What You Need To Do To Gain Muscle Mass

Building muscle is a very common goal that many people want to accomplish. There are both health and cosmetic benefits that results from building up muscle mass. However, many people are faced with the problem of conflicting information when trying to learn about building muscle. You should not allow this to disappoint you.

The reason there are so much different advice and guidelines about building muscle mass out there is due to the fact that there are many different approaches to gaining muscle that works. There is no one specific way that'll work for everyone. Different people may take different routes and get satisfactory results. The best way to approach building muscle is to take steps that'll allow you to gain muscle effectively, prevent harm to your body and avoid gaining excess body fat.

When it comes to lifting weights to build muscle you need to do it in a way that will cause maximum muscle tear. This will require lifting heavy in a rep range of 6-12. You also need to aim for progressive overload to see your muscles grow larger overtime. This means increasing the size of the weights as you go along your weight training program. You should start with as much as you can lift, but after a period of time you'll need to add more weights to continue creating stress on the muscles. You need to use the right compound exercises that'll stimulate a large number of muscle fibers in one movement, such as squats and deadlifts. You must also give each muscle group adequate resting time after hiring them hard in a workout session. Muscles actually recover and grow during the time you're resting them. If you do not allow enough time between workouts for your muscles to repair from their damage and grow properly, this will lead to over training which is not good for the muscle and will eventually hinder your progress.

Proper nutrition is also a key input for building muscle. Although weight training induces muscle growth from the high level of resistance and stress, if you do not have a quality nutritional plan to work along with it you may not get any good results. Having a quality nutrition plan in place is unduly critical for gaining muscle fast and effectively. You need to be consuming the right nutrients, and the right amount of calories that's needed by your body during your bodybuilding efforts. At this time you need to concentrate on eating lots of protein and carbohydrates, because these are key components of a bodybuilding diet for getting the essential nutrients and energy needed by the body. Protein is the main source of amino acids which is needed for muscular recovery and growth, and carbohydrates are needed for supplying energy and staining glycogen in the muscle.

I hope this articleAVE you an insight into what you need to do to gain muscle. You can start taking action to gain muscle by utilizing a good program. Always remember to take the right approach that is suitable for you which will allow you to build muscle fast.

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Anyone Looking to Gain Muscle Mass Should Do These

If you are looking to put on some serious weight, I mean muscle of course, then you need to be doing these three workouts. Squats, bench presses, and dead lifts.

Why you ask? Because each of these exercises uses a combination of muscles. Each of these workouts will force your body to become larger and stronger. It may not happen overnight, but you can consistently add pounds every week. Let's take a closer look into each exercise.

The bench press is an upper body workout. It works out over seven different muscles with just the one lift. Including, your shoulders, triceps, and your chest. The bench press is preformed by grabbing the bar a little wider than shoulder width apart, lowering the weights until your elbows sink below your body on the bench, then squeezing your chest to push the bar back up. That was one repetition.

You will notice that I advised you to stop lowering the bar before you hit your chest. When you are lifting heavy weight it can do more damage than help if you drop the bar all the way down to your chest. Since you are trying to gain muscle mass, the more weight the better. There are unsettled arguments on how low to drop the bar during a bench press. However if you watch a professional body builder, they do not touch their chest with the bar.

Next is the squat. The squat is a compound, full body exercise that trains primarily the muscles of the thighs, hips and buttocks, quads, hamstrings, as well as strengthening the bones, ligaments and insertion of the tendons through the lower body. basically from your waist down is being used during this exercise. Like I said before the compound workout will help you gain strength and muscle if you perform it correctly.

This exercise is preformed by holding a bar on the back of your neck. Hands about shoulder width apart. While keeping your back straight you will want to bend your knees, and stick your buttocks out to lower your self close to the ground. The lower you go the more you will work your legs. Then you raise yourself back up. Do not lock your knees! This will slowly ruin them. Stop the lift just before you lock your knees. Keep good form, this is a great lower body workout. But performing it incorrectly can have sever complication.

Last we will look at the dead lift. The deadlift is a weight training exercise where a loaded barbell is lifted off the ground from a stabilized, bent over position. It is one of the three canonical powerlifting exercises, along with the squat and bench press.

