Body Building Routines – Are You Tired Of Being Out Of Shape?

If you want to have a good-looking physique that is also strong, then you must perform bodybuilding routines. Although you need to exert effort to achieve results no need to overdo it. Any kind of exercises should be carefully done to avoid injuries and health risks.

Different exercises including fitness training, weight lifting, cardio circuits and flexibility workouts are included in these routines to develop your body. Here are some easy tips you must consider before performing any kind of workout routine.

First, it is best to avoid go beyond the recommended sets and reps. Even though hard work is important to ensure the results of bodybuilding, it does not mean that you must push yourself too hard. Body building routines must range between 30 to 60 minutes at least once or twice a day.

Second, avoid taking a break between exercises. Rather than going beyond your routine time, you must less the rest time. Aside from completing the workout within the recommended time, you can also enhance your endurance and stamina.

By improving your stamina, there are certain hormones that can be stimulated in the body. These hormones are important in developing muscle fiber.

Third, be in control. You must perform all the body building routines in a controlled session such as certain number of reps for every set in the workout. You can add to the number of reps in certain areas of your workout for more effective results, but be sure they are in controlled condition.

Controlling the reps of your routine have certain advantages in slimming the chances of risky emergencies primarily because of the load of weights you are lifting. Also, blood circulation should be regulated, that will boost the supply of vitamins and nutrients in the body. You can also effectively burn fat and develop muscle mass easily.

Finally, incorporated varied workouts to your body building routines . Admit it, performing the same routine for months can be really boring, so to make the workouts more fun you must include varieties in them. A monotonous routine will eventually cause you to lose your interest in bodybuilding resulting to your loss of interest in achieving your goals.

By following these easy tips above, you can get effective results from your bodybuilding, specifically a stronger body and larger muscles. Just make sure that you perform the routines carefully and if possible under the expert guidance of a professional trainer. Remember, your aim is to build bigger muscles and not to injure yourself.

I have prepared very powerful body building techniques below, enjoy!

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Muscle Building Fast – Do You Want To Bulk Up Fast?

Over the years, many people have committed the mistake of trying to workout but using the wrong programs or not knowing how to properly make muscle building fast. There are some who spend months, or even years, trying to put on more muscle but fail to do so. Body builders actually have a lot of secrets as to why they are able to bulk up a lot faster. In order to be successful, people have to get a hold of these secrets. This article will help those who wish to build larger muscles and have toned bodies in a short period of time.

Listed below are some of the secrets that body builders share in order to obtain muscle building fast.

a) Lifting

In order to help the muscles increase in size is to cause the muscle fibers to work or to tear and the only possible way to that to happen is to apply external forces to which these fibers are not accustomed to. This means getting one's hands dirty on lifting weights like dumbbells, barbells, and a lot more.

b) Do multi-joint exercises

Single-joint movements such as triceps extensions and the like do not really help to build muscle quicker. Multi-joint exercises such as bench pressing, squats, and many more are used to help with muscle building fast because they workout more muscles in a shorter amount of time but with heavier weights.

c) Cardio exercises should be avoided in certain cases.

Cardio exercises actually burn a lot of calories and in order to bulk up, you need calories. When you incorporate cardio into your weight training workouts, you are actually burning those needed calories. This will result in little or no increase in muscle mass.

d) Bulk up by eating.

According to experts, in order for a person to be able to put on one pound of pure muscle, at least 3500 extra calories should be consumed. The foods to be eaten, however, should be from healthy sources and of the right components. Healthy protein, fat, and carbohydrates sources should be taken out, such as grass-fed beef, avocados, and sweet potatoes.

e) Use supplements.

There are a lot of supplements used today that could be very helpful in adding bulk to one's physique. The most common and most effective of these include high-quality protein powders and creatine supplements.

f) Rest is a must.

Muscle fibers need exercise but when they are worked too hard, they become damaged and then fail to grow. Rest is needed to help these muscles recuperate.

I have prepared very powerful body building techniques below, enjoy!

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2 Delt Exercises at Home With Dumbbells and Bodyweight

Last night, I was at a surprise birthday party of a good friend of mine. A bunch of us were sitting, watching TV and waiting for our friend to come to his surprise party. We all either knew each other, or had heard of each other. And most people know me as the fitness guy.

Anyways, so the guy sitting next to me introduced himself. We started talking, and as usual, we began talking about working out. He told me he was having a hard time putting on muscle. In addition, he really wanted to bring up his shoulders. His main problem was that he could not afford a gym membership and that he only had a few sets of light dumbbells he picked up at a garage sale.

