Easy Tips To Build Muscle Mass

Are you trying to build your muscle mass? You should read this article for some useful tips on how to gain muscle mass. You should not be thinking about building your muscle mass if you have just started exercising. Focus on adopting new healthy habits, losing a few extra pounds and developing your resistance. Start by working out twice a week for thirty minutes and plan on gradually increasing the length of your workout sessions. Try working out more frequently too. Do more reps for each exercise and introduce new exercises into your workout routines. Once you can exercise one day out of two and reached a healthy weight, you can start thinking about building your muscle mass.

The best way to build your muscle mass is to do as many reps of the same exercise as possible. You can target each muscle group with different exercises but remember to focus on one muscle group and one exercise at a time. Do as many reps as possible and take a break for a few minutes. Go back to the same exercise and you will find you have more energy. Repeat as many times as possible and try doing more reps with each workout session. Each workout session should not include more than five or six exercises so you have enough time to do as many reps as you can.

You will build muscle mass if you work out efficiently and give your muscles an entire day to heal after a workout session. Your muscles do not gain mass during your session session but afterwards, as they heal and expand. This process takes at least a whole day. You should not exercise the same muscles two days in a row to give your body enough time to generate more muscle mass. If you exercise the same muscles again too soon, your efforts will be ruined. You should design different workout sessions so you can focus on a different muscle group each day.

It will be easier to build muscle mass if you take good care of your body. Avoid spending long hours in front of your TV. Try being more active through your day so you can exercise your muscles gently, for instance by going for walks. You should also make some changes to the way you eat. Your body needs a healthy nutritional intake to build muscles. Avoid eating junk food, sweets and other unhealthy foods. Introduce healthier nutritional choices into your diet, such as poultry, fish, nuts, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Replace any kind of sugary drinks with water. Plan on spending one day each week to rest and give your muscles time to heal and expand. If you feel sore from exercising, stretch for a few minutes or go for a walk.

Use these tips to get in shape and build some muscle mass. Keep in mind that you will get some incredible results if you stay motivated, follow these methods and give your body enough time to change.

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Top Tips for Super Leg Muscle Definition

Always warm up each time for a 5 minute period, by riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill. This is done prior to stretching the legs because you want the blood flowing. Make sure you stretch the quads, hams and calves for a couple of minutes to avoid any type of injury. However, if you are not familiar with those muscle groups, read on!

The quadriceps consist of 4 muscles, hence the word 'quad' meaning, four. These are located on the front of the leg or the thighs and allow a variety of movements such as extension of the knee and flexing the hip. They are the largest muscle group in the body.

The hamstrings are located at the back of your upper legs and they work together with the quadriceps (quads) and allow for flexing at the knee. The hamstrings consist of 4 muscles. A very common injury is because of weak hamstrings so it is very important you train your hamstrings to help prevent injury.

The gluteus or bum muscle is a big slab of muscle and is responsible for power in squatting movements. The gluteus gets indirect work from most upper leg exercises which in turn stimulates them to grow along the quads and hamstrings.

The fourth major muscle in the legs is the calf muscle. These allow for pointing your toes. Most sports players have great calves because they stay on their toes.

Obviously, you need to keep an eye on the calories if you are serious about eradicating fat and staving it off. For a rough guide of your calorie maintenance level you can multiply your weight in pounds by 15 for men or 12 for women. Therefore a 160 pound man would require (15×160) = 2300 calories per day to maintain the same weight. As you can figure out, from there you can reduce your calorific intake accordingly if you want to lose or gain muscle but at least you have a baseline figure to work from.

Squatting is my favorite exercise. The squat affects your entire body because of the energy spent while holding the weight on your upper back / shoulders. It specifically works the thigh muscles, the gluteus and hamstrings are involved in the movement. In addition, there are many ways to do the exercise. You can squat slowly with the bar across you shoulders. Or you can do 'squat thrushes', which of course require no weight. The latter is more of a cardio vascular approach, but concentrates on the stomach muscles and the other leg muscle groups as mentioned above.

Stay between 10 – 15 reps for each exercise. The first set is a warm up, and then pyramid the weight up so that the 10th rep on the last set is to failure. Take a 60 second rest between each set and sometimes longer because the legs can handle heavier weight and need the recuperation time.

Treat your body holistically appropriately paying attention to all major muscle groups, and it will reward you with impressive growth. Leg training will be as important than any other body area when it comes to achieving your overall definition objectives.

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There’s More To Building Muscle Than Lifting

Some people work their butts off trying to build muscle, only to see very little results. This causes them to give up and going back to their normal ways. We'll if you have ever been there or are there now then do not be discouraged. As you may or may not know, lifting weights is a key factor to building muscle, but that is only part of it.

