What Deer Antler Velvet Spray Can Do for Your Health and Wellness

For a very long time, the deer antler velvet spray has created a lot buzz because it can address several ailments. The deer velvet spray tracks its roots to the ancient Han Dynasty where it was used as aid for anemia, insomnia, amnesia, arthritis, and headache. Now, after 2000 years of being an integral part of natural alternatives, the antler velvet continues to prove its therapeutic benefits to many people all over the globe.

Composition of Deer Antler Velvet Spray

The deer velvet spray consistants of several nutrients that enhance every part of the body. The velvet is actually the covering around the cartilage and the bone of the antler and has 400 vitamins and minerals. Only male elk deer are the most efficient in supplying the highest amount of antler velvet. The manufacturers of the supplements extract the velvet in a very humane way. Most of the farms where the elks can be found are in New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. The producers wait for the antlers to be almost fully grown, then cut it off, and let it dry. Once the antlers are dry, they are powdered and turned into oral tablets or placed in tea bags.

Health Benefits of Using the Deer Antler Velvet Spray

There are many nutrients found in the antler velvet. The tip of the antler contains nutrients for health maintenance. The middle section contains the minerals and vitamins for osteoarthritis and headaches. The base consists of nutrients for the remedy of infertility and other sexual disorders. The following list describes in detail the benefits of deer velvet spray:

Joint health: The deer antler consists of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are both beneficial for stimulating cartilage production. It also has prostaglandin and collagen for lubricating and relieving pain in the affected joint.

Athletic performance: increases muscle development through its high amounts of protein and natural growth factors. The antler also has selenium, potassium, and phosphorus for overall wellness.

Heart health: The antler velvet is rich in nutrients like selenium and potassium, which can help lower cholesterol levels and even blood pressure levels.

In summary, the deer velvet spray offers wondrous benefits to the body because of the vitamins and minerals it has. The body can also easily absorb the deer antler velvet spray. Nowadays, this is the most recommended natural supplement even by people who buy it online. Readers can find a wealth of information on the supplement through a list of objective product reviews and studies.

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Learn and Discover More About the Deer Antler Velvet Supplement Benefits

There are many deer antler velvet supplement benefits to the body. The velvet from antlers is famous in the East as an energy tonic and natural health supplement. Nowadays, science sees the velvet antler as one of the most amazing discoveries in alternative supplements. The Chinese saw the velvet antler as way to balance Yin and Yang, and it plays a major therapeutic role in addressing injury and joint inflammation.

How It Works

The antler velvet is harvested from the elk deer species found mostly in Western countries (eg, New Zealand, United States). Manufacturers ensure that they harvest the antlers prior to full calcification in order to acquire the full deer antler velvet supplement benefits. The elk deer species produce the largest amount of velvet. After harvesting the antler, they cut it into four sections because each section has a specific health benefit to the body. They let it dry and powder it. The antlers are sometimes boiled and consumed for mental vitality.

Antler Velvet Composition

According to traditional Chinese medicine, each section of the velvet antler has its own specific benefits. The following is the list of deer antler velvet supplement benefits:

· Lower section or the base – beneficial to older people because of its rich calcium content.

· Middle section – addresses osteoporosis, migraine, and other forms of arthritis.

· Upper section – preventative or daily supplement.

The velvet antler also contains amino acids, sugar molecules, collagen, prostaglandin for inflammation, trace minerals, blood enhancing nutrients, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate for cartilage health.

Expert Opinion on This Supplement

Several studies have been made on the velvet antler health effects. It has been noted that it gains muscle and the strength of athletes in a study of New Zealand participants. They were divided into two groups: The first group received velvet antler for 10 weeks, while the second group only received a placebo. At the end of the study, it was found that muscle endurance of the first group increased twofold. Apart from this study, another one found that some health problems could be preceded with the consumption of velvet antler. You will be amazed at all the deer antler velvet supplement benefits.

Moreover, not only bodybuilders and athletes prefer to using this natural supplement, but also people looking for health anti-aging alternatives. There are many reviews about this natural supplement now available on the Internet. A lot of people are talking about this natural supplement, particularly on health and medical-related forums.

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Looking to Build Muscle? 3 Supplements to Jump Start Your Muscle Building Program

Exercising and muscle-building today is much different from it was just a few years ago. In the past the muscle builders all went to the gym and “pumped” weights, lot's of weight. The idea was to tear them apart and let them build back into a larger more efficient muscle. Now, for the guy that is already ripped, that may be the case, but not for the average guy like you and me! We need a completely different approach to building muscle. We need a plan that is well-rounded and covers not only the weight lifting, exercising, but good nutrition which includes a balanced diet high in protein. While it is possible to get all the nutrition you need from food, it is very difficult to work a fitness program to loss weight and gain muscle without supplements. Supplements, and I mean the good, legal ones are very important to success. Many body builders think that using things like steroids are the way to go as it shows so much gain in a short period, but nothing could be further from what body should see. Pushing crap products like steroids into your body is not only hard on your system, it fools the body into thinking something you do not want it to think. You body needs to work at it and not be fooled with products that have been proven bad for your body's health. Stick with great nutrition plan and the right supplements and you will feel great while building muscle.

Muscle building products (legal supplements) do many things like – Promote lean muscle tissue growth, Enhance protein synthesis (very important), Reduce the risk of catabolism (muscle loss), Support optimal recovery from intestinal workout routines, Increase energy levels during your workout, Enhance your focus during your workout, Promote optimal blood flow to working muscle tissue, Reduce Fatigue so you can push more reps, and more sets. As you can see, supplements have many functions just like food, having the right one in the right combinations is critical to your success and any good fitness program will give you all the tools to meet that goal of a muscle-building program that will allow you to see quick results which will stimulate you to keep pushing ahead!

Our bodies are very intolerable to changes both good and bad, so you want to start building muscle by starting off ahead of the game and having all the right nutrients in your system. Eating lot of good protein that includes chicken, fish and nuts will help feed those muscles. Using the right supplements will aid those foods and help those muscles build quickly. Supplements like a good multivitamins , Whey protein and Creatine are great products to help build muscle and keep you healthy. Now, there are other supplements that are great for building muscle and any good fitness program will give you all the right supplements needed.

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Gaining Muscle Fast: Somanabolic

Gaining muscle fast requires a body to be monitored from both the inside and outside. Dieting maintains the inside of your body at its best functional ability which then transcends to the best possible workouts a body can have. Exercise and diet work simultaneously to give you the perfect conditioning and achieve the utmost of every workout and meal. Here's a quick summary of what and how dieting and exercising work together to give you the best out of your body:

– Consume proteins to help build muscles and eliminate unnecessary fats that inhibit muscle growth. Gaining muscle fast requires the body to take a sufficient amount of proteins daily. This is the body's best friend that helps it maintain itself in top shape.

– Customize a nutrition plan to your: age, weight, height, and metabolism, in order to monitor your diet. Compile three meal plans to choose from each day that goes with your body structure and health.

-Healthy fats are highly recommended to build muscles. Here are some recommended foods: Fish oil, Mixed nuts, poultry eggs, berries, plain low fat yogurt, Salmon, virgin olive oil, poultry meat, broccoli, red meat, grinded flax seed, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, quinoa, oats.

– Do not worry about not having certain recommended foods, fortunately there is a large range of foods to choose from that that will assist you in gaining muscle fast.

– Lots of water that is needed to hydrate your body and keep every aspect of your body in top shape. It is important for you to keep in mind your height, weight, and lifestyle when determining how much water to consume at a daily basis.

– Strength training exercises are frequently done incorrectly. Many weight lifters' instincts are to lift the maximum amount of weight possible, ignoring the amount of repetitions. With a strong focus on the ranges of repetitions, or how many per set not just how much, one can work every muscle possible in whatever body part you may be working on. Gaining muscle fast is not just about heavy lifting, conditioning and having a healthy nervous system is more important. When doing a specified exercise, it is always about the repetitions and intensity of each exercise. Low-range exercises are for strength building while high-range exercises are for muscle building.

– Keep in mind the difference between visible muscle and strength. You do not want to just have visibly defined muscles, but you actually want to feel strong. This is while altering from low-range and high-range exercises is important.

– The machines you use are also very important. Usually a gym membership is almost a must, since they offer the largest variety of possible workouts. Also, occasionally varying which machines to use helps working out stay interesting.

Gaining muscle fast is important to many. To those preparing for their senior season and want to be in top shape or to those just trying to have a healthier lifestyle, all you need to know is how to combine diet and exercise in your daily life.

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Review – Is It Really That Good?

Whey as you may not know is the liquid obtained after milk has been curdled and strained. Most people actually dispose off curdled milk but what they do not know is that it has health benefits and it is used in the production of cheese and supplements especially for body builders. Whey protein is a mixture of alpha (25%) and beta (65%) proteins plus serum albumin (8%). Many companies that produce these body building supplements actually utilize whey proteins but the most reliable one is the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein.