So, I started explaining and demonstrating some exercises that he could do. Here are 2 of the best delt exercises you can do with just a pair of dumbbells and your bodyweight:

# 1 – Hindu Pushups

Hindi pushups are difficult to explain, and you look really strange doing them. It's a good thing you're performing this exercise at home! (Imagine what I looked like demonstrating this movement at the party) Here's how you do them:

  • Start off in an upside down V position, with your butt in the aire and your legs and hands wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Look down. Pick a point in the center of your hands. Now, move your head toward that point in a controlled motion.
  • Move your body down so that your hips move towards the floor. As you get closer and closer to the point, arch your back, and swing your body forwards.
  • Continue pushing your body forward. Look at the ceiling, and keep going until you arms are fully straight.
  • Now return to starting position. Once you get good at this exercise, try to keep going non-stop. Maintain the fluidity of the movement.

# 2 – DB 1-Arm Military Press

The key to the military press is strict form. This is not a push jerk, nor is it a push press, although when people use weights that are TOO heavy, then it often becomes one of these two variations.

Make sure you do not use any leg drive with this movement. Here is how to perform the 1-arm Military Press:

  • Start off standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab a dumbbell, and hold it just above your shoulder with elbows bent.
  • Make sure your palms are facing towards your ear. From this position, push the weight up and above your head until your elbows lock out.
  • Use the other hand to maintain your balance as you lift the weight above your head.
  • Contract your abdominals, and use your upper body to push the weight with strict form
  • Do not use your legs to drive the weight, or else it will turn into a Push press.
  • Slowly lower the weight back to starting position, and repeat.

Start implementing these two exercises in your regular workouts, and watch your shoulders GROW.

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Finally! Free Secrets To Kettlebell Bodybuilding 101 Revealed

Here's your introductory smash course on Kettlebell, and how it can change your thinking on workouts forever.

What the heck is a Kettlebell?

Easy! Kettlebells are ball-sized weights with a looped handle made of cast iron – arguably one of today's favorite workout equipment and it's becoming more and more popular, particularly among athletes. Weights range from 2 pounds to right around 100 pounds. They work wonderfully with almost any fitness program. In fact they work well in conjunction with basic training objects such as jump ropes, pull up blocks and weighed medicine. These wonder bells can be the ultimate all around tool to throw your workout into high gear.

What do I do with Kettlebells?

An active body and kettlebell training are the super duo to obtain your fitness goals. Main thing is to learn how to use both effectively. Fitness experts recommend focusing on body conditioning and full attention on controlling and lifting a kettlebell. This training will improve the stability and strength of your muscles engaging a number of muscles groups and joints simultaneously.

If you choose kettlebell bodybuilding, you must know …

* Workouts become super effective.

* Your training reduces fats faster.

* Vastly improved endurance.

You will see improved body conditioning immediately because they're superb for joint stability and greater strength. Results can be lightning fast and it's an easy way to fitness. Due to it's relatively small investment they are super effective for your workout goals. You can use kettlebells for muscular endurance exercises, cardiovascular training and muscle building workout.

Real-Time Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

When someone tries the kettlebell workout for the first time, he / she will notice that kettlebells engage multiple groups of body muscles at the same time then getting a complete workout within a very short time. Being involved with bodybuilding you will quickly learn to develop coordination and body awareness. They force you to keep your body in a unique counterbalance position. In addition you have to set your wrists and hands in neutral position. This practice enables you to improve your longevity and level of endurance for the sake of fitness and conditioning.

Do a test …

For more satisfaction from kettlebell training you can do a comparison to the exercises that you do with traditional weights and I'm sure that you'll agree, kettlebells beats out the competition – hands down. If you find any sort of inconvenience with your training, professional trainers can guide you to the right way of obtaining fitness goals. They train you for correct exercises sharing effective tips to improve your confidence.

There is no wavering weight pattern associated with this type of workout but you can adjust it according to the power of your muscles. Instability of muscles is very common among those who try kettlebells but you can control it using resistance bands provided at kettlebell training programs. After completing one session of kettlebell workout, you can feel the level of weight loss examining the kettlebell body before and after the workout.

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3 Ways to Make Your Muscles Suffer

We all know that in order to make physically improvements we need to train outside of our comfort zone. If you did the same session day in day out your body will ever get used to it and it would become easy and lose its benefits, you may have improved leading to this point but without change now, your body will only maintain its current potential .

Many people when deciding to make things harder will only increase the weight. The bigger the weight, the stronger you are right? Well not necessary, there are so many different variables you can change when it comes to weight training. There is intensity, rest time, amount of sets, number of reps and tempo. You can change one of these at a time and without changing the weight give yourself a more difficult session each time for a long time.

