Bodybuilding In the Winter

As a bodybuilder, you will go through two distinct phases throughout the year. Since we are entering the winter phase at this time it's a perfect time to review the season. The winter bodybuilding season is when you consciously allow your weight to increase. A general rule of thumb is to let your weight increase by 10% between November 1 and the end of February. The increase in body mass will promote muscle growth so that when you get shredded again next summer you will have more muscle to display.

Your body will not build muscle and lose fat at the same time, since the switch in the winter from fat loss to muscle gain. We do this because if you want to look lean all year it will generally be harder for you to put on muscle. The human body will naturally resist building new muscle because it will perpetually require more calories from then on to function, and the body always strides for efficiency. Requiring more daily calories is not very efficient, so you have to create an ideal situation in which to add muscle. This includes plenty of heavy stimulation to your muscle, an increase in daily calorie intake, and a decrease in calorie-sucking cardio. This will create the perfect environment for muscle hypertrophy.

In the winter phase you will generally phase out cardio. Some bodybuilders phase it out completely, and some simply cut down to 1-2 sessions per week. Personally, I cut it out completely from November 1 through the end of February. There are no competitions to contend with if that's your thing, and there are generally no beach trips to look good for. This is why in the winter the calorie consumption increases and the cardio gets phased out. This is by no means an excuse to eat whatever you want. When you hear about an increase in calorie intake, this reflects to eating more of the good clean foods you eat all year. These foods include primarily lean proteins and vegetables.

The third distinction with the winter phase is the weights being lifted. Since you are not spending time doing cardio you can generally add 1-2 more lifts per muscle group during your gym sessions. You should also increase your weight and decrease your reps per set. This will maximize muscle gain during this time and make a real noticeable difference next summer. If your normal rep range is in the 8-12 range, you should increase your load until you can perform 4-6 reps with good form. This will provide your muscles with the added stimulation that need to grow and create the optimal situation for hypertrophy.

To sum it up, the winter phase of bodybuilding consistors of:

1: Increased calorie consumption and decreased cardio to increase your weight by 10%

2: 1-2 more lifts per gym session

3: Lifting heavier weights than usual with fewer reps per set

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Can A Few Combinations of Herbs Help You Build Strength And Muscle?

There are a lot of products out there in the market that claim to give you these astonishing muscle gains and strength gains. They hide all their chemical ingredients under the term proprietary blend and can almost get away with anything. Did you know the supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, so do you think the government is going to regulate them with stricter rules? I do not think so and the long term effects of these supplements are unknown.

Imagine the stresses these supplement put on your body. In one way, they help you build muscle, but your organs are trying to clean up the mess. Your liver and kidneys are working overtime and I would recommend drinking extra water if you are taking any supplements that are not natural. If you could take something that will give you extra strength and muscle gains naturally, would you actually stop taking the bad stuff? I am here to tell you there is something that is good for you and will help you in the gym.

One of the most powerful herbs on the planet and many people do not even know what they are capable. These two herbs I am talking about is Ginseng and Ganoderma.

Lets talk about Ginseng first.

Ginseng has been used for centuries as a tonic, stimulant and aphrodisiac. In addition, ginseng boosts your immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and it appears to build endurance and strength by increasing the function of your adrenal glands during workouts. Ginseng also helps you body to adapt to both physical and emotional stresses and there is a ton of research to back this up. According to the World Health Organization, the use of ginseng will enhance mental and physical capacities in cases of tiredness, exhaustion, weakness and loss of concentration. These were actual clinical studies done.

Ginseng is an extremely powerful herb and not many people know about it's capabilities. Where does ginseng rank compared to the other herbs for it's positive effects in the human body? It ranks number 6 in the world. Ganoderma, on the other hand, is called the “King of Herbs”. This is the most powerful herb on the plant and it's ranked number one on the list of herbs. What does ganoderma do to help build strength and muscle? First off, ganoderma oxygenates the body by increases blood flow to all your organs including your muscles. In addition, ganoderma has over 200 nutrients and anti-oxidants that fuel your body. Ganoderma is the closest thing to nutritional perfection found in nature. More oxygen, more blood flow and a ton of nutrients benefits faster recovery time and better results during your workout.

Ganoderma can be taken before, during and after your workout for maximum results. Now there is a Coffee drink that combines both of these powerful herbs together. Organo Gold launched their Cafe Supreme this year which has 100% certified organic ganoderma lucidum and Ginseng. The best way to drink this coffee is before you workout and after your workout for it's healing properties. You will notice a big difference in your workouts and you will physically and mentally feel great.

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6 Excellent Reasons To Lift Weights

When I am talking about lifting weights for your health, I am not necessarily talking about being a Mr. Olympia candidate. That is for the truly devoted and totally focused on being the largest and best. We are talking about shaping up, looking defined in your muscles, and looking good for the ladies possibly. here are some great reasons that you should be lifting weights as part of your fitness routine.

1. Weight lifting not only helps you lose weight and get a bit more ripped, it also helps you to lose more fat from your efforts. Dieters and cardio only men will lose some muscle as well as fat where a weight lifter will lose only fat. I was definitely not aware of that, were you? I found this out in my research. You really can not tell when you are losing weight which it is, fat or muscle. Now you know. Now cardio is good combined with weight lifting to keep building muscle.

2. When you lift weights, you tear down your muscles a bit. They will start to rebuild after your workout. That is the basis if muscle building. What you do not realize is that to repair the torn down muscle, it takes energy from your body which is translated into calories. Calories provide the energy so you are burning more calories even after you stop your workout than you would have with just cardio.

3. Another thing I did not know and I bet you do not either is that besides building muscle when you lift, you also build more bone mass. That is something new for me. Strong bones are very important as you get older. Weight training is the way to do it. Who would have thought!

4. Some studies have found that by lifting weights as part of your fitness workout, you also increase your heart health. Your heart becomes stronger and way more efficient, which in turn can and will lower your blood pressure considerably. So, if you have a blood pressure problem, weight lifting may solve it totally by the weight and fat loss and the increase in heart health. It is worth a shot after checking with your Doctor.

5. Believe it or not, some studies show that you will stick to a regular diet when weight training. You eat more proper foods for your nutrition which in turn helps you lose weight. It is a mind set. Plus you do not feel as hungry when lifting is a regular routine, therefore you eat less. Strange but true.

6. It has been a proven fact that adding weight lifting to your fitness workout, and stick to it, that you will live a longer life. The stronger your body is overall, the happier you are, the less stress you have, and it lowers your risk of cancer and from a stronger heart, your risk of strokes. Of course I am not talking about doing weight lifting for 2 months and stopping and figure you will live longer. Not going to happen. It has to be for life. you can take time off here and there, like a vacation, but you need to go back to it.

I was quite surprised to find out some of these facts. Now there is even more reason to do weight training along with the cardio and stretching exercises. I have become a more dedicated weight lifter. I do not want to look like Mr. Atlas. I hate the musclebound look, but I definitely like to be defined and I like all the benefits I have found will happen as a result. I hope you will see the benefits also and have weight training be a part of your mens fitness workouts. At least 3 times a week will do it. Until next time, good luck.

Thanks For Reading,

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Find Out the BEST Way to Get Lean and Ripped!

What is the best way to get lean and ripped? Many people have asked this question, and have searched high and low for the answer. While there is no one-size-fits-all remedy, there are options available that can give you the results that you seek. Read on to discover what they are.

One foundation tactic to getting the body that you crave is paying specific attention to the foods that you consume on a daily basis. All the exercise in the world will have no effect if you eat burgers and pizza and ice cream every day, so you need to take special care to only fuel your body with food that is healthy and will not undo all your hard work exercising.

Vegetables, fruit, lean protein, whole grains and 'good fats' are just a few examples of the types of foods recommended if you're looking for the best way to get lean and ripped. Also be sure to drink a lot of fluids – preferably water or fresh fruit juice – to keep your body hydrated and also prevent you thinking you are hungry when in fact, you are thirsty and do not realize it.

If you choose to count calories, a good place to start would be 1500-1800 calories per day (women) and 2000-2300 (men) if you want to lose weight and / or get lean. For muscle growth, try sticking to 2300-2500 calories daily for women and men can consume 3200-3500 calories a day to aid in getting that ripped body you crave!

Another approach that can not be emphasized enough for the best way to get lean and ripped is proper technique and form when working out. Just as a poor diet restricts the effectiveness of a proper workout, it follows that wrong technique can make all efforts at the best diet come to no avail. You need to remember that your body is a phenomenal machine and is capable of more than you give it credit for, so the best way to get lean and ripped is to apply yourself to each routine with as much intensity as possible (with correct form) . Do not confuse intensity with speed, however, for at times the same or even more results can be gained with intense slow, controlled movements than with cardio workouts.

Some examples of this are: when lifting weights, quickly lift, then pause and then to a 4 second count, release slowly; making sure to control the move right to the very end. If you just drop the weight when releasing, you forego the opportunity to make use of the negative force on the way down. This simple adjustment can make a marked difference in the results of your workout. Also, another sneaky trick to utilize is to only lift with the targeted muscles when doing reps. Oftentimes, people tend to throw their whole body into a lift; which wastes precious energy and risks injury.

Knowing the best way to get lean and ripped also understands knowing when to switch it up, and do something different. Your muscles are capable of a 'memory' of sorts, and adapts to a workout to the point where it is no longer as effective as it used to be. Your body 'remembers' the sequence, and you end up wasting your time on a routine that your body now considers 'easy'. In order to combat this, something called 'muscle confusion' is in order. Change the order of your workout, or the number of reps, or do a completely new workout after a few weeks. You will be surprised at the way your body will respond.