To perform one of these lifts, grab your barbell with an overhand-underhand grip about shoulder width apart. Keeping your back straight, lift with your legs. Be sure to hold that bar as close to your shins as you can. All the way up the bar should be within a half of an inch of your body. Keep lifting the bar with your legs until your body is completely vertical. Then hold the position for a second, and reverse on the way down. You do not lift this weight with your arms. Your arms will stay straight the whole time.

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Two Best Exercises Ever!

These two exercises are really golden oldies. They are classics that never go out of style. Why? Because they work! They build muscle and give you a great full body workout. Maybe you are in a rush in the morning and do not have time for a trip to the gym. Or you are traveling or you just want to simplify your workout routine then try these two best exercises ever.

We are constantly being flooded with new exercise routines. Everyday some celebrity releases an exercise video. Television is full of programs to keep us healthy through exercise and diet. I am always amazed at all the new devices that are developed to improve our workout. The amazing thing is alomost all of these programs include in one form or another the two great exercises of all time – The Push Up and The Deep Knee Bend or Squat.

So the question is if all these exercise programs include these exercises, why not save yourself time and money and just do these movements. Well the short answer is everyone is looking for the next new thing: new diet, new weight lost pills and new exercise program that we lose sight of simple ways to get a great workout. Now for some variety is important. Also there is strong evidence that mixing up a workout with different exercises causes muscle confusion which stimulates faster muscle growth.

All that being said I strongly believe that push ups and squats in one form or another should be a part of any muscle building program . More importantly I highly recommend these two exercises if you only have time for a quick workout and here is why.

1. Everyone is familiar with these exercises.

2. They do not require any equipment.

3. They can be done anywhere at any time.

4. Combined they give you a full body workout.

5. They build muscle fast and give you a great cardio workout at the same time.

6. Almost everyone can do a version of these exercises.

7. There are so many different ways of doing each exercise that you will never get bored and you are always challenging your muscles.

So they you have it. Even if you are totally unfit with your doctors permission you can do a modify form of these exercises. For example instead of doing a full deep knee bend or squat only go half way and use the back of a chair for support.

If you are already really fit try more demanding versions of these exercises such as Dive Bomber Push Ups or one legged squats. Again the variations of these two all time greatest exercises are almost infinite. So if you are overwhelmed by all the machines at the gym and intimidated by a barbell full of weights or just do not have the time or money for a gym membership then push ups and squats are for you. Try them, you may not like them first, but if you stick with it and find a version of these two classics that work for you and if you constantly challenge yourself, I promise you will be stronger and fitter in no time.

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The Basics to Building Arms!

Anytime you tell someone you attend a gym they immediately look at your arms. It is a test to see if you know what you are doing. No other muscle group is desired as much as a pair of massive guns! Men and women adore them. They are a prize bought after on a daily basis! From what I have seen, a smaller percentage actually owns these massive guns!

Since every man wants these arms, how can we get them? It starts with a complete understanding of what you are building. The upper part of your arm, from shoulder to forearm, is composed of five muscles. Two biceps, and three triceps. The biceps has a long head, the inside of your biceps, and a short head, the outside. The triceps has a long head, a medial head, and a lateral head.

Arnold Schwarzenegger discovered and taught people how to build the most appealing muscles. He believed that to get the best appearance muscle you must work that muscle group in every angle. This one simple idea crowned him a My Olympia over seven times. It also named him the top of his sport. This simple idea is going to help you build great looking, massive arms.

I think every man on earth has a full list of biceps and triceps isolation exercises. I know I do. If you take a look at the powerlifters they use a series of bench presses to build massive triceps. This is their secret. They use a closer grip on a bench press to force their triceps to grow. They also use floor presses, board presses, and skull crushers. Notice how none of those exercises are isolated. Also notice how strong their arms look. Close grips and presses are your new workouts!

Now that you cover your triceps, lets figure out the biceps. These muscles can not be cheated. You either lift correctly, or you do not. These powerlifters know that when you are performing a bicep exercise where your elbow is behind the midline of the body is puts a heavy emphasis on the long head of the biceps. Any exercise where the elbow is in front of the midline of the body puts greater emphasis on the short head of the biceps. To own these strong powerful arms you will need to work both muscles evenly!

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Benefits of Body Building Supplements

We all want to have that perfect body. A lot of people workout a lot, but are unable to get the desired results. Body building is not just regular exercise it is a process of regulating your bodily functions.