Proteins consists of amino acids which are essential for body building, proteins are the most important in a human body, even the immune cells are made up of proteins. Given the importance of this nutrient it is imperative to acknowledge that Whey Proteins are some of the superior proteins among the different classes of proteins. It is because of their importance in building the body that they are used as supplements in building muscle strength. Optimum Nutrition Gold Whey Protein is ideal for professional athletes because it contains the right amount of protein to help in building the muscles, increasing muscle strength and to help in recovery in case of injury.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein is also ideal for use as a nutrition supplement that is not only used for workout because it has numerous other benefits that supersede the muscle building. Its digestion is fast and as a result it is quickly absorbed into the body which means that you will get to recognize the benefits of the supplement in no time.

Benefits of the supplement to Athletes and Body Builders

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein allows quick muscle and tissue recovery and reduces chances of injury due to work out such as muscle pulls, cramps and so on. It enhances the body's metabolic rate which ensures that the body is fit at all times. It builds muscle strength and increases muscle mass. It has enough calcium to promote bone development that ensuring strong bones

Health Benefits
– It increases the body's metabolic rate and can there before be used as a weight loss treatment because a faster metabolic rate ensures quick burn of calories. It also has a low fat content which eliminates any chance of absorption of calories.

– It helps build the body's immune system by providing the amino acids required for this process thus preventing off diseases

– Scientific studies have proven that Whey can reduce the chances of uncontrolled proliferation of cells thus reducing the risk of getting cancer in people.

– This supplement also contains sufficient Whey Protein to help in maintaining cardiovascular health thus reducing the chances of heart diseases and it is also good in reducing high blood pressure.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein is excellent because it is offered in a variety of flavors that are also available in different sizes and at amazing prices. These supplements are ideal for anyone who wants to shed off some weight, for vegetarians to give them a great source of protein, for athletes, body builders and anyone else who feels that they need it.

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Optimum 100 Whey Protein – 3 Reasons Why It Is the Best

Optimum 100 Whey Protein is currently one of the most widely used protein shakes in the world. So what makes it stand out from other supplements? Is it as good as everyone says it is? Well today, I am about to show you what makes this supplement as good as everyone says it is and why it is important for you to know.
Now you've probably been searching for a good supplement, but looking through a wide variety of choices in the market can leave you baffled, and often times, you end up buying something that you do not need or does not suit you. Here are some pointers to take note of when searching for whey protein powders.

Nutritional Benefits

You might be wondering, what makes Optimum 100 Whey Protein that good? Here are some reasons. Optimum 100 Whey Protein contains a superbating 23g of microfiltered whey isolates in a single serving. It also contains lactase and aminogen digestive enzymes to enhance utilization, to help the body absorb the minerals better. Also, it contains more than 5g of BCAAs (Branded-Chain Amino Acids) which helps our body to repair and build muscles effectively, and even slow down the rate of muscle breakdown. All these, along with only 1g of fat and 4 grams of carbohydrates. It contains everything your body needs and has little of what you are trying to avoid.

Product's Performance

It is also important to look out for the supplement's performance, even going beyond building muscle and mass. For instance, minerals such as glutamine and arginine. Optimum 100 Whey Protein contains huge amounts of glutamine and arginine that have been scientifically proven to improve poor blood circulation, promote recovery, increase energy levels and even boost your immune system's functions. Furthermore, it contains 79% by weight and is hydrolyzed, making the protein faster acting, repairing your muscles as quickly as possible


You've may have heard from friends or even neighbors that protein shakes taste horrible, making it unpleasant to consume it. So what makes Optimum 100 Whey Protein better then the others? Optimum 100 Whey Protein has a wide variety of 16 unique flavors to cater to one's personal preference. From banana cream to mocha cappuccino, and even cookies and crème, with the most common flavors being chocolate and vanilla. In addition, it takes almost zero effort to prepare one of these protein shakes. All you have to do is to pour a scoop of protein powder, add a glass of water, and you'll be ready to go!

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Review – Compelling Reasons Why It Is The Best

The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is considered one of the best health supplements and is a hot favorite among athletes and other sports people around the world. A serving of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein powder is 29.4 grams and contains protein content equivalent to that of four eggs. This supplement is ideal for muscle mass building and increasing body metabolism rate. It boosts the overall immune system and improvements digestive capabilities of the body through its digestive enzymes and lactase. The whey powder is available in a variety of flavors like chocolate, strawberry, mint, vanilla, crème and cookies to cater to the tastes of different people.

Active ingredients in Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

This product contains a combination of different varieties of protein. The proper blend of protein isolates, protein concentrate and whey peptides provide high quantities of protein to the body. It maintains a constant profile of protein supply and ensures that the body does not get overloaded and stored in transporting them to various organs. A complete calorie free sweetener is added along with other sweeteners like sucralose to generate a better aftertaste. It contains aminogen, which helps in breaking down a long chain of peptides into smaller ones and the amino acids in the body for quicker digestion and absorption. The amino acids help to maintain adequate muscle mass and the muscle protein balance. Lactase is added in this powder to aid the body in easy digestion of lactose, a sugar content found in milk and milk products like whey. This makes the product friendly even for lactose intolerant people. Lecithin, a food additive is added to enable easy mixing and to make the product long-lasting.