You can lift and exercise all that you want, but you will never get to see your full potential. If you stay focused, motivated, and consume the right foods, along with lifting weights, I guarantee you will be seeing much better results in less time.

You need to cut down on fatty foods, pick up on foods high with protein and carbs. Another very important factor is your workout. You do not want to overwork your muscles to a point where you are so sore that you can not move. This does more damage to your body than good, but definitely do not stop when you start to feel the burn because now you're on the right track to working that muscle.

Most people switch off and on from their lower body to upper body. For example, if you started working your upper body, then the next day you would work on your lower body. They do this because it allows time for the muscle to rest and build itself up. Letting the muscles rest is a very important part to building muscles.

Working out can be fun if your motivated. Music keeps me motivated during my workouts. Nothing beats when you're about out of reps and your favorite song just happens to come on at that particular moment, so you decide to bang out a couple more. Always be sure to have a spotter for safety reasons.

A lot of people also have a very hard to producing abs by doing crunches and sit ups. My words for you is it's not about how many you do, it's about how many you do correctly. Use your abs muscles to pull you up and do not cheat and you will definitely be seeing results.

One last thing I would like to add is breathing is very important when working out; you definitely do not want to hold your breath when lifting. Instead, try to breathe slowly and find a pattern that works for you. With that you should be on your way to getting results. Check the resource box for additional help.

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Top 5 Myths That Are Keeping You From A Six-Pack!

It is safe to say that the list of today's ab exercises is nothing short of unlimited. The act of achieving a six pack is generally considered some sort of untold “secret” in the gym, and most people fall for the same trap over and over again. There has become a common belief that an abdominal exercise must be of some “fancy” variety in order to become effective. But why is this even the case?

More often than not, the guys you see performing these advanced moves generally already have a strong core. The problem comes when younger lifters attempt to mimic these ab routines thinking that they'll get a six pack, when in reality they might be working anything but their abs.

I've put together the top 5 mistakes that most guys make when ab day rolls around …

# 5 Too Much Variety

Not many times in bodybuliding will you hear that variety can be a bad thing. Too much of it will most likely detour your mind into thinking that more is better, when in reality, the opposite is true, especially for the abdominals. I've seen guys train their abs for an hour straight on some days, and sometimes only for a couple minutes. So which one is the correct way?

Let's break it down …

The rectus abdominis is primarily made of Type 1 slow twitch fibers. For those of you who are not physiology buffs out there, this means that these fibers hold more endurance-like contractions and are stimulated mostly during aerobic activity. The point that I want to get across here is that the abs are better controlled through slower movements. None of those fast, crazy sit ups here. The abs do not need explosive repetitions like the calves do to grow. Just use the moto I like to live by: keep it simple.

Like the other major muscle groups of the body, sufficient time under tension is needed in order to initiate the growth response within the abs. My advice to you is not go all out in your abdominal training in one day; there's no need to spend a full hour just training your core if you'll be back the very next day doing the same thing. Split up your sessions across the week. I like to stick to the every-other-day approach, and it has worked for many of my clients as well.

# 4 Upper Abs VS Lower Abs

I can not count how many times I've heard that crunches are for the upper abs and leg lifts are for the lower abs. This is one of the biggest myths that has surrounded every gym in America for quite some time. Let's get this straight, the rectus abdominis is ONE sheet of muscle. It contracts as one unit and therefore can not be split up into upper and lower exercises.

You can go ahead and test this one on yourself. Sit up straight in your chair and place one of your hands just underneath your belly button and firmly into your “lower” ab muscles. Now try to perform an “upper ab” crunch.

What happened?

The whole thing contracted did not it? Hmmm, I thought so …

Once you understand this simple physiology of the ab muscles, you can then further your knowledge into the exact exercises that are worth your time and those that have no business ever being performed again.

# 3 Breathing

I think we've all been guilty of holding our breath at some point during a workout. It's inevitable, especially for the inexperienced lifter. Ab training tend to get this a lot more than other muscles though. The reason this happens is often because of a lack of focus, improper technique – like fast movements, or just plain “forgetting.” Not many times in life do we FORGET to breathe, but apparently doing abs is one of them!

When the breath is being held, not only are your muscles capable to receive sufficient oxygen, they are unable to contract completely due to the thin, parachute-shaped muscle that surrounds the upper portion of the abdomen under the ribs: the diaphragm. When a breath is taken in, the diaphragm contracts expanding the chest cavity to allow the lungs to move freely. With this contracting taking place, it makes the abs unable to FULLY contract the way they normally would. Breathing OUT during the “up phase” of an ab crunch signifies this importance of getting a full contraction.

# 2 Training The Fat Out Of Your Stomach

Just because you train your abs multiple times per week does not mean that they will become more visible. Ever heard of spot reducing? Yