There are a lot of different ways to get rid of unwanted fat on your body, but focusing on where it matters most for a guy is the most important aspect of getting in shape. Sure, you could have nice arms, legs, and chest, but if you have a belly, you're not going to attract others or even look that good. It's for that reason that it's imperative to focus on getting hard abs that are defined and well proportioned. It's not an impossible thing to get a good body, especially in these modern times, where there are a million and one options that you can go through to get in shape. If you're serious about losing weight and you want to get sculpted in a manner that will get you a lot of attention, the following tips should help you get there fast.

First and foremost, make sure that you get plenty of cardiovascular exercise. This will help you in the long term, as it will allow you to gain more lung capacity, endurance, and performance that will not subside in the long term. Getting to that place is crucial to your long term success. Start with something simple, run for a mile a day, or keep trying to get to a mile and then increase slightly over time. Do not run a marathon and do not push yourself to where you're getting injured, instead, focus on building resistance and train towards getting more. If you can run for an hour, you're doing great, so keep that in mind.

Aside from getting your cardio in, make sure that you focus on lifting weights as well. Take every other day away from your running routine to lift moderate weights. Do not go overboard here, simply get some training in with whatever machinery you can get a hold of, or invest in a dumbbell set. If you do not have any money but still want to work out, do simple things like pushups, as that will mimic the lifting portion of many workouts. Pushups force you to fight gravity and push your body weight upwards, which can be beneficial in the long term.

The above things have been well rounded to take effect in time, but if you want to focus on your abs, you'll have to add pieces into your workout that focuses on them all the time. This means that when you're not in the gym, you should be flexing and doing small things to increase the abdominal pressure to burn fat. This may sound hard at first, but you can easily start this by watching television. During any breaks, do sit ups, crunches and little exercises that will push your abdominal area to flex and contract. If you do this enough, over time, combined with the aforementioned things, you will in fact gain lean definition and get the body you want. The key is not necessarily any given option, it's consistency. Be consistent with your workouts and you will end up getting results in as little as a couple of weeks. IN a month you could even see tremendous changes.