Athletes, sportsmen, and gymnasts all hit the gym on a regular basis. A lot of you may have a routine regiment as well, but you do not get the same results as these athletes. The primary reason for this is body building supplements. These exercise supplements are specifically designed to boost your body's strength and give it a muscular look. Let's take an in depth look into how body building supplements benefit us.

Instant Muscle Growth
The first and most obvious advantage of exercise supplements is that they enhance muscle growth. Anyone who uses these products will feel an instant change in their body's structure. The special proteins in these supplements directly target your muscle tissue and cause it to grow which increases the size of the muscle.

Strength and Flexibility
Exercise supplements work in such a manner that they strengthen the core of your muscles. This gives you the ability to lift heavy objects and get that muscular feel in your arms. These supplements focus on muscle flexibility giving you more endurance over the long run. A strong body also has less risk of injury and disease.

Balanced Diet
Not only do these exercise supplements focus on bones and muscles, but they also have nutritional value. When taken with a balanced diet these supplements boost your energy levels and keep you active throughout the day. In order to get the maximum out of these supplements you need to workout regularly and eat in accordance with your diet plan.

Fat Burning
Another advantage of using body building supplements is that they help you burn fat. People who are overweight or out of shape will find these products very useful. These supplements speed up your body's metabolism so you burn fat faster.

A lot of people are unable to maintain a healthy diet which effects their immune system and digestion process. With the help of body building supplements you can now get perfect digestion and an immune system mechanism that can fight off even the worst of diseases.

Blood Circulation
As you perform high intensity workouts your body automatically increases blood flow to all parts. These supplements enhance the functionality of your body's vital organs. You feel energetic and refreshed all the time.

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Examining Bulk Up Secrets For Men Who Want To Build Muscle

Okay, so you have finally decided that you are tired of looking puny – or worse, are tired of looking flabby; you are tired of wishing you were more cut up, tired of wishing you had bigger muscles, and you are ready to finally start doing something about it. If this sounds like you, this is great, as no guy is going to be able to bulk up until they make a decision to do so – but it will also be important for you to realize that no guy manages to bulk up unless they know what they are doing; If you simply start going to the gym and lifting weights with no knowledge or understanding of what you are doing, you will never achieve your desired results, so here are some “bulk up secrets” for you to keep in mind.

1) Let your muscles rest: There are lots of guys who get so excited about the prospect of bulking up that they start hitting up the gym almost daily, working out the same muscles every day and waiting to see results; If you want to bulk up, however, you need to rest each muscle group after you work it out – which will mean working out different muscle groups on different days, and sometimes taking breaks from the gym altogether.

2) Have discipline: Of course, not every guy has the problem of wanting to go every day and failing to give their muscles rest, as some people instead have a hard time going to the gym at all; for this reason, it will benefit you to outline the workout regimen you hope to follow, and to track your workouts so that you can force yourself to have the sort of discipline you need in order to build muscle!

3) Feed your muscles: Your muscles need to be renovated, and while rest is an important part of this, another important part of this is giving your muscles the “muscle food” they need; make sure you are getting lots of protein each day (the best way to determine how many grams of protein you need each day is to take your weight and divide it in half – so if you weigh 200 pounds, you should be aiming to get 100 grams of protein each day!). The better job you do of giving your muscles protein, the better the results you will start seeing in your quest to bulk up.

4) Find the right workout system: And of course, if you have a desire to achieve success in this area, it will be important that you find the workout system that is right for you – one that is easy for you to stick with, and that is effective for helping to build muscle; the right system, in fact, can make all the difference in the world!

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What to Look For in Pre-Workout Supplements

Focused, driven and energized is what you want to be when you hit the gym in the morning. Other than stimulating yourself, it is important that you also have additional means to start your day and your workouts feeling like you can do anything as otherwise, you can just forget about getting that great physique you've always wanted. Wanting something badly is not enough; you also have to work hard to get what you want to appreciate it better.

Serious bodybuilders know what it feels like to hit the gym knowing you are going to have a good workout. They know what it feels like to be “in the zone” as they do rep after rep without feeling any pain. However, these moments can happen only a few times and can be far apart in intervals unless you take the best pre-workout supplements – in which case, you can feel like being “in the zone” every day, every workout.

Getting these supplements to work for you will depend on your fitness goals. The main benefits of pre-workout supplements include increasing muscle recovery, muscle pumps, mental focus, giving you endurance to keep going, energy to build muscles and reduce muscle fatigue. Choosing the best supplements can be challenging but knowing what you need and want should make it a bit easier.

If your goal is to strengthen your strength and power, then you need to get supplements that contain creatine monohydrate and taurine as these elements help maximizeize strength. If you are aiming for muscle growth, then you need supplements with BCAAs, whey protein and high glycemic carbohydrates as combined with training, these elements help maximize muscle growth as they promote quicker protein absorption that helps in muscle repair and recovery during and post workout. For focus and energy, you'll want supplements with caffeine and tyrosine as these help increase your concentration and reduce the effects of overtraining.

If you need to enhance your endurance, then look for supplements that have beta-alanine and citrulline malate. Beta-alanine increases carnosine levels that offset oxidative stress that is connected with muscle fatigue while citrulline malate reduces the sensation of fatigue and helps in increasing the production of ATP for increased energy. Together, they delay fatigue so you can go on rep after rep after rep, especially during high-intensity training.

And last but not the least, you need to look for supplements that have anti-oxidants. Most bodybuilders have heard about antioxidants but few understand why it is an important ingredient to have in their supplements. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body, which can cause damage when they interact with important cellular components like DNA or the cell membrane. Free radicals can cause muscle tissues to degenerate and when this happens, you might as well kiss your great physique goodbye.

The anti-oxidants you need to look for in your supplements should include Vitamin E, ALA or alpha lipoic acid and NAC or n-acetyl-cysteine ​​as these can protect your blood cells from free radicals, increase your glucose uptake by muscle cells and reduce your glucose uptake by fat cells and improvements the functioning of your cells to make your lifts stronger.

When you use pre-workout supplements, remember to cycle them periodically to keep your body from adapting to one brand but at the same time ensure that it remains sensitive to the ingredients. You can use one brand consistently for 6-8 weeks then go off it for 2-3 weeks and you may even be surprised to find that the supplements feel like they've been supercharged and works even better than before.

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Understanding Intra-Workout Supplements

Getting the body you've always dreamed of – defined abs, broad shoulders and that overall-ripped physique you see on Hollywood actors and actresses and the most popular professional bodybuilders can be a challenging prospect especially if you can not keep up with the often grueling training and workout routines that need to be done to achieve just that.

But then again, when you want something bad enough, you'll always find ways to get what you want. Fitness is not easy but it is not something impossible. When you're an athlete, you'll need to be able to complete your training to be able to maximize your workouts and ensure you meet your goals. To do this, you have to make sure you have the best pre, intra and post workout supplements and to make sure you have the best, here are some things you need to remember and understand, especially about intra-workout supplements, which are said to be the newest means to achieve muscle gains.

First of all let's define intra-workout supplements. These are supplements that boost your energy while you train. During training you do so many routines and switching from one to another for extended periods of time can take its toll on you especially if you lack energy at the start of your training. Intra-workout supplements are the reinforcements you call in to minimize catabolism and to ensure your muscles keep being repaired and built during training. They increase your intensity to help you keep training for longer times.

Intra-workout supplements are usually made of three components normally electrolytes, carbohydrates and amino acids. Electrolytes help maintain adequate hydration, carbohydrates act as a fuel to keep you going during training and amino acids prevent muscle breakdown and promotes protein synthesis. Athletes who are serious about reaching their goals stack them together with their pre and post workout supplements to make sure they will see changes in their physique.

What many bodybuilders do not realize is that during training they expose themselves to many catabolic factors which can interfere with their strength and muscular development. Doing resistance exercises for example, induces changes in the rate of muscle protein turnover, resulting in both the promotion and degradation of protein synthesis. This is only one of the reasons why taking during workout supplements is necessitated because failure to do so may result in muscle degradation or simply put a waste of your efforts. Being unable to take the best intra-workout supplements also increases the likelihood of developing hypersecretion, a highly catabolic hormone that could also out a stop your muscle-building efforts.

Intra-workout supplements also work fast and are easily digested and absorbed by the body. They also fight cortisol, which is a hormone that is released during exercise that can break down the muscle tissues and during workouts, when glycogen levels go down, the cortisol levels go up. Taking these supplements can reduce the effects of this process.

