. Learn more about nature's gift in this article.

Where Can You Get Antler Velvet Extract?

The best source of deer antler extract benefits is from elk or red deer antlers. It is safe to harvest because it is a renewable resource and does not harm the deer. It contains a number of hormones, 24 amino acids, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, selenium, prostaglandin, and collagen. There are several ways that the antler is processed after it is cut off. But first, the antlers must be fully grown but not over calcified. The “velvet” is the cartilaginous substance surrounding the antlers. Most manufacturers use only the lower section, which is near the base since it is inexpensive. However, according to Chinese medicine, the tip of the antler contains all the nutrients that maintain health, while the base contains the nutrients for breeding ailments. The middle section contains agents necessary for treating osteoarthritis.

Deer Antler Extract Benefits on Health

Chinese medicine literature credits antler velvet extract as an effective treatment for various ailments, and several studies has shown it has many therapeutic benefits.

Bone and joint health. People suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can greatly benefit from this natural supplement. The velvet antler contains anti-inflammatory agents, prostaglandin and selenium, which help relieve pain during an arthritis attack. The velvet antler also has huge amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen, which are the agents responsible for cartilage production and joint lubrication. Lack of cartilage is the main factor in joint inflammation.

Heart health. Many studies have shown a positive relationship between velvet antler consumption and cardiovascular health. The daily consumption of chondroitin sulfate found in velvet antlers lessened the risk of cardiovascular ailments by more than 400 percent. Many participants with low or high blood pressure who also took this supplement found that their blood pressure became normal.

These are only some of the major deer antler extract benefits. Many of the advantages you can get from the antler velvet extract are astounding, and it has long-term positive health outcomes. It is always recommended to research reviews online to find the best product.