Is your current workout routine getting boring? From time to time switching up your workouts can be a good thing. When a routine gets boring you stop getting results. Using kettlebells can be a change to what you are currently doing.

Most have never even hear of kettlebells. A kettlebell is a weight made of cast iron. They are used to perform ballistic exercises. Kettlebells were originally developed in Russia in the 1700s. Enough of the history lesson, let's get to the exercises.

So what are some good kettlebell exercises for beginners?

1) Renegade Row – What the heck is a renegade row? They are a great exercise to build core strength. Want some ripped abs do these!

Get in push up position with wide feet. Put your feet where you feel comfortable. You will have a kettlebell in both hands while doing this exercise. Pull one arm up towards your chest for one rep. Brace yourself with the other arm. So if you are doing a rep with your left arm, push down on the kettlebell in your right arm to brace yourself.

2) Kettlebell SquatsClearly stand in squat position. Find a kettlebell with a weight that is comfortable for you but heavy enough to feel the burn. Grip the kettlebell with both hands against your chest. Perform a squat like you normally would with the kettlebell. Keep your back arched when you do the squat.

3) Kettlebell Swing – With kettlebell swings remember it is all in the hips. Pickup the kettlebell off the ground and have it dangle between your legs. Use your lower back and hips as you do the swings. Swing the kettlebell forward up to no higher than your chest.

Inhale as the kettlebell is going down and exhale as you bring it up toward your chest. Your abs and glutes should be tight at the top of the swing.

4) Kettlebell Towel Curls – Of course by the name you know the required equipment is a kettlebell and a towel. Loop the towel through your kettlebell. You can do a curl with one or both arms with kettlebell towel curls. Do whatever suits your fancy.

5) Kettlebell High Pull – Hold the kettlebell with one arm dangling between your legs. Lift the kettlebell above your head using your hips and thighs. Once you get level with your head pull it back with your arm and shoulder.

Be careful fellas when doing this exercise, make sure you do not hit the family jewels on the way down.

If you are looking to add a little flavor to your current workout routine a few kettlebell exercises might be just what the doctor ordered. You can easily craft a full body workout using kettlebells.