Finally, it is very important to note that working out seven days a week is NOT the best way to get lean and ripped. Your body needs rest, and time to recover from the demands of exercise, so make sure to rest your muscles by focusing on a different group each time you work out to avoid muscle fatigue and injury. If you follow the above tips, you will be lean and ripped before you know it!

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Strengthen Your Bench Press

The bench press is not purely an exercise to be incorporated into your chest routine. If performed correctly, the it is a whole body exercise that will help develop overall strength and muscle! Apart from that, nothing is more of a head turner than a guy on the bench press pushing some good numbers right? So, to improve your bench press keep reading …

As stated before, it is not just a chest exercise. Almost every major muscle group in your body is summoned to play a role in manoeuvering the barbell off your chest. Make an effort to develop all the supporting muscles groups of the bench press and learn to get them working in a synergistic framework and you will find the numbers you are currently pressing will skyrocket through the roof!

To turn you into a big, mean benching machine we will run through the role supporting muscle groups when bench pressing, as well as an appropriate strategy to tackling big numbers under the bar!


Do not laugh but i decided the first point I should make about bench pressing is that you need strong legs. If you do not have strong legs you better start training them and training them hard! It may sound dumb, but the lower body serves as a foundation for your pushing power. At the bottom of your pressing manoeuver, your body is like a compressed coiled spring where all your potential energy is stored in your legs waiting to explode force up through your body. Failing to train your lower body so it can uncoil explosively, will sacrifice significant poundage!

Your lower body should have its own dedicated training day. Apart from building your legs, lower body day also helps build a strong core as well as your lower / upper back. Having strong core muscles will also benefit your bench pressing numbers as it helps very with stability while pressing.

Here are some must do exercises you should focus on to make your legs bigger and stronger:

  • Leg Press


Yes your arms and chest are held responsible for supporting the bar whilst your pressing; However, it's your back that is responsible for supporting the rest of your body as you brace yourself against the bench.

Once you drive power through your legs to get the bar started it will be your lats that give the initial push off your chest while the bar moves towards the midpoint of your range of motion. So now that we have established that your back plays an important role in your bench pressing we will need to work on achieving overall mass and width. Here's the exercises I recommend you focus on:

  • DEADLIFTS (You can perform this exercise either on back day or legs day)
  • T-bar rows and chest supported rows
  • Pull-ups


OK, so we have talked about getting the bar moving and the initial push off your chest, now we will run through the last bit of the exercise as you push the bar towards lockout. This section of your press sees your shoulders playing a big role. Shoulder strength is key here not just for powering up massive loads but also to protect those muscles helping to accomplish the pressing movement. If your shoulders are strong every heavy rep should feel like its in the zone, if they are not strong enough to stabilize heavy weights you will be left prior to injuries.


Your triceps also play a role in bench pressing from the halfway point to the finish of your press. Your triceps assist your shoulders up until the lockout stage, so stronger triceps especially in the long head is essential. Here are some exercises you need to be focusing on:

  • Close-grip Bench
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Skull Crushers

Bench Press Techniques & Form

  • Hand-spacing: For optimal power your hand spacing on the bar can not be wide as you will lose power pushing outwards rather then upwards. The perfect bench press hand spacing is when your forearms are vertical when the bar is resting on your chest.
  • Reinforce Yourself: Plant your feet firmly on the ground ensuring your knees are rough at 80 degrees. Before lifting the bar, lift your torso slowly and bring your shoulder blades together.
  • Breathing: Inhale while you are lowering the bar. Just as you are changing direction of the bar and pushing up exhale forcefully.

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3 Tips to Help Ladies Gain Weight

The first thing I would like to share is planning. Similar to weight loss, planning is an extremely important stage that should not just be browsed over. You need to plan so that it is accurate, achievable, fits your daily schedule, and has a dateline. Stick by the plan of trying to gain 1kg a month, but do not be over disappointed when you do not achieve this in the early stages. This is because at the start there are a lot of variables that you have not gotten your hands all around, but both time and effort will make this easier to achieve. If you are a morning person and do not go to school or work that early, I will always advise a morning workout between breakfast and work. This way, you will be able to have at least 2 meals before you leave for work which is a good habit to develop since you require 6 meals in total everyday. It also primes your body to be susceptible to nutrients and provide a higher quality of sleep.

The next tip is to consume a high calorie and protein diet. This is done for 2 reasons. Firstly, the complex carbohydrates which you consume will provide the much needed energy for your high metabolism. Striking sugary drinks off the list will adjust your body towards using those complex carbohydrates. The reason why you would want your body to be fueled by these carbohydrates is because it does not spike your blood sugar level, so easing the stress off your kidneys and liver. I have a secret diet I used for 2 years and that is drinking milk three times a day. This gives me the protein I need as well as calories, which I found hard to achieve on a constant basis at the beginning. Drinking milk also provides the much needed calcium and iron which all ladies need due to the demands of your body.