Nutritional benefits of the Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder

The nutritional benefits of the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein are extremely high and score a level over all other protein supplements available in the market.

Calorie and carbohydrates content

Calories are required for effective body functioning and carbohydrates are essential for boosting energy levels in a person to perform the daily routine activities. The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein powder has adequate calorie and carbohydrates content to meet the daily requirements of an individual.

Fat content

The main benefit of the Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey is that it is very low in fat content as the level of saturated fats is less than 0.5 grams.

Protein content

The whey protein can improve the functioning of blood vessels and maintain the blood pressure at optimum levels. This protein content can reduce the risk of heart diseases and complications. It also boosts the body metabolism rate and maintains fitness levels in the body. The optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey protein powder contains adequate levels of whey isolates and combined with soy, adds essential antioxidants to the body.

Calcium content

The calcium content in a single scoop of the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder can meet up to 10% of the daily requirement of protein in a human body.

Overall review

Overall, the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is an excellent product designed to be consumed between meals, prior and after workouts. It aids in restoring glycogen and providing additional carbohydrates, when used during the pre and post workout sessions. The diverse flavors, easy mixing ability and excellent taste makes the product a leader in the protein supplement market in recent times.

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Abdominals – Tips for Getting Well-Defined Abs

Any person that wants to get in shape or feel good about their body, wants to have well-defined abs. There are stages in a year, for example summer, were this becomes even more desirable.

In this article we will look at some tips to define our abs in the fastest way possible.

Having chiseled and well-defined abs shows that the person who has them is a person in shape, since building them requires time, discipline and dedication.

Strong and well-defined abs do not only provide aesthetic beauty, but also provide benefits that go even further. By building a good set of abs, we improve our posture and prevent back problems and injuries.

Below we provide a series of tips that will help us in our task of defending our abs:

– Review your diet.

A lot of people start working on their abs neglecting this. Having an adequate diet is much more important than people think. No matter how many sit-ups you do daily, if you do not have an adequate diet you will not get the desired results.

The first thing you must try is to burn the excess fat immediately, since even if you get strong abs but they are covered with a layer of fat, nobody will see them.

You must eat right and control your calories. You must eat less calories than what you burn. It would be ideal if you saw a diet specialist to form an adequate diet. From here we advice eating foods rich in oats, green vegetable fiber and lean proteins like chicken breast.

– Have an accurate exercise routine.

Obviously, what's inevitable for obtaining your objective is spending hours in the gym with a workout routine for well-defined abs.

I advise you to not use extra equipment for your sit-ups. It is always better to do them “basically,” that is the typical move from sit-ups, moving the torso up and down to the exact angle where the abdominal muscle is totally rigid. Do not just do one type of sit-up, but you must also do lateral ones.

Also, even though you are not doing an abdominal exercise and you are doing some other type of exercise at the gym, try to always have your abs tightened, since you will be working those as well.

– Burn fat with other sports.

Finally, once you have checked your diet and you have a good workout routine, you should do some ideal exercises for burning fat. These types of exercises are provided by perfect sports for burning fat like for example footing, bicycling, swimming, tennis or soccer.

Now you only need to work on these aspects and you will start seeing defined abs quickly.

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Abdominals – Workout Routine for Exercising Your Lower Abs

In the different routines we can implement to work out our abs, it is always easier to work our upper abs. However, the greatest challenge is to adequately exercise our lower abs, since these are found below several layers of fat.

Above all, it is important to effectively combine adequate nutrition with frequent cardiovascular workout and specific workout for our lower abdominals that will help you achieve an excellent physical condition.

In this article, we will define certain rules that will help us work them.

It is necessary to work all our abdominal muscles in order to build strong lower abs. The abdominal muscles include the following:

– The rectus abdominis are those muscles that extend from the thoracic cage to the pelvis region and are comprated of the lower and upper abs. These muscles are the most noticeable when they are worked out.

– The muscle surrounding the abdominal region are the transversus abdominis muscle.

– The transversus abdominis are the muscles that have the deepest muscle fiber in the abdomen.

– The external and internal oblique muscles are found on either side of the abdomen.

There are three aspects you should consider when working towards well-defined lower abs: diet, cardiovascular exercise and finally, an adequate abdominal workout routine. We will move on to examine each one of them.

An adequate diet is important for building a well-defined abdominal region. Some good diet tips could be the following:

– To build your lower abs choose low calorie foods.