Again, fitness is not easy and anything that is easily done or had can also be taken away just as easily and you can feel and look worse than you were before your workout failed. If you are going to serious bodybuilding, it is best to do it right and to do it right, make sure you have the best pre, intra and post workout supplements at hand. Do research on your own and check your own body as well to make sure you can take these supplements safely so that you can use them effectively.

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How Hard Gainers Can Easily and Effectively Get the Body They Want

If you've always had trouble gaining weight or finding it hard to build muscles constantly constantly working out at the gym and lifting weights, you are what the bodybuilding real knows as a hard gainer. Hard gainers are naturally very lean and find it hard to eat enough to gain muscle mass and as such, your only hope is to take weight gainer supplements because these supplements are typically high in calories, making it impossible for your body to burn more calories than you consume.

While the bodybuilding supplement market is flooded with different brands and types of weight gainers, you need to know first off what weight gainers are and whether or not you really need them. First of all, it is not to be confused with protein drinks or any other supplements. They are specifically formulated to provide hard earners with the maximum amount of caloric intake, including huge amounts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other nutrients to force weight gain. Unlike other supplements, it does not limit the amount of calories and carbs while at the same time delivering all the necessary nutrients needed.

Of course, just because you need to gain weight does not mean you automatically have to get a weight gainer. Check your current diet regimen and determine what you might be missing that causes you not to gain or have difficulty in gaining weight. That way, you can really decide whether you just need to tweak your diet a bit or really need a weight gainer to augment your efforts.

Then again, just because you need to ingest lots of calories, it does not mean any weight gainer you see on the shelf will do. Just because it has sugar and fat that are both high in calories and can help you build muscles, you also need to check if they have just as enough amounts of protein and carbohydrates to really build those muscles on something fundamental. Otherwise, you can just go to the nearest fast food joint and down a huge milkshake which for all intents and purposes, is high in calories and can make you gain weight but not in a good way.

When getting weight gainers, you must make sure that you get ones that provide 60-gram doses of muscle-building proteins that have a high biological value so that they are easily absorbed by your body to aid in the muscle rebuilding process that is important after every workout. You must also make sure that they have complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested and burned so you have more energy to keep up with your intestinal training and so that you have enough stores in your body to prevent it from using your lean muscle tissues for energy.

Remember that to gain just one extra pound, you need to consume at least 3,500 calories above and beyond your usual consumption. You need to get enough essential fats like Omega-3 fatty acids which aids very much in the production of the muscle-building hormone testosterone. Some weight gainers offer as much as 600 calories up to 2,000 calories or more so you can just adjust depending on your nutritional needs.

You also need to pay attention regarding when the best times are to take your weight gainers. Most bodybuilders typically favor taking them in the morning after their workouts but is mostly a matter of personal preference. Taking them during the morning though, before you hit the gym is a good time because your body will have been starved for eight hours so this is the best time to fill it with the nutrients and energy it needs to start it off.

The key to also making your gainers work is to eat. Eat every three hours, making for a total of five to six meals a day so that you ensure your body gets a constant supply of the nutrients and calories needed for your weight gain and you must also make sure your meals contain complex carbs, proteins and fats to make sure your muscles recover fast and also to ensure you get the muscles and the body you want.

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The Benefits of Pea Protein Isolate

Bodybuilders these days are hard-pressed to find a suitable supplement for them amidst the myriad of protein powders that are flooding the market today. With choices catering to vegans and non-vegans alike, serving the purpose of completing strict diet regimens to being full-fledged meal replacements, it can be quite a challenging task to choose the best one that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Most protein powders come in soy, whey casein and egg variations but not all of them can be taken due to diet or health restrictions. One type of protein powder, however, is more suitable than the rest because it has a reliably high level of digestibility and very low potential for allergic responses and this is known as the pea protein isolate. It is pea protein extracted from yellow split peas called pisum sativum. Cultivated since 6000 BC pea protein has been responsible for keeping people of old healthy, as well as providing them with a low-cost food supply.

Manufacturers of pea protein isolate powder supplements also prefer pea protein due to the fact that there is no need to use nitrogen-rich fertilizers in the overall harvesting process, making it very environment-friendly. Bodybuilders love it because it has a light texture, tastes slightly sweet and mixes well with any solution. In addition, it also offers many benefits that are not found with other protein isolate supplements.