The next thing to get right is sleep. If you can achieve a complete 8 hours of rest each night, you are definitely on the right track to gain weight. My secret to achieve this is to find a day in the week where you cancel all plans and just focus on sleeping early and waking up whenever your body tells you to. Write down the amount of hours you have slept and try to achieve this every night. One thing to take note though is that you would want to wake up only once, and not force yourself to go back to sleep once you have woken up. This will keep your immune system high, repair your much needed muscles while you sleep, and keep your mind alert while you go about your daily routine.

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Growth Hormone Releasers: Does It Really Work?

Not all synthetic HGH is effective for reversing the aging process, which makes these releasers another possible choice for enhancing body processes even with advancing age. HGH or the human growth hormone is different from growth hormone releaser. The job of the HGH releaser is to activate the growth hormones and not to supply the adequate amount of HGH. Here, this type of dietary supplement is effective for those who only lack the hormone and not for those who actually do not have HGH in the body. According to most manufacturers, ingredients that trigger growth hormone production is safer than supplements which actually supply the hormone. Read further to understand why.

Why Are Growth Hormone Releasers More Effective?

According to several manufacturers, they have developed such products in pill form and with enteric coating. This means stomach acids will not completely reduce the amount of the releasers in the body once taken. Moreover, the releasers of growth hormone act to support the body's mechanism of delivering adequate depths of HGH in the body. Most of the products that have this function consist of different minerals, vitamins, natural ingredients, and amino acids. All of these ingredients will aid in the secretion of HGH, so the effects of aging are reduced to a certain extent.

The Benefits

Many positive reviews of HGH releases are found online. The first advantage that any person can achieve with HGH releasers is the anti-aging effects. People on HGH are mostly experiencing improved mood, energy, and appearance. Here, this hormone will assist in maintaining youngger-looking skin, structure, and body build. You will see the difference in less joint inflammation, wrinkles, fine lines, and even on age spots. Another fabulous benefit from HGH releasers is the increased muscle and bone mass. Increased levels of HGH help in building muscle mass and strength.

HGH Releaser vs. HGH Supplements

Thousands of supplements are available for enhancing the body's stamina and endurance. Two of these supplements are HGH and HGH releasers. Although both have the same acronym attached to it, they have different functions in the body. The HGH supplement actually provides adequate amount of the hormone to the body while the HGH releaser helps maintain the level of HGH in the body. What makes both supplements important is the fact that they can both contribute to the well-being of a person. Take note of the important functions of growth hormone releasers.

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Discover the Safety and Efficacy of Growth Hormone Supplements

People who want to maintain their energy and stamina find the best growth hormone supplements available in the market nowdays. It is not a surprise how these supplements became a trend in the marketplace because of their efficiency in sustaining the energy and stamina needed by people who are weight lifting or doing strenuous exercise. Naturally, the body produces growth hormone but when people age, the production of the growth hormone declines and so there's also a need for taking supplements. In this article, you will learn the basic information you need for supplements for growth hormone.

Effectiveness of Growth Hormone Supplements

There are many kinds of supplements of HGH or the Human Growth Hormone. The first to be released was in injection form and given to children with stunted growth. Nonetheless, the advantages for adults and children were amazing that the world of medicine has recognized its effects in delivering adequate energy and stamina during vigorous exercise and athletic performances. Typically, the products claiming to have HGH contain vitamins, natural ingredients, minerals, and amino acids. HGH is actually an amino acid that helps the body repair tissue damage and increase bone mass. Knowing these facts on HGH helps people understand that this hormone can definitely aid in various health problems.

HGH Supplements: Are There Any Advantages?

People who used HGH supplements were overwhelmed by how this product can help them acquire various health benefits. Most of the reviews were saying that HGH is effective in lessening the appearance of aging effects. HGH supplements are also good for people who suffer from a decline in energy, depressed mood, and other health-related problems. Once you use HGH supplements, you will notice a significant change in body build, structure, and skin appearance. Inflammation of the joints is reduced with wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots also less than before. Typically, you will feel an increase in endurance and stamina.

What to Know When Purchasing HGH Supplements

You can find several manufacturers online and in personal care stores who provide the best products when it comes to HGH supplements. Before purchasing online or offline, try to find reviews on their products as a guide to the probable side effects and the efficacy of their products. Do not waste your time and try the amazing effects of the HGH supplements on signs of aging. Find the best growth hormone supplements and change the face of aging today.

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Facts You Need to Know About HGH Spray

Many people are noticing how effective it is to use HGH Spray compared to other kinds of HGH supplements. There are effervescent drinks, pills, and injections of HGH, but most of the reviews are positive towards the spray form of HGH. There are many benefits that anyone could enjoy when they use the spray form of HGH.