There are many different weight training techniques which are used in the gyms these days, varying from simple methods of training to quite complex methods of training. It is important though that you only use these more advanced methods if you understand why you are using them. You can make a massive deal of progress just by adjusting the different variables I mentioned above when your body starts to become accustomed to the session.

I am a firm believer that variety is the spice of life, I would get bored pretty easily if I was doing the same session in the gym 5 days a week every week. So I am going to give you three training methods which you may not have used or heard of before, this will give you some new ideas in the gym, enable you to have shorter workouts but with the same benefit, and definitely make your muscles burn !

I must say though that these are more advanced techniques and should not be tried unless you have been training with weights for a while.

So here are my 3 ways to make your muscles burn!

1. High Intensity Interval Training
High intensity interval training (HIIT) is normally more associated with the cardio side of things but is a great way to ensure maximum muscle burn on the lower body.

A simple HIIT session plan could use a ratio of 2: 1 High intensity eg 40 seconds of maximal sprinting with 20 seconds of medium / low paced recovery jog or walk. You could repeat this 7 or 8 times for a good workout.

Tabata training is another type of high intensity interval training, you can use this for your usual cardio activities or apply it to a weights or bodyweight circuit.

The basic outline of Tabata training is:
• 20 seconds of intense training
• 10 seconds of rest
• Total of 8 sessions or rounds lasting 4 minutes.

An example of a tabata bodyweight circuit which you could try:

Speed ​​squats 20 sec – 10sec rest
Burpees 20 sec – 10 sec rest
Mountain climbers 20 sec – 10 sec rest
High knees 20 sec – 10 sec rest and repeat.

You should get a great burn after just 4 minutes!

2. Supersets
Supersets move away from the conventional 3 sets, 1 minute rest between each of one exercise kind of training. This type of training combines 2 sets of 2 different exercises with no rest period. The lack of rest and selection of exercises is what makes supersets so difficult.

When performing supersets you should aim to work the same muscle group for each exercise to ensure maximum benefit for that muscle or aim for muscle groups which are close together eg biceps / triceps or back / chest.

An example of a superset session targeted at the bicep and trciep muscles would be as follows:

Set of hammer curls Set of dips
Set of concentration curls Set of overhead tricep press

To make it more difficult a lot of people will perform the set to failure.

One of the reasons behind supersetting is that it forces as much blood as possible into the area that you are working.

3. Drop Sets
With drop sets training you would choose one exercise eg a shoulder press. Perform as many reps as possible using 20KG Dumbbells, then do as many as possible using 18KG Dumbbells, then 16KG and then 14KG. Usually perform 3-4 sets with no rest between each set.

You do not have to work to failure you could just try and stick to a certain number of reps for every set. As the weight is getting lighter it increases your chance of being able to hit the same amount of reps for each set.

Just another good method of adding an extra degree of difficulty and variety to your training to keep things interesting and fresh.

So as I mentioned above the aim of this article was to give you a few new ideas and different ways to train. These methods should only really be used if you have good training experience and are looking for ways to up your results.

With the supersets and dropsets do not use them for every session, one a week for a different muscle group is great.

A lot of new exercisers will adopt things such as supersets just because it can give off the impression of working hard when a normal way of training is perfect for them for now.

Thanks for reading,

Richard Clarke

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Building Muscles for Men and Women

It seems like there is real craze with building muscles right now. Everyone including men, women, young and old are starting to shape up and sculpt their bodies like never before.

We're all aware that obesity has taken over yet but now there seems to be a tide-shift with a reversing going on in a positive direction. For the first time in many years the obesity rate of school children in the USA is decreasing instead of growing.

With more and more people looking to build their muscles and strength this trend can certainly accelerate.

So what is building muscle suddenly so popular?

In this article we'll discuss building muscles for:

Bodybuilding Competition

Looks and Confidence

Strength and Stamina

Gain or Lose Weight

Building Muscles for Women

Doing More and Being More

In general people have different reasons for getting into body and muscle building. One person may do it for competitive reasons, others for confidence issues, others to build strength and stamina, gain weight, lose weight and then some people just want to be able to do more and live a healthier life.

Building Muscles for Competition

Bodybuilding competition is one reason why people are interested in building large muscle mass. Building muscles for competition is a huge sport. You can find big rewards in competitive bodybuilding but competing on this level takes much dedication and effort. You'll need to dedicate time, lots of time working out every day to build and maintain large muscle mass and shape.

Building Muscles to Compete is not Meant to be a Hobby

You will not normally obtain a perfectly chiseled body with pumped up muscles overnight and if you are looking to make it to the top of the muscle building food chain, you're going to have to invest tens of thousands of hours in workout time and the younger you get started as an adult body builder the better chance you'll have at making it to the top.

Building Muscles for Confidence

If you are getting into bodybuilding because you're overweight, too scrawny and thin or just not happy with the way your body looks, body and muscle building can help and the results can be seen in a matter of weeks. When done properly, you'll be muscle building in a matter of days and many people see noticeable improvements in just 4 to 6 weeks time.

Getting stronger, building muscle tone and depending on your situation, gaining or losing weight is a great confidence and self image booster. You just need to be sure that you do not get carried away doing too much too fast. Set a rational schedule based on where you are starting from and you'll begin to see improvements in quick order.

Building Muscles for Women

Body and muscle building for women is not as popular as it is for men but it is really a great way for women to build strength without being concerned about bulking up like a man would. There are many petite women who body build and can lift an extreme amount of weight. So do not confuse building big muscles with raw strength and size.

Many women are coming to realize this and finding that even though they build muscle mass at a slower pace than a man would, they still get the luxury of building strength, stamina and their metabolism without the worry of looking like the Hulk's masculine twin sister.

Speaking of building muscles to look masculine, younger males get into body and muscle building many times to impress the girls. They want to look fantastic and they want ripped muscles and they want them now! Their desire to look ripped, strong and desirable for a potential mate can become problematic.

This is the same problem competitive bodybuilders can get done up in when they try to build muscles too fast and take shortcuts that they think or have been told will give them an edge.

Avoid Using Steroids and Growth Hormones when Building Muscle Mass

When the pressure is on to bulk up quickly, some body builders turn to using growth hormones and steroids to hasten muscle building. There are a couple of big problems with this. In the case of teenagers trying to bulk up quickly, they have to remember that their bodies are still in a growing mode and the use of hormones or steroids can have some bad side effects that can seriously mess up the rest of their life.

As far as competition body builders go, there's really nothing to say to you here. You know what's going on because you see it nearly every day in the world of sports and fitness; elimination from competition, health problems and stripped titles after years and years of hard work and full dedication of a big piece of your life.

It's not worth it and cheating at building muscles for competition will not make you feel very proud if you do happen win an event.

In the case of the young ” want to impress” bodybuilder or the super Hulk competitive version, doing steroids and growth hormones is rarely a good idea.

Bodybuilding in its beginning was created to be a sport and when given it respect and patience it describes it can be a rewarding way to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime.

If you're into the competitive body and muscle building real it can be a great way to travel and socialize with people all around the world from local events all the way up to the Olympics if you are so inclined.

If you're looking at the field for a career there are huge opportunities for working in the health and fitness industry and if you're into it to impress others and gain confidence then building muscle mass may be a great way for you to achieve it .

Whatever your reason for building muscle and getting into bodybuilding is, the benefits to your health, fitness level, confidence and ability to do more and be more is undisputed.

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How Your Diet Can Help You To Gain Weight

Have you heard from your parents that skipping meals are not ideal? This is also true if you want to gain weight. Just because you stuff your face full of calories in one meal does not mean you are going to gain weight. Skipping a meal or two after that will result in the same catabolic or muscle breakdown process as if you were hungry. This leads to a decrease in weight so that your body does not need to provide so much energy on a consistent level. Keeping your blood sugar at a steady level is also vital so that you will increase the stress on your brain, kidneys, and liver.

Having said that, many of you may wonder how you get more calories into your diet if you do not force feed yourself. This is done by eating more meals rather than more calories in a single meal. Many will then wonder why most personal trainers recommend more meals rather than bigger meals. This is because there is just so much your body can process at one time. Eating a big meal will end up in the toilet quite literally as your body passes out the excess nutrients. If you are looking to gain weight, you will need to ensure that at no point in time your body should be stripped of nutrients. Due to the fact that carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins break down in rough 3-4 hours, I would recommend eating every 3-4 hours so that your body will consistently be fueled.

The next thing to take note is that you must know what to eat. Eating a lot of simple carbohydrates like sugar is not going to help you. I would personally recommend bagels, bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes to form the bulk of your caloric intake. This is because they are complex carbohydrates and then will break down in 3-4 hours so that you will not need to feed yourself more often. Next, they also have chemical chains which will ensure a steady flow of energy into your bloodstream. You must also include some red meat into your diet because it provides the protein needed to repair muscle tears when you are in the gym. Sticking with just one source will cause your diet to be lopsided, so shuffle between white and red meat and throw in the occasional milk if you need to. Lastly, fruits and vegetables must be on your list. Without them, your body takes a beating and your immune system dips, resulting in illnesses which will inevitably lead to weight loss.

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Why Do You Build Muscles If You Want to Gain Weight?

First, it benefits you by helping you stay more active. Most people who gain weight via fat have reduced cardiovascular ability. That is because one of the tips to gain weight via fat is to stay off your feet and consume a lot of calories. This causes a lot of people to become inactive rather than lead a healthy lifestyle and yet gain weight. This can completely impair an individual by reducing their ability to conduct their daily activity such as walking long distances and chasing after public transport, which is a huge hassle. These are daily demands of life which most people overlook due to the simple fact that people think that the body will adjust automatically to the newly earned weight.

Having too much fat does not particularly look good on a person. It is alright in my opinion to gain a bit of weight to look healthy, but not to the amount where it causes you to become overweight. This particular outlook could cause one to be ridiculed by the general public and could worsen the personal image of the once skinny individual. A person's image is extremely important, especially for teenagers. This is because you are open to criticism and is usually at a compromising situation that you have to give in to the criticisms unless you are mentally strong and mature. Nonetheless, even the strongest of will and heart will crumble if the abuse is intensive and habitual, especially if it is occurring in the 2 places you spend the most time at: school and outside with your peers.

If you gain a lot of fat rather than muscles, you have to change your whole wardrobe to accommodate the newly earned weight rather than look good in your current one. Gaining a lot of fat over a short-term period could result in the need to shop for new clothes. To a certain extent, this could be an exciting endeavour, but to change your whole wardrobe to hide or minimize the display of excess fat that could cause the pocket to grow a hole figuratively.

The fourth point why having more fat is not a good idea compared to muscles is because it causes health issues later on in life. This could show up years or decades later, but that does not mean you throw caution into the wind. Rather, it is important to ease into the gain gain healthily, which will benefit you by improving your standard of living rather than compromising it. Having a high fat percentage as your body fat has been proven to give way to a lot of complications, accompanied by the bad food choices you pick. There can even be repercussions which can not be reversed medically or naturally.

The last and most important reason why you would not want to put on weight is because it gives you a sense of achievement and responsibility for your own life. In this day and age, it is so much harder for people to become mature and treasure what they craft with their hands due to the ease technology has brought to us, especially the youth.

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How to Gain 1 Kilogram a Month?

A lot of people I have met in life have said that in order to gain weight, you should eat and eat until you feel so full you can barely move. This is not the case if you are looking to gain muscle each week. The idea is to know how many nutrients your body can take in one time and keep supplying the same amount more times in a day. This will promote your body to use the energy to fuel your day, proteins to repair your muscles rather than keeping it as fat, and passing it out as waste respectively. You must know that complex carbohydrates and your complex protein chemical chains break down in rough 3 hours, so you will need to supply your body with nutrients every 3 hours. Given that most people are awake for an average of 16 hours a day, this means 5-6 meals in an entire day.

Many people have the opinion that you should not consume supper and that is true, to a certain extend. If you are looking to gain weight however, it is important to supply a rich protein meal at night. This is because your body needs the most protein to repair your muscles at night, and not fueling it will cause your body to halt the repair until your next meal. This opens up the window known as catabolism, or muscle degradation. When this happens, you will gain little or even lose muscles due to the lack of nutrients in your body.

Water is the key to life so if you drink less water, this means you are going to let your body find water elsewhere. This result in stress on the kidney as it does not have enough fluids to cleanse your blood, an inefficient process to build muscles and extremely results in dehydration. The secret to staying hydrated is similar to diet – it is not about consuming large amounts of water, but steadily providing the water around the clock. My personal recommendation is to drink 200 to 500 milliliters of water every hour depending on your lifestyle.

Milk is my secret diet formula to gain weight. I have a hectic lifestyle like everyone else, so it is important to have something that works for me when I have a small break in between my work. This means that I will drink milk as part of my high-calorie diet so that I will still be providing my body with the essential calories and protein so that my body will not need to starve. I drink around 500 milliliters of milk as part of a meal as I have a very high metabolic rate.

When I first started, I was tempted several times to use supplements to shortcut my way to success. I later learned success is earned, and not by cutting corners. The problem with supplements is that they flood your body with too much nutrients and these results in an ineffective digestive system. This could result in diarrhea, vomiting or an overly active stomach which releases a lot of acid to digest the supplements. Another thing about supplements that I personally see in people who take it is that they are more likely to give up before they achieve their goals. This is because drinking supplements promotes a lifestyle of laziness and that things can be done simply at a snap of the fingers. They later found other components of weight gain and muscle building too difficult to handle, and so they give up instead of staying true to their purpose until they achieve it.