For one, pea protein contains approximately 105 calories and 25 grams of protein per serving and has zero fat. Since it is entirely plant-based, that means it does not contain animal products or byproducts, making it ideal for those with particular food allergies like dairy. It is also low in carbohydrates and naturally has no soy and gluten so even those with celiac diseases can take them. For bodybuilders, its best benefit is that it contains amino acid complex lysine, arginine, glutamine, and branched-chain amino acids that help boost metabolism, rebuild and repair muscles for faster recovery after workouts and results muscles loss as well.

It also has high biological value which means that it is easily absorbed by the body. And because bodybuilders can not afford to get sick or acquire any kind of lingering diseases, it is also helpful in decreasing the risks of hypertensive and chronic kidney diseases which can separate them from any competitions and events. Another benefit of pea protein is the fact that it also helps significantly in weight loss because it slows down the hunger process by creating peptides that delay gastric emptying and lower ghrelin levels, making you feel full longer. Ghrelin is the substance secreted by the stomach which in turn, signals the brain to stimulate hunger pangs. Ghrelin levels tend to rise after a certain period of time post-meal consumption and is responsible for the anticipation you feel for the next meal.

Even if you are not into bodybuilding, stress and aging can slow you down and without the proper exercise or if you over train, your body needs to have available defenses that can keep it from completely breaking down. Pea protein isolates can help you keep up as you shape up and keep those infection, oxidative damage and diseases at bay. Remember to take your required servings daily and be able to enjoy your best, healthiest self for a long, long time.

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Exercise, Bodybuilding and Natural Supplements

We all know that exercise is good for us and as increasing numbers of people flock to the gym, yoga or spin class, many of them are also running to the health food store eager to find a safe and natural way to do everything from increase energy and muscle mass to decrease body fat and recovery time. While there are several substances that have been proven to improve our health and aid exercise regimen, many of the products available today are nothing more than empty promises in an attractive bottle. Indeed most natural health supplement companies spend more on marketing and packaging than they do on the ingredients!

When choosing a natural or herbal supplement the most important factors to consider are quality, potency, absorptability and evidence of that supplements efficiency. While many nutrients may have been proven in a lab to aid different facets of our health and wellness, these nutrients, which are most often in an isolated chemical form, may not be absorbable and usable by the body. To try and make up for this, supplement manufacturers will often increase the sheer amount of nutrients, sometimes a 1000 fold, to levels where these nutrients can actually be dangerous to our health.

The best and most easily absorbable nutrients are found in whole foods and super foods that contain the necessary bio chemicals and elements that allow our bodies to assimilate them at an efficient rate. A healthy, well balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and good fats and oils is the foundation of any successful exercise program.

Assuming we're eating right and avoiding processed junk food there are substances, some of which have been used for centuries, that can dramatically improve energy, shorten muscle recovery time, increase muscle mass and promote weight loss.

Shilajit, a black gooey mineral complex once the strength and conditioning secret weapon of Soviet Olympic athletes and now the anti-aging and libido enhancing secret weapon of the Hollywood elite, is an effective herbal supplement with a plethora of uses in exercise and body building. Shilajit is thought to be made up of plant matter trapped in the rocky cliffs of the Himalaya mountain range millions of years ago. It is prized in India for its potent regenerative powers and for increasing strength. Pure and genuine shilajit, which is rare and difficult to find, produces immunity and sustained energy, which, as has been proved in several major studies at Russian universities, can improve workload (weight x repetition) by as much as 29%. It has also been shown to decrease muscle recovery time by as much as 50%. It gets better! Shilajit also burns fat while at the same time increasing muscle mass, a property every body builder will find irresistible. There are several companies marketing shilajit but be cautious as many of these products are in fact extracts from ordinary dirt and not the rare and precious substance found in remote high altitude regions of the Himalayas. For maximum benefits, ensure that you purchase pure and authentic shilajit of Himalayan origin. Most of the powders and extracts are reported to be of questionable quality and efficiency while the genuine black gooey tar like substance, although expensive, is extremely effective.

Chlorella, single cell algae, naturally contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, is made up of 60% protein and contains all essential amino acids. Like authentic shilajit, it is a whole food so this means that those nutrients have a high absorption rate in the body. It is also the highest source of naturally occurring chlorophyll on the planet. The cleansing action of chlorophyll helps to minimize muscle stiffness and inflammation while nucleic acids of a component called Chlorella Growth Factor help to build and repair muscle fibers. Chlorella is also a source of natural calcium and magnesium which are necessary for muscle and nerve function and help to prevent cramps and muscle fatigue.

