Nothing gets stuck in my craw worse than a new fad workout craze. (What exactly is a craw?)


Balance work.



(That's right. I just called out the sacred kettlebell. And do not get me started on CrossFit …)

Do not mistake my meaning. All the above listed fads have their place. Used appropriately each could have been a valuable part of a physique building routine.

The thing that makes me mad is that fads are always presented as both cure-alls and in some way superior to what went before them.

And in doing so add to the already overly-complex and confusing information-sphere floating around forums, legitimate websites and blogs on how to build a solid, muscular physique.

That's why today I'm hiring to cut through all the BS and give you one basic principle that I have used to build serious muscle and a compliment-drawing body in my late 40s.

All while working out less than 30 minutes per week.

I know …

I'm sounding like the hyped up messages I just got done vilifying.

So, you're right, there's more to the story. And I'll spill right now.

First, I did not figure this out overnight. (Which is why I'm just now at 47 achieving the body I always wanted.)

Second, I spent a lot of money on systems and equipment that did not get me what I wanted.

Third, this workout system is NOT easy. Simple, but not easy.

Like anything you get what you pay for. And you have to work.

And last, I had a secret weapon.

Well, it's not really a secret. In fact, it's been around since forever. You've probably heard about it. But if you're not getting jaw-dropping results, then you are not using it.

The secret weapon is FAILURE.

And it is hands-down the most effective technique you can use to turn your muscle-building efforts around. And quick.

The principle is simple. Like I said you probably know it already.

You lift until you can not lift anymore. Simple, right?

Well, my results did not come until until I started using failure in a very specific way. Let me tell you about what I did.

  1. Get to failure every workout.
  2. Get to failure fast. Do not spend a lot of time and energy on non-failure sets. They are just wasting your time.
  3. Use layers of failure. First, you get to failure with strict form. Then without resting break form and do some cheat reps. Then do some negatives. Then drop the weight and do that to failure. Drop the weight again and go to … you guessed it … failure.
  4. If you start using this simple change to your workouts a few things will happen.
  5. You will not be working out for very long.
  6. You will sleep like a baby.
  7. And if you eat enough, you will grow tons of muscle.