What Is HGH?

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, which is an amino acid coming from the anterior pituitary gland and found at the base of the brain. This supplement is usually associated with the aging process since it declines among those people who are of increasing age. HGH primarily offers reduced body fat, increased muscle mass, and enhanced skin elasticity. This supplement helps decrease the signs of aging and helps enhance the body processes for a younger and stronger stamina even with advanced age.

Benefits of HGH Spray Use

· Boosts HGH Effects. Unlike other forms of HGH supplements, many users claim that the spray or liquid form of HGH works conveniently and effectively. Pills and injections may undergo certain types of metabolic processes when taken in the body, which can result in longer periods to take effect. Moreover, when the supplement passes the stomach and other body mechanisms the amount is reduced, thereby reducing its effect on the body.

· Quick Absorption Rate. The usual instructions for using HGH spray supplements is around the oral lining. In this area, there are many blood vessels capable of absorbing the supplement faster, and deliver it through the body.

· Convenience. Compared to pills and injections of HGH supplements, the spray is very easy to use. You do not need other materials and you can spray it anytime, anywhere you want. Each spray of HGH will provide the adequate amount of the hormones in the body.

Where to Buy Spray HGH?

There are many manufacturers who promise a pure form in sprays of HGH. As consumers, it is also important to be vigilant when purchasing a supplement in order to achieve the optimum effects. When you purchase a spray form of HGH, it is important to look for the reviews first in order to clarify its claims of efficiency. It is also important to know the probable side effects and right dose since there are some controversies surrounding its claim. Try to search for more information on the spray product you want to purchase. Be assertive and try to purchase a safe and effective HGH Spray.

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Bodybuilding With HGH

Bodybuilding with HGH

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced in the human body, and in several other species as well, by the pituitary gland located at the back side of the brain. Since HGH is responsible in several ways for proper growth by increasing lean muscle mass, lipolysis, strength, and endurance bodybuilding with HGH is a natural consequence.

Falling HGH levels

HGH is one of the few hormones in our body that has a tremendous impact on our physical and mental abilities. However, HGH production begins to go into decline starting from somewhere after the 30th year, although technicaly its production peaks at the age of 21. With increasing age the level of HGH keeps falling at the rate of 15% every 10 years.

Synthetic and Natural HGH

Some individuals opt for synthetic HGH in order to make up for this natural deficiency but that is not really the best choice. There are several HGH boosting supplements available that stimulate the body to make more HGH. These supplements are ideal for bodybuilders. Once you start taking HGH boosters you will experience a tremendous boost in muscle mass. Bodybuilding with HGH is also helpful when you wish to gain size quickly.

Normal HGH

In a normal human body the production of new muscle cells stops after puberty. For the rest of your life the quantity of muscle cells is determined by your genetic structure and the only option left for you is to either train to increase the size or to use steroids. HGH is the only for of supplement that can actually grow new muscle cells. This is helpful if the genetic predisposition is towards excess deficiency of muscle density. HGH can help you achieve the minimum recommended muscle mass for a human adult.

Benefits of HGH

Another aspect of HGH is that it keeps metabolism and energy levels quite high. Both these factors result in increased ability to burn fat. Bodybuilding with HGH is good because the only weight increase is because of increase lean muscle mass and not fat. HGH also works more gradually. Unlike steroids that result in rapid gains, HGH boosters cause lean muscle mass gain of 2 pounds in 2-3 weeks. Another difference is that steroids mostly cause an increase in water weight whereas HGH causes an increase in lean muscle mass only.

For more information how the Human Growth Hormones (HGH) works, please visit:

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What Is the Best Belly Fat Burner in the Market?

Do you want washboard undesirable of everyone's envy? The answer is most probably yes. It seems that everyone these days are all about getting thinner, leaner and having ripped abdominals for show. This can probably be attributed to the influence of the media, or the technological revolution that we are currently experiencing. Nowadays, it is very easy to upload your before and after photos if you are working out. So of all these promising programs, which one would be the best belly fat burner? Well, some people attest to the truthfulness of one Mike Geary. So, who is Mike Geary?

Mike Geary is the author of “The Truth About Six Pack Abs.” Basically, he tells you how to get exactly that – Calvin Klein worthy abs! What makes Mike an authority on this? Well, for one you can take a look at his photos and you will see that he himself has achieved such a phenomenon. Just like Shaun Thompson of Insanity Workouts and Tony Horton of P90X Exercises, Mike used to be a personal fitness trainer. Over the years, he realized that all his clients were in a quest to find a belly fat burner there is. He then took it upon himself to research for answers, try them out, and chronicle results. With the way he looks right now, anyone would say at least one of those things definitely worked. Mike is ripped from head to toe but not in a bulky scary kind of way. He is lean and slim with assets in the right places. His six-pack is definitely worth parading around topless with. Again, who is Mike Geary? He's the guy who will tell you how he got himself looking this great.

What do you get exactly from the package he sells? It includes three things. One is the nutrition list he has put together. In detail, he tells you what to eat and what not to eat. The ones that he approves of are items that make you feel full even if you only take a little. For example, he would rather you ate apples, oatmeal or asparagus over carbohydrates. He also believes that these produce really contribute in your cause. Alternately, he tells you not to eat certain dishes. He goes as far as providing you with over 70 meal plans so you do not end up making every day a reward day.

Mike also tells us there are no quick fixes. That means no to slimming pills or teas that you have no real idea what they do to your body or contain in the first place. There may be overnight results but he doubts that they would be nothing but temporary. The moment you stop taking them, you will feel yourself slowly going back to your old weight. They would want to keep you addicted to the product. Moreover, it is a scary fact that you may experience side effects. He also does not attend to miracle equipment as shown on most infomercials, nor does he believe in fast track workouts.

So, who is Mike Geary? He is the guy who puts all his well-tested beliefs in bringing you the best belly fat burner there is.

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A Free Workout for You

Your Free Leg Workout

Squats are one of the most important exercises that you can do for your legs. If you are looking for maximum calorie burn while simultaneously trying to build your core then this is the key exercise to incorporate in your program.

Squats can be done multiple ways to emphasize different parts of your legs. For example, if you do your squats with your legs shoulder width apart and focus on keeping a major of the weight on your heels then you will activate the hamstring and glute muscles (the back of your leg and your butt).

Or if you would like to emphasize your inner thighs and tighten and tone them up then I highly recommend that you do a wider stance squat with your toes pointed out slightly. This change in angle still works the legs out with an emphasis on the inner part of your legs. I like to use the wider place squat as opposed to the inner thigh machine as I think the squat is much more effective in getting the results you want.

Another way to do the squat can be with your feet completely together (narrow stance). This can emphasize the outside part of your thighs a little bit more, replacing the outer thigh machine.

As always with any squat motion be sure to keep your core tight (belly button sucked in toward spine) to protect your back, as well as making sure that you are always doing the correct form to get the maximum benefit of the squat.

There are different tools that you can use to do the squat such as the smith machine, barbell, dumbbell, squat machine, physioball, and bosu ball. All of these tools can accomplish the same goal as long as you keep your form correct and pay attention on every rep and movement to ensure you are working the targeted area.

The repetitions should always be varied every few weeks, in my opinion, so your body does not hit a plateau. To start I would do anywhere from 10 to 12 reps with a moderate weight and focus on your form before you add additional weight.

By adding weight to your squats it will not automatically bulk up your legs. In order for you to bulk your legs, or your body for that matter, you need to intentionally do it by eating a high calorie diet. So if your goal is not to bulk up, then you have complete control by paying close attention to your diet.

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Tips For Muscle Growth

Muscle growth, Muscle growth, Muscle growth!

Every gym rookie has one goal in mind, to build muscle. About 80% of males in the gym are in their build muscle, but I cant even begin to tell you how many times someone asks me for advice, and time and time again they are doing the same crap that is counter-productive towards building muscle.

First lets make sure your on the same page as me … You want to build muscle right? So make your goal “muscle growth” and start acting, lifting, eating, and living like that is your goal. I personally feel weight loss can be more difficult then muscle growth due to the restrictions. Think about watering a plant, first you plant the seed and then you water it. If the plant does not grow after a few days of watering it, do you stop watering it? No you keep watering the plant until it grows, so even if initially you do not see visible changes in your body do not give up. There are four basic tips for muscle growth and they are as follows.

Tip # 1

Cut the cardio:

There is no reason why you should be doing a large amount of cardio when your goal is muscle growth, you are being counter-productive, and spending calories that your body needs. Cardio is great for overall health and fat loss, and I even recommend you still do some (at a very low intensity for shorter periods of time) to keep your body / heart healthy. Just do not over do it!

Tip # 2


Do not be afraid to eat! I ask some guys what their diet look like and it seems that they consume less calories then me while I am cutting for a competition or photo-shoot. Simple, if you want to grow you MUST eat more calories then you burn. Wait a minute, that does not mean that you should go and stuff your face with complete garbage because foods like cake, cupcakes, chocolate, pizza may be high in calories, but they are low in nutritional density. That's right, you will get the calories, but calories that provide very little benefit to repairing muscle tissue. Consume single ingredient foods. What are those you ask? Duhh … Foods that only have one ingredient, foods that are whole and not processed.

Do not shy away from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are your bodies primary energy source providing you eat enough of them, if you do not your body will then tap into other areas of your body for energy which will not only result in you not gaining muscle, but also potentially losing muscle.