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Squat Your Way to Weight Gain

The first benefit of a free barbell squat compared to all the other alternatives is that that it stimulates a full body workout. A barbell squat requires the ability to balance the weight high up on your upper back which engages the core as it sways left and right slightly when you squat. Compared to using a dumbbell, it does not recruit so much of the forearm so you will be able to pile on more weights and focus on activating major muscle groups which will not fatigue as quickly as your forearm. Even when you are squatting on the smith rack or using the leg press machine, there is a higher tendency to hurt your back and your kneecaps due to the restrictions of space and mobility. The very thing that is supposed to make machines safer has actually harmed more people rather than help them.

The next benefit of the free barbell squat is that it allows you to grow bigger all over. Have you seen people who just focus on training just one part of their body and look lopsided? I have also seen people who just train up to the point that they are unable to train their lower back due to the sheer pressure pressing down on the disc column of their spine. Simply putting on 5 kilograms of mass solely on your upper body will increase the stress on your back, hips and kneecaps by over 400% due to the activity you engage in works working out. Having a weaker back for an extended amount of time will just lead to an earlier retirement from the gym, not just for your workout but also permanently due to the injuries you may sustain.

The 3rd great tip in regards to free barbell squats is the ability to trigger a lot of the hormones responsible for growth. This is due to the more muscles you engage during a workout, the higher amount of naturally occurring growth hormones will be released. This leads to more growth if it is coupled with a proper diet and sufficient rest. This is even more efficient to grow your muscles if you are able to actively squeeze the muscles required when you are coming up from the lowest point of your squat. Actively engaging the muscles will produce more microscopic tears in your muscles which will then provide a higher potential to grow larger.

Next, a free barbell squat always has progression. Have you seen someone getting stuck at a workout at the gym? Getting stuck at the same weight and workout will stall your growth and could even potentially backtrack it. Having a progressive workout is important because it gives you a confirmation that your workout, diet and rest are all efficient to trigger the growth. When your workout produces the results you seek, it will strengthen the habit of going to the gym and doing the workout again. This works even better than having a fitness trainer to push you every time you work out.

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6 Important Things To Do If You Want To Gain Weight

The first thing is to plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Most people do not stick by their regulation or workout and that is the reason why there is such a huge problem in failure to accomplish the things we set ourselves out to do. Believe me, it is not easy but if you do it daily, it becomes totally natural. The things to plan are your diet, your workout, and your sleep. Let me share the next tip, which happens to be diet.

If you want to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than you use. There are two ways around this problem. First, you could stuff your face for the next 3-4 months, eating all the junk food you want and risk getting a heart attack or its cousin, indigestion. My advice from 2 years of healthy weight gain is to break it all down into 6 equal meal sizes. I know this may vary from other trainers, who say that 3 meals and 3 snacks will do, but the 3 snacks are not going to help you much, especially if you have a high metabolic rate like I do, so making the calories you consume disappear after you consume it. One of my secret foods is to drink milk 1-2 times a day as a meal so that I will get the required calories I need, plus the protein to repair the muscles which will produce healthy weight gain.

The 3rd tip is to consume healthy carbohydrates. This includes potatoes, whole wheat bread, rice and pasta. This may look a lot like a western dinner, but it is actually not. The idea is to consume most of the carbohydrates listed in a fashion where it takes up 40-50% of your physical plate. This will provide you with the energy you need in order to work out at the gym and also help prevent you from losing weight due to your high metabolism. The idea of ​​why you only require 40-50% is because you need to provide just 500 calories more than what you need each day. Providing too many carbohydrates will produce a state where you will grow fat rather than gain weight healthily.

The next thing to do is to choose your protein correctly. The main idea is to focus on consuming 20-30% of your calories from protein alone. In short, this means consuming around 1.5g / kg of your current weight, not what you intend to weigh. This will provide enough nutrients to cause you to repair the muscles, putting on denser and healthier weight rather than fat.

Speaking of fat, that is the 5th thing I'm going to touch upon. Fat is shunned by many and is often blamed for unhealthy weight gain. However, if you have little to no fat in your body, you will be extremely prone to falling sick like me, visiting the doctors around 12-20 times in a year. The purpose of fat is to carry vital vitamins to all parts of your body so it is there important to take note exactly what kind of fat to consume.

The 6th thing to take note of now is rest. Without it, you will not grow, period. I have tried to tweak around this factor many times and have failed miserably, losing up to 1 to 2 kilograms in a day due to my late night lifestyle. It is important because it will ensure your immune system is up and running, repairing your muscles in the night, and also helping you recover your energy so you can push harder in the gym.

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4 Diet Habits That Produce the Most Muscle Growth

The first habit you have to get it nailed down is when to eat your meal. The idea is to feed your body the most at the two most anabolic phrases in your pursuit of weight gain and muscle growth. These 2 anabolic or muscle building windows are at the moment you wake up, and immediately after your workout. The reason is because at these two times, your body is deprived of nutrients and requires an influx of the required nutrients. If you feed your body at these 2 moments, you will definitely be able to see gains coming your way.

The next habit to get right is to take a meal every 3-4 hours. This method is known as grazing and provides the necessary nutrients so that at no point in time your body is lacking in nutrients. By making this your habit, your body will become more dependent on the food you eat rather than seek alternative sources when your supply runs low. A rule of thumb is that if you feel hungry, you are already finding energy from somewhere like your fat deposits and your muscles. This results in a catabolic phase where your muscles will be reduced so that your body does not use so much energy. Getting your energy from other sources also means that the protein you consume is not used for its primary purpose, which is to repair tissues. Instead, it is broken down in your body so that you can use it to fuel your body and this produces a state where your kidneys will be placed under tremendous stress, as nitrogen is the byproduct of this process. This leads to smelly and yellowish urine.

The 3rd habit to ensure your muscle growth and weight gain is to consume a high calorie diet. Most trainers forgot that you need energy in order to work out hard at the gym. This usually leads to a situation where your body uses protein as an alternative source of energy which I have mentioned above. Going into this state also leads to the same catabolic phase mentioned above. If you supply your body with enough calories from your complex carbohydrates diet, you will be energetic, your immune system will not be compromised, and you will be able to sleep better.

The last thing that you can try is to use milk as a substitute for 1 or 2 of your meals. Milk contains a high percentage of casein which is the longer chain of protein and breaks down in 3-4 hours. Having this in your system not only promotes muscle growth, but also gives you calcium which you know builds a strong skeletal system. This is even more important for ladies due to the high need for iron and calcium in their daily routines.

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5 Tips To Stop Working Out The Wrong Way

Yes, it is true, you can work out the wrong way! When you do this, it really slows any progress you might be making. There are beneficial ways to workout, and there are dead wrong ways. I am going to let you in on some right ways for certain muscle groups. Working out properly is a continuous learning adventure. Embrace it.

1.There seems to be some misconceptions about cardio training versus weight lifting or bodybuilding. cardio training does not work against any chance of building muscle. One thing cardio does very well is help you rebound and rebuild the muscle you take down weightlifting by carrying a lot more oxygen and vital nutrients in your blood to those muscle tissues. The rebuild far faster. Weight training alone will not help much with your cardio vascular system. Do not forget the cardio part of your workout.

2. Getting maximum growth for your arm muscles, triceps and biceps, is usually another muscle group that is not worked on properly. Most guys that are trying to build the arms up, way over train them. The arm muscles, compared to some other muscle groups, are not that big. Not compared to the legs, back, chest, etc. so they do not need the massive amounts of training effort that go into them by most men. Over training them will just stunt the growth. With the arm muscles, less is more. Save the hard training for the larger muscles.

3. Do not take any fitness advice from a person or trainer that is saying that it is good to strengthen your workouts with drugs. It is not good. You should know that. Natural body building will always be the best and safest route. Dovetailing with this is all the supplements out there that supposedly increase your muscles faster. Stick with good nutrition and basic supplements like vitamins, protein, and possibly creatine. All of those ads you see for supplements in the fitness magazines are there because they paid a ton of money to have them there, not because they work, which leads me to number 4.

4. If you read a lot of weightlifting magazines and such, bear in mind, they take a lot of money from the advertisers for their ads. It does not mean that they endorse the products being advertised. You might be led astray as to how well something works. Also, a lot of the articles that are supposedly written by a well known bodybuilder are sometimes just using their name with permission. They are not really written by the bodybuilder themselves. This can cause people to try some of the workouts thinking they are great and they really are not good at all.

5. Your focus should always be on getting stronger. Start lifting smaller amounts and keep working your way up. A strength training program is a bit different than a bodybuilding program. It is a bit more than I care to get into right now. If you are working out at a gym, consult the trainers there about a strength program. The muscles will grow naturally from there. if you try to just lift lift lift, as much as you can, it will not work out well for you building muscle. In fact it may even hurt you.

There are 5 tips that I hope will open your eyes a bit and help you out. There are a few great bodybuilding programs and weight loss programs online that have been around and tested and trusted for years. If you work out at home, I suggest you do your research and get one and try it out instead of all the articles in muscle building magazines or listening to muscle builders that try and get you on steroids or something else in the drug family.

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How to Meet Mr. (and Mrs.) Right at the Gym

There are a lot of reasons people do not regularly go to the gym. According to a 2006 survey by the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, many of us stay away because we do not have time, find the gym intimidating, or disagree with membership costs.

But how many of us go to meet significant others? We could not find a survey to spell out what the numbers look like for romance at the gym, but we've compiled a few reasons why you should strictly consider it-especially when you're on the prowl for a mate interested in Crossfit exercises.

1. Interest in Fitness

If you're single, you probably know how tough it is to find a mate. Our news media constantly talks us out of the dating scene after we hit our 30s, 40s, and so on. And the numbers back up the feelings, with one social psychologist recently finding that only a quarter of 32-year-olds go on dates once a week, compared with 50 percent of 18-year-olds.

Do not look for psychologists here, but we're wager that you can find someone with what you can hit the dating scene just by attending the right gym. And there's evidence that the right partner can help you stay in shape, too; one Indiana University poll found that couples who work out together are 34 percent more likely to show up in the first place.

2. Physiques Attract

It's difficult to turn down a date from someone who keeps herself (or himself) together. And who among us has not taken a look at someone from the other gender on the bicycle, treadmill, or weight machines?

But finding a mate at the gym is a tricky matter. If you're on a daily workout schedule or with a personal cross fit trainer, you'll likely sweat up a storm. Make sure to freshen up with frequent breaks and hit the shower before you leave.

And hey, guys-it's been proven that staring at breasts actually improves your life expectancy. So why not take it to the next level with a woman who stays fit like you?

3. Better Sex Life

There is probably no better reason to prowl the gym for love than for more exercise-in the bedroom.

Sure, you can find Mr. Egypt Right anywhere, but staying physically fit and attractive will boost your sex life in ways unimaginable when you find a partner at, say, the bar. And the dudes may even increase in their performance longevity in bed. Do not take it from us-take it from the good folks at the University of Arkansas, who found that more men rate themselves as “sex gods” when they work out consistently.

While only 63 percent of women rated them the same way after a workout, there's reason to think that CrossFit exercises help more people stay fit, look good, and feel great. Just do it!

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How to Stay Motivated at the Gym

Hey, sometimes it's hard to stay motivated at the gym. Even when we're at our peak, or need to hit a few workout goals, many of us are faced with both long hours at work and demands from the family.

CrossFit exercises present us with a way to stay in shape over the long haul. Lunges, box jumps, and air squats give us the best opportunity to keep our bodies-and our minds-up to speed. Still, it can be difficult to stay on par with these exercises. We've compiled three ways to stay motivated during your time at the gym.

1. Break Out the Music

We all love our music. Hardened CrossFitters wisely make gym playlists, with hits from the Rocky film series and Now! featuring prominently near the ears of many.

Music is proven to help us when we're under duress at the gym; one survey found that music in fact boosts our performance, allowing us to zoom out of our realities and focus on the intensity of our workouts. So before you hit the gym, download your favorite songs into an iPod or iPhone, secure headphones that will not fall off while you're exercising intentionally, and throw yourself into your favorite CrossFit exercise.

Just make sure you're tuning at the right decibels or you may just be tuning out of sound permanently later in life. Research signals that consistently loud music, especially those we blare in our aerobics classes, can damage your ear drums if left resonating for up to an hour or more.

2. Stay Away From Mirrors

We've all fallen off the track with our personal fitness regimen at some point. A study from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found that most Americans pack on about a pound during the holiday period that covers Thanksgiving and Christmas-with results suggesting that that one extra pound can encourage obesity later in life.

All the more reason to stay away from mirrors if you're getting your body and health back on track. Another study found that participants reportedly felt when squeezing a weight in front of a mirror. Who would disagree? No one likes to see themself struggling while they work off their extra fat.

If you encounter a mirror and it slams your motivation, find a place at the gym without reflective surfaces. If you can not, focus on something else-an idea or something (or someone) that irritates you.

3. Drink Water Regularly

Do not underestimate the power of dehydration when you work out. Research by the organization IDEA found that even 2 percent of a dehydrated state can rob a person of her endurance abilities during a workout.

Take these tips to heart: Drink at least two to three glasses of water before you try your abilities at the gym. Make sure to pause your workout every 20 minutes to rehydrate. And if you begin to feel dizzy, make sure to stop your exercise immediately, especially if you're on the treadmill or some other machine.

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