– The fat area that is found in the abdominal area covers your lower abs and is the first place where new fat will be stored. Adjust your diet to exclude foods that are high in fat and focus on a low fat diet to decrease the buildup of fat in the abdominal area.

The second important aspect you must consider for building your abs, is a cardiovascular workout routine. You must do low and high impact aerobic exercises to help eliminate fat that covers your lower abs.

Finally, it is necessary to have an adequate workout routing for your abs directed to working out your lower abs. We provide an example below:

– Lifting your legs uses your body's resistance to work the lower abdominal muscles. Lay down over a mat with your legs straight, your arms parallel to your body and your palms facing down.

– Use your lower abdominal muscles to lift your legs and straighten them at a 45 degree angle. Keep them in that position for 15 seconds. Lower your legs and do 10 repetitions.

– Do a series of inverted crunches to work your lower abs. Use the strength of your lower abs to bring your knees towards your chest, with a slow and controlled movement and take them back to their original position. Do 10 to 15 repetitions.

And finally tell you that it is always advisable to seek help from a specialized trainer that can help you with a routine made specifically for your body.

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Quick Muscle Gain: The Muscle Maximizer

Quick muscle gain is a practice that has been studied countless times by fitness trainers and nutritionist. However, it is only through diet and physical training, and not through pills, that such practice can actually succeed. The concept of diet muscle building is the only mechanism that adheres to today's pressures of maximizing your physical fitness in sports and creating / maintaining an “attractive” image. This is because when you have two factors, diet and exercise working together, the speed of improvement doubles. You should combine diet and exercise in a unique, complimentary way. Here's how:


– Consumption of proteins to help build muscles and simultaneously eliminate unnecessary fats that inhibit muscle growth thus leading to quick muscle gain.
– Customize a nutrition plan to your somatotype: your age, weight, height, and metabolism.
– Present yourself with three personalized meal plans to choose from each day that will adhere to your nutritional requirements.
– You will never have to worry about not having certain recommended foods. There are almost 1400 different foods to help substitute any foods you, for any reason, do not want to consume that day / meal.
– Healthy fats are highly recommended to build muscles. Here are the top most recommended foods: Fish oil, mixed nuts, poulty eggs, berries, plain low fat yogurt, Salmon, virgin olive oil, poultry meat, broccoli, red meat, grinded flax seed, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, quinoa, oats.
– Lots of water, the building block of life will continue to help build your body by providing essential muscle recovery and hydration.
– Dieting during the program is as much if not more important to accomplish a quick muscle gain.


– 9 week training provides strength training exercises with a strong focus on the ranges of repetitions to ensure muscle adaptations. When doing a specified exercise, it is always about the repetitions and intensity of each exercise. Low-range exercises are for strength building while high-range exercises are for muscle building.
– Yes, there is a difference between muscle and strength. Do you think a bodybuilder is actually the strongest person in the world? No, they may be the most muscular, however strength comes from a consistent, full utilization of force. (If you've ever seen an arm wrestling tournament you'll notice that the champions are not the most muscular competitors).
– The training should guide you in detail, such as which machines to use, what body parts to work out, how many repetitions and the intensity of each workout, while providing pre-and post-nutritional meals.
– Exercises will also work alongside your diet, so doubling the speed of muscle building.

A quick muscle gain is difficult. But with the right tools an explosion of lean muscle, no excess fat, and an overall healthy body is only a few sweats and bites away. These two quick muscle gain techniques will make you get the best physical condition out of your body alongside healthy eating habits.

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Are Fitness Pros Making Weightlifters And Bodybuilders Wimps?

If a powerlifter or bodybuilder from the 1970's or 1980's walked into the average gym today they'd be horrified. Watching the people exercising would make them think they were in a foreign country, one where their strength athletes were either sadly lacking in muscle education or, quite simply, wimps.

Back then, they knew that you needed to tear down your muscles to make them rebuild bigger and stronger – just as bodybuilding and powerlifting athletes do today. What's different today is the expectation of what the body can survive and recover from, and just how to push your body to those limits safely.

These days fitness pros, bodybuilding magazines, gyms and even certified personal trainers will tell you the optimum workout, whether for muscle mass or strength training, ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. They'll tell you that you can not lift heavy enough and go any longer than that, and that if you're not exhausted after an hour your weights are too light. They'll tell you that weightlifting for more than an hour produces too much cortisol that destroys your gains.