Muira Puama, a shrub native to the Amazon rainforest, is mainly known for its aphrodisiac properties but has been shown to increase natural levels of testosterone. Testosterone is needed for exercises such as running and weight lifting, so activities that require strength and endurance and is also needed to build lean muscle mass. Muira Puama is also reported to treat exhaustion and to promote nervous system function.

As with all herbs and supplements, ensure that you purchase from a reputable company that offers high quality, high potency products and can provide details of source and efficiency.

Always consult a health care professional before taking any supplements no matter if you buy natural herbal supplements or synthetic supplements made in the labs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Build Muscles Fast By Having A Good Nutrition Plan In Place

Some people want to increase the pace at which they build muscle. One of the ways to do this is to give your body the proper nutrition it needs at this time. Proper means taking in sufficient calories and the correct type of foods that's needed to make up your muscle building diet. There are various strategies you can use in weight training to build muscle fast, but do not underestimate the power of a quality diet plan for gaining muscle mass quickly.

When you have the right nutrition plan in place during your muscle building efforts you'll build muscle fast because your training will have a more positive impact on your body. What you need is the right nutrients, and the right amount of calories as the key aspects of your nutritional plan. You need to concentrate on including balanced proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Do not over concentrate on protein intake. Many beginners believe that protein alone is important. Protein is absolutely necessary, but it must be combined with an adequate supply of carbohydrates in your diet.

Protein provides the amino acids that are actually the building blocks of muscles, and carbohydrates provide energy needed to fuel body functions including the processing of the protein within the muscles so growth can happen. Therefore, what you need is an increased intake of both protein and carbohydrates to make up your muscle building diet. You also need to include some fat as part of your intake, because fat releases various anabolic hormones in the body that is essential for muscle growth.

Keep away from the saturated fats because they're unhealthy, the same goes for the sugary carbohydrates. These are more likely to cause fat gain instead of supplying healthy nutrients needed by the body. Eat unsaturated fat and complex carbohydrates.

Once you plan your diet properly to include the right proportion and type of foods, you should start eating your meals more regularly everyday, but your meals should be smaller in proportion. Essentially, what you'll be doing is eating less but more often. So instead of eating 3 big meals a day, you can eat 6 smaller meals. This approach will allow you to keep a higher metabolism which will result in higher utilization in the foods you consume and you will also be providing a constant supply of important nutrients to your body and muscles.

Finally, it's important to make your nutritional plan address your specific circumstances and potential for building muscles. There are many factors that determine your ideal muscle building diet such as body type, age, training history etc. Get your nutritional plan right and you'll get muscles fast. Thank you and have a nice day!

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Glorious Butt and Legs

The gluteal region or the entire buttock area is made up of the glutei maximus, medius, and minimus from the most outer muscle to the deepest muscles. There are many more muscles that make up this entire region, but, these are the main muscles that will be referred here. The muscles in the gluteal region are responsible for extension, abduction, lateral rotation and slight medial rotation of the hip.

So beyond the anatomy and physiology lesson, these muscles move the legs about the hip joint and look great doing so!

There are 8 exercises that work the legs and focus on the butt as it will be called from here on out. Toning or better yet, building the strength and the muscle itself will be the focus. The exercises below work from the deepest muscles to the most wonderful muscles, so building the Glorious Butt and Legs!

The following exercises will be used in this informative article and the full report includes all pictures for each exercise. Each exercise will have a certain number of repetitions indicated – do more or less as necessary and desired. All of these done in order, moving from one to the next. Each exercise can be done with a chair or stool, small step, brick or two phone books stacked up and all in 8-10 minutes. Start with 8 repetitions for each single leg exercise and 12 for double leg exercises.

  1. Backward single leg step-up – left and right (8 & 8 reps)
  2. Single leg bridge (foot on floor) – left and right (8 & 8 reps)
  3. Double leg bridge (feet on floor) (12 reps)
  4. Single leg bridge (foot on chair or stool) – left and right (8 & 8 reps)
  5. Double leg bridge (feet on chair or stool) (12 reps)
  6. Side lying hip abduction – left and right (8 & 8 reps)
  7. Single leg chair squat – left and right (8 & 8 reps)
  8. Single stiff leg deadlift – left and right (with or without a hand weight or resistance) (8 & 8 reps)

One tip when performing the above exercises – tense the butt muscles prior to initiating any movement and attempt to keep them tense for the entire duration of the exercise. Another tip is driving the force you apply through your heal, so the heel being the focal point of contact.