Tip # 3

Rest is important:

One of the most overlooked factors of muscle growth is rest / sleep. When trying to gain muscle, you want to be in and out of the gym as quick as possible. Get yourorter intense workouts in so that you can get out and eat your post workout meal.

Sleep is key so do not skip out; make sure you are getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. Many of you guys really fail to realize that the growth does not occur when you are in the gym, it occurs at night when you are in bed sound sleep. You get your greatest pulse / spike of GH (Growth Hormone) shortly after falling asleep. Do not skip sleep, all factors are equally as important as the other.

Tip # 4

Lift Smart & Heavy:

Lifting intense and heavy is key to build muscle. You must always stress the muscle greater than the previous workout, so that your body has a reason to grow. That is right, if you do not give your body a reason to grow, why would it? If you are lifting properly you will grow. Ensure you are using proper form when lifting to stress the muscle you are working as much as possible. Remember you could be lifting as much weight as you want but if your form is terrible you are losing the benefits of the lift, you are better off dropping the weight lighter and lifting with better form. Sure you could bicep curl 50lbs but if your using other muscle to get the weight up and only really lifting a 50lb dumbbell with 50% of the lift coming from your bicep, you are only really getting a 25lb stimulus on the muscle. You are better off lifting 30lbs with strict form, only using your biceps and not your legs and back to get the weight up using 100% effort from the bicep.

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Top 10 Workout Tips to Get Ripped

1) The top workouts to get ripped are those to which the body has not gotten used to yet . Our bodies get used to the routines and workouts that we perform most often. Actually, the more advanced our workouts are, the faster the body gets used to this particular workout. This is exactly why you should vary your training routine in order to achieve the best results. The best thing to do, then, is to use the 'cycles,' varying the routines, the number of reps for the sets performed and to vary the rest periods as much as possible. All of these will help you accomplish the best results when it comes to both the strength and build the muscles.

2) Keep the workout time short – thinking that spending three or four hours at the gym working on your muscles will produce the best results is false and it differs from what happens in reality. Some studies suggest that more than 45 minutes of workout decreases levels of testosterone but increases the levels of cortisol. In short, testosterone is responsible for muscle building in our bodies and burning of the fat cells while cortisol's actions are the opposite: it burns the muscle and keeps the fat in our bodies. That's why the situation in which the levels of testosterone are low and the levels of cortisol are elevated creates the opposite effect of what we originally intended for our bodies.

3) Use many reps and increase intensity – the fight over the Internet as to what type of training is the best has been going on for quite a few years now. In reality, the best results are achieved by combining two types of training: high number of reps and high intensity. The first one, the large number of reps will cause the body to increase its limit of endurance and thus will increase the number of muscle cells and the high intensity with reduced number of reps will let the body get the necessary rest, which in turn, will allow the muscles to gain necessary strength and mass increase.

4) Vary the rest time between the reps. Believe it or not but varies the time between the reps is another way to postpone the body's adaptation to exercise routine. If you used to take 2-3 minutes breaks between the sets but now you limit this time to just one minute, you will soon notice the increased muscle mass even though you strength seems to have deteriorated. Well planned changes in the number or reps as well as the rest time between the reps will lead you to get the best results in you overall plan of gaining muscles and increasing your strength.

5) Top workouts to get ripped often use the workouts where you predominately rely on free weights and dumbbells and where your body moves freely. If you base your workout routines mainly on the machines – do not expect any extra results. Your body is designed to move in all three dimensions so if your limit your workout routines to the machines, the number of muscles remain unutilized, since the major of work gets done by the machine instead. That's why, as the end result, we often attain unsatisfactory results when it comes to muscle gain. However, if you workout plan includes the free weights and dumbbells, your body will be forced to use all the muscles, ligaments and tendons in order to reserve the balance and control over the weight.

6) Use only as much cardio workout as you have to – regular aerobic exercises are good but if you want to focus on increasing your muscle mass, you should limit your cardio workout to about 3-4 times a week and each session should run approximately 20-30 minutes. You can use the bicycle (either stationary or regular outdoor one), running, swimming etc. and you should try to keep your heart rate at the 130-150 level. Increasing the time and intensity of the aerobic exercise will often decrease your ability to increase the muscle mass because the body will naturally try to protect itself by making sure it's getting enough energy and then using the energy stored which will otherwise be used to build the muscles.

7) Focus on a good form and muscle building – despite the fact that it looks obvious many people ignore this advice! Remember, this is a body building concept and each set, each repetition, each routine should be perfect, so that your muscles and not your ligaments and tendons perform all the work. Never sacrifice good form only to lift bigger weights! It is not going to bring the desired results! The main point remains to build muscle and muscle mass. Moving weight from point A to point be is just not enough. You have to have a proper form, you have to work your muscles and then and only then you will build your muscles. Even if you can not lift the weight you want or initially intended to, your final opportunity will be that you achieve your planned goal and the satisfaction will come not from the number you pressed but the muscles you have built.

8) Your body type is a predetermined factor when it comes to the frequency of your workout routines. Seldom anyone touches on this subject in articles devoted to the muscle building training. If you want to achieve great results you have to adjust the frequency of your workouts to the type of body you have. For example a man with a naturally low metabolism rate can exercise 5-6 days a week while a slim person with a naturally high metabolism might achieve better results working out only 3-4 times a week. Individual predisposition, genes and natural abilities should always be taken into account while implementing an exercise program.

9) Even though it might seem trivial and of no importance the plan of training you create is out out important importance since that is something that you will either follow or you will give up very quickly. It is one of the 'secrets' that is often omitted and neglected in developing long-term plan but which is critical at achieving a success. Even though some of the training routines look fantastic on paper and promise revolutionary results, if you have other family commitments that you have to meet or a work schedule that would not allow for a proposed training routine – you have to change or adjust your plan ( s) respectively. If you know you can devote 3-4 times a week to your workouts, plan exactly that number of days in a gym and do not try to go there 5-6 times a week because most likely either your work, family or training will suffer . Should you try doing it soonheless, would cause frustration and less than desired or satisfactory results. Make sure, than, that the program you chose for yourself will be the one you could follow because that's the key to a long term success.

10) Put your sessions and progress in the notebook. Notes of your workout s and the progress you're achieving are fantastic tools that are going to help you get to your goals. Making notes is not only a great tool to help you develop a systematic plan and gain motivation but can also provide you with an insight on where you are now as opposed to where you were in the past – meaning what progress you have made. It can also help you understand what helped you get where you are and which exercises worked for you the best. In addition, were you for any reason to lose all of that for whatever reason, the written record would help you follow your notes to get back to the results that you have achieved in the past. In the present it helps you see the progress you're making, to help you determine if you are on track, if you are losing the fat you wanted so much to lose, if you are winning muscles, getting leaner, more ripped. It can also help you verify and modify your program when necessary. When you make notes and see that all of the sudden you start losing strength, for example, you come back to your notes and see that in the last few days you started to cut down on two of your routine meals each day; now you know where the problem is.


Top workouts to get ripped are definitely not a secret but a well-defined plan of action and implementing all 10 of the 'secrets' of getting ripped body and gaining muscle will help you get sooner to your dream body and be an envy of your friends .

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How To Gain Weight Quickly – Discover The Solution

The majority of people are trying to lose weight and that gets all the attention these days. However there are a few of us who would much prefer the opposite: weight gain. It's ridiculous to most people who work hard on there treadmills and eat there calorie count salads but for people trying to bulk up in the gym, a 'hulk like' physique is quite alluring; but first, how to gain weight.

The process of gaining a large amount of weight should not be taken unless there is a strong desire to work hard as a huge amount of discipline is required. Lifting heavy, eating lots (even when not hungry and even when it's inconvenient) and getting good rest are all elements of strong discipline which is why its important to start with the right attitude.

Now, first and foremost rule. EAT!

This was the most obvious thing you could have expected me to say before clicking on the page so I will of course provide further insight.

Instead of gorging on KFC and French fries, eat quality calories. This includes foods such as whole grain bread, vegetables (avocados, potatoes and kidney beans), lean red meat poultry and fish.

Reason being the undering theme of this 'how to gain weight' article is that you want to ideally put on muscle: not fat. On the contrary, if you would like to be the world's fattest man, eat all the donuts in the world. All jokes aside, if muscle gain is the path for you, the foods I mentioned are highly commendable as they are:

– healthy for you
– alternative to processed, refined carb based food
– cheap (purchased in bulk, cans of tuna are super cheap)

In addition to this, finding out the amount of energy you expend from daily activities is important as these activities may stymie your weight gain process: especially if there is physical labor involved (even if its just walking a lot). Definitely take this into account next time you determine the proportion of your next meal.

A tip I would suggest is that you eat 5-6 times a day with 2-3 hours in between.

2-3 large portion snacks with 3 large meals encompassing breakfast, lunch and dinner is usually the route most bodybuilders take.

With this in mind, do not skip a meal!

This is not necessarily because one meal is going to make an awesome difference in your overall weight gain but it will defiantly hurt your discipline to do the right thing and eat on a constant basis. Sticking to the script is key.

I'm guessing you already knew how to gain weight when you got here: eat – pretty easy.

On the other hand, the undering theme of successful weight gain for muscle is a discipline as you are required to go out of your way and extra 2 or 3 times a day to eat when you probably are not hungry.

The results will pay off though if you just stay with the program – guarantee.

Handy tips:

– Drink plenty of water
– Heavy and slow weightlifting is key
– If you're gaining weight to fast, do more cardio and if your not gaining weight fast enough, do less.

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