Dane Fletcher, editor of the Primal Muscle blog, recently posted this about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his early training:

… if you've seen the pictures of Arnold when he arrived in America, you can tell he sure did not have full physique balance and development. His calves were small, and his shoulders were not incredible either. He adjusted his training, opting for 6-days-per-week training sessions, allowing every muscle group to be hit with 90 to 120 minutes of training, TWICE per week. This is a huge step up from even what today's pro bodybuilders (given their advanced access to pharmaceuticals) are using for volume training. Arnold knew how to work!

How Often Do You Lift Weights?
That's right – to build his huge muscle mass Arnold Schwarzenegger trained 6 days a week, week in and week out. As you can imagine, his workouts were not with little pink dumbbells either – having started his weightlifting career in Europe as a competitive powerlifter, Schwarzenegger never used light weights. Yet no one can assume he was not able to recover fully with only one day off per week – no signs of overtraining in the fantastic body he built, and no one that could defeat him in the Olympia most years!

How Long Are Your Weightlifting Sessions?
Pay careful attention to the math in Dane's quote – in 6 days Arnold hit each bodypart twice, meaning he was training at least 2 bodyparts per day to get the whole body in every three days. So 90 minutes to 2 hours of weightlifting per bodypart means being in the gym for THREE TO FOUR HOURS per day, 6 days a week. Compare that 18 – 24 hours of training per week to today's recommended 2 – 3 hours per week, and you may realize why you have not been growing at the speed bodybuilders did back then, whether you're on the juice or not.

And what many people do not realize is that while Arnold Swarrzenegger was the pinnacle of bodybuilding in those days, the weight training regimen of the other pros, and even serious amateur bodybuilders, was much the same. And not as much has changed today as you might think. If you train in a REAL gym (as opposed to today's 'Butt-Floss and Hairspray gyms'), watch the largest, most muscular bodybuilders and strongest powerlifters that train there. Seldom will you see them in there for less than two hours per session, or 60 – 90 minutes if they're training on a twice-a-day split.

Can you build lean muscle in three 90-minute weightlifting sessions a week? Sure. Can you get stronger doing 3 short powerlifting workouts per week? Of course. But do not look at the physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman, or the strength of Andy Bolton or Derek Poundstone and expect to match them, or even come as close as your genetics will allow, with those 'wimpy workouts'.

Instead, lift heavy, lift often, eat big and sleep a lot!

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Uses and Benefits of Bovine Serum Albumin

You have probably heard people talking about the “protein diet”. A lot of body builders, athletes and even celebrities adhere to this diet plan. So why is there all this hype for protein?

Protein makes up the structure of all creatures. It is a very critical component to achieving our total health. It is the nutrient that repairs and helps tissues grow and develop. Proteins are also present in the cells of muscles, bones and even in the blood for nutrient-carrying and exchange functions. Aside from that, it also guards bodies against infections and disease-causing viruses. Next to water, proteins make the largest part of the body mass. Meat, fish, eggs, dairy and dairy products, nuts, seeds and legumes are some good sources of protein. After ingestion, these proteins from the food are broken down until they reach their simplest form, the amino acid.

There are two kinds of amino acids: essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. The essential amino acids are those supplied by food that the body can not manufacture itself, and the non-essential acids which can be produced by an organism's body. This article will focus on the former kind.

Essential amino acids are found in the food we take and they can not be made by the body systems naturally. Lack of this kind of amino acid can lead to medical conditions like muscle breakdown, lack of appetite and slowed muscle healing and growth. Due to lack of amino acid supply, the body will be forced to obtain the lacking amino acid from healthy muscles. Because of this phenomenon, malnutrition, retardation and even death may arise.

In the blood, the most plentiful supply of amino acid is serum albumin which carries the thyroid hormones, natural steroid and fatty acids to other body parts. There are two kinds of serum aluminum: bovine serum albumin and human serum albumin. Now, based on the presented functions, we probably know by now how human serum aluminum is used by us, human beings. But did you know that we also use the serum from cows called bovine serum albumin (BSA)?

No, this kind of serum is not inside our bodies. Mostly, we use bovine serum albumin laboratory experiments and science-related activities. The field that needs it most is biochemistry. ELISA or Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay is one process that depends on the serum. This process detects antibodies or antigens mixed in liquid or wet samples. The ELISA test assists in diagnosing whether a patient has HIV, malaria or tuberculosis. Through ELISA, diseases such as the Chagas disease which manifests itself initially as a simple infection and Johne's disease, a disease in some animals with symptoms like wasting and diarrhea.

In immunohistochemistry, the serum is used to explore the behavior, life span and severity of a cancerous tumor.

Lastly, it is used to culture cells and study how to increase cell productivity and growth to promote over-all cell health. The serum is a very stable ingredient known for not affecting the validity of experiment results. It also advances enzymes from sticking to laboratory materials like reaction tubes, pipet tips and other liquid-containing vessels.