The above is a workout in and of itself for the butt and legs. You can do this one time and call it a day, do it multiple times, add repetitions to each exercise, perform some or all exercises with some form of weights.

This workout routine not only works the butt and legs, you get the benefit of using your core for most every exercise.

  • Bonus exercise is performing the hip bridges with your feet on an exercise ball – challenging!

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Build a Better Looking Body – Would You Like to Lose More Weight?

Most men are yeahning to look great especially when sitting the beach where lots of women will be looking at their abs. But, perhaps, you are thinking that you can never get your desired body. Do not lose hope as it can be easier than you may think to improve your body and have those six packs that many body builders have.

If you are the type of person who has no time to visit the gym because of your busy schedule, sometimes, you may consider other ways to have great looking abs. You can do weight lifting at home, take supplements, perform cardio vascular exercises, have a healthy diet and start out a work out program. All these can be done from the comfort of your home.

When considering diet pills or body building supplements, make sure you know the truth about them and that they can lead you towards your fitness and weight loss goals. A lot of people often make mistakes when it comes to building their body. It can be good to know what mistakes you're making and how you can stop doing them in the future.

Performing cardiovascular exercises at home can greatly help you build that perfect body. You just need to discover the secrets in blasting away fat. As you try to melt fats, it is also crucial for you to learn how to give yourself proper nutrition.

There is no need for you to starve yourself just to lose weight. You just have to learn some nutritional weight loss tactics that can help you burn fat in no time. A weight loss regimen should be something healthy.

If possible, prevent yourself from looking like someone who has taken lots of steroids. You do not want to look like a crazy strength maniac! Simply learn how you can build the perfect body and then enjoy the confidence you can gain from it.

Just make sure that once you start something, for instance, a diet program, you will keep yourself motivated to continue it until you reach your fitness goal. However, staying motivated can always be a problem for many dieters. Getting tips and advices from the experts though, can greatly help keep you going with your goals of having those perfect looking abs.

These days, a lot of fitness experts are sharing their experiences in successfully achieving the perfect body. Keep yourself informed by searching for a fitness system that works either through subscribing in an online course or newsletters. Most of these information sources are being offered at no cost.

I have prepared very powerful body building techniques below, enjoy!

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How to Build Stronger Muscles – Would You Like to Look Younger?

Ever wonder how to build stronger muscles? It is time to say goodbye to your flabby skin. You can now have those abdominal muscles that will surely boost your confidence. Imagine yourself driving women wild as you walk down the beach with your shirt off.

A lot of men find it almost impossible to reach their desired muscle tone. This is because they are too lazy to go to the gym. They find it difficult to spend hours using the treadmill. Many of them do not want to starve themselves. If you are one of these men, you should be aware that there are other things that you can do. You can free yourself from the usual options of hiring the gym or simply not eating.

Time is too precious to be sent traveling to the gym and running on a treadmill. You can have the body of your dreams wherever you are. You just need a fitness program that really works.

Prevent yourself from looking like a steroid freak. You can be the right type of muscular man by following these simple weight lifting tips. You can also achieve your dream physique by simply discovering fat burning cardio secrets. Melt that fat away in no time by subscribing to an online course.

The internet is a great place to discover a lot of things including how to build stronger muscles. With the proper type of motivation from someone who successful achieved his ideal body, you can certainly discover known ways that will let you lose weight and fat quicker than you can imagine. Moreover, you can be on your way to turning your flabby stomach into a flat one by the time you get done with an online course.

Take advantage of the information that you can get from the Web. A lot of free offers are out there. Just make sure to go for an e-course that has been proven to give effective advice in building stronger muscles.

Educating yourself about how you can get motivated to accomplishing a workout or diet program can greatly help you reach your fitness goals as well as having those abs you always dreamed of. Sometimes, getting some information and tips from the experts can greatly help in improving your body. Take advantage of what you can get from the Internet.

After all, most fitness systems being offered today can be obtained at no cost. So, you really have nothing to lose from trying a free online fitness system.

I have prepared very powerful body building techniques below, enjoy!

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