One brand that sells BSA is Pre-Dilated Protein Assays Standards, diluted in 0.9% saline and 0.05 sodium azide, and is sold online.

The uses of bovine serum albumin are currently being explored further. Even though it is a by-product of the cow and cattle industry, the ingredient has proven its benefits for our own development.

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The Best Ways to Build Muscle Fast!

Everyone always asks “How do I build muscle …” You have to get committed! You can read and listen all you want to the experts, but the only way to get results is to get on board. There is a lot of information out there so it can be tough to determine what is true and what is not so you have to be smart about it. Get the information you need and follow through with it! Everyone always wants the quick way out in life. However, when it comes to getting larger that does not needlessly exist. There are some important factors, however, that can help you do this.

Do the Right Exercises!

Any exercise that you do will have a positive effect on your body if you perform them correctly; however, there are some specifics that are more beneficial than others. These include bench-pressing, squats, dead-lifts, pull-ups and dips. Including these kinds of exercises in your workout will give you more intensity, and use more of the body's muscle groups in order to move the weight. This will allow you to get more done in less time! No one has time to waste so every little bit can help. Power lifters tend to focus on only a few specific exercises, such as these, that use your entire body. If you want the results, these can give them to you.

Eat Only the Right Foods!

It can not be stressed enough, diet is extremely important! You have to make sure you are eating right or you will not get the results you want. Focus on eating foods with a lot of nutrients. Including a lot of protein in your diet so you can get the results you are expecting for as fast as possible. Take the time and do a little research on what you should eat. Believe me, you will not regret it. Just a few things you should have in your diet include chicken, fish, lean beef, lean turkey, nuts, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and eggs. You need to custom fit a diet to your body and stick with it.

Rest Properly!

Your muscles actually grow when you are resting, not when you are lifting. This is why it is essential for you to take time off and allow your muscles to recover after working out. You should not be in the gym every day of the week. You have to take days off; it is sometimes a good idea just to do a cardio day every time in a while as well. Along with this make sure you are only working out a max of 5-6 days a week. You need to make sure you are sleeping at least 6-8 hours every night. This will allow your body to recover properly and pack on muscle faster.

Use the Right Supplements!

You should not rely on solely supplements for your nutritional needs. They can be very beneficial to your bulking, but you have to focus on workouts and diet as well. Supplements can be added at any time so it is best to stay on track by hitting the gym and eating right, before you take any supplements. Once you feel comfortable, I recommend buying a good protein powder, a pre-workout, and a multivitamin. These can all be found online cheaper than in stores.

These are all extremely important factors to your success. Make sure you commit yourself and follow through with all of them, and you should start seeing results in no time. Now, of course you are not going to get bigger over night, but do not give up.

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How to Gain Weight and Build Mass Without Getting Fat

The biggest fear when trying to gain weight and add muscle size is that the process used to reach those goals will also make you fat. It's a real concern. But, you should first realize that it is impossible to only put on muscle. If you have a calorie surplus, which is required for putting on muscle, you will also inevitably put on a little fat.

Do not feel down. Answer this question: Would you mind putting on a little fat for a lot of muscle? Well, that answer to that is the key for fixing your mentality when it comes to gaining weight and fat. It is significantly faster to lose fat than to put on new muscle mass. Of course, your goal should be to maximize muscle gains while minimizing fat gains, but try not to pay too much attention to slight fat gains during any “massbuilding” phase. If you train properly and follow a clean diet, it is possible to add significant amounts of mass without adding too much body fat.

Get Stronger

More strength means more muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat. If you train to build muscle, you'll burn more calories which will always make it easier to reach a lower body fat percentage. That's why many trainers advocate focusing on maximizing strength. Keep strength as your primary goal and everything else will fall in place.

Clean Dieting

Learn your macronutrients. Eating enough to gain weight is one thing. But, eating enough food to gain GOOD weight is another thing. Altering the ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates is the most important thing you can alter to maximize your likelihood of reaching any fitness goal. You need to know how much of each macronutrient your body needs for a specific goal. Eating the right ratios of macronutrients when trying to add muscle will limit how many calories get stored as fat.

Eating clean also means exercising discipline even if you are trying to gain weight. Avoid junk food and eating out! Limit your cheat meals to once or twice a week.

Setting Goals

Set reasonable and attainable goals. Like I said before, putting on fat is inevitable when you are trying to gain weight. Not all of your gains can be muscle. But, your goal should be to limit fat gains while maximizing muscle gains. If you gain 10 lbs, but only 4 lbs of that are fat, I would call that a resounding success.

Everyone always wants the impossible. Do not let that get you distracted from your ultimate goal. Gaining a little bit of fat in order to gain a lot of muscle is a good trade-off. Once your body fat percentage starts to get higher than you want it, just drop into a 6-8 week cutting cycle to get rid of the excess fat while preserving the muscle you put on. For this time period, you will want to shift to a calorie restricted diet, change your macronutrient ratio and add in some cardio. If you are serious about maintaining your muscle gains while losing body fat, I highly suggest using a cyclical ketogenic diet.

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5 Tips To Get More From Your Workouts

“So, what do you do?”

I get this question on a consistent basis from people when inquiring about what type of workout I do. The thing is, it's not as much about the workout I'm doing as it is about the principles that I apply to all my workouts. To be honest, my workouts change as my body and my goals change. There is no single perfect workout that when utilized will be the end all be all of workouts. Sorry, but it's the truth.

What's more important is being optimal to what your goals are. For some, that may be to build muscle. For others, it may be strength or weight loss. You can get results from all kinds of different workouts, but it may not be optimized for your goals, meaning you might have gained 5 lbs of muscle doing a certain workout, yet if you optimized your workouts more, you could have gained 10 lbs of muscle. This also applies to weight loss and strength.

It's not as much about what other people are doing, but it's about what is it you want to do and applying the correct principles to your workouts. I have learned from my mentors over the years and many professional bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes that I follow and read about. All their training programs are designed for what they want to specifically get out of them. A wide receiver does not do the same workout as an offensive lineman, not if they want to be a productive wide receiver.

So what are these principals that I'm babbling all about? I'm glad you asked. Even if you did not ask, here they are:

1) Goal specific workouts – your workouts should always match up with your goals. You can train for strength, muscle size, weight loss, speed, power, etc. If you are wanting to gain muscle mass, but you're running on a treadmill an hour a day … your training is not matching with your goals.

2) Train with a purpose – your workout time is your time. It's a time that you can be completely selfish, clear your mind, and escape from everything around you. So you should train like it. Chatting with everyone around you, talking on your cell phone, texting, checking facebook, really anything that takes your mind off your workout is super counterproductive. Sorry, it just is. I doubt you would have to see Jerry Rice or Michael Jordan running over to check their phones when they were training or practicing.

3) Stick to your plan – this one here may be the most important one out of all of these tips. One of the worst things you can do is to start a workout program, then 2 weeks in ditch it for some newfound program you ran in a magazine or a friend told you about. If you want results from a plan, you have to give it at least 8 – 12 weeks to see comparable results. Being a workout jumper is not something that you want to be known for. I do not know how many times someone has told me “I did the (insert workout here), but I did not see any results after a couple of weeks.” You can then insert my face in hand reaction and try to instruct these well meaning souls that the greatest workouts will not garner great results only after a few weeks. OK, sorry I had to rant there … I'm good now. Also, if you are constantly jumping from workout program to workout program, you will never know how your body responds to certain types of training. Do you respond well to high volume, low volume, high intensity, drop sets, max sets, etc? You will never know and therefore you will not train your body optimally and see your desired results.

4) Eat to support your workouts – now this should go without saying, but I say sayeth it (you like that Old English). If you are not supporting your workouts with a proper nutrition plan, then you might as well be at home watching TV and spend some time with your family. Keep in mind that this is applying to people who want to achieve physique goals in the gym of building muscle, burning fat, etc. If you are one that is just at the gym to stay active, I applaud you. But you should still follow a good nutritional program 🙂

If you hit the 4 windows of opportunity when it comes to nutrition then you will be well on your way to supporting your workouts and achieving the physique you desire. These 4 windows are:

1) Breakfast

2) Pre Workout (30-60 min before exercise)

3) Post Workout (20-45 min after exercise)

4) Bedtime

If you nail these 4 times right then you will see some astonishing results in a short amount of time.

5) Pump Up The Jams – want to have great workouts and stay focused in the gym? Then you should plug in your iPod and listen to your favorite tunes. According to the US periodical Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, when participants listened to their favorite music while jogging, they increased their endurance by 15%. Pretty sweet right?

If you do not agree, then I do not know what you're looking for.

OK, so anything is probably better than overhearing conversations you wish you did not, crappy gym music or listening to the guy awkwardly scream as he is benching next to you. So even if you have some favorite closet tunes like Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, or God forbid the Backstreet Boys, you can crank it up and reap the results. The beauty of it is that no one will be able to hear what you're listening to so there will not be any judgments … besides when you look in the mirror and you shamefully mouth the words to Backstreet's Back. Be honest, you know exactly what I'm talking about and sort of like it.

OK that's all I've got for now, but I promise you that if you implement these 5 principals into your workouts, you will see some great results and really start reaping the benefits of your training. You might even enjoy it a little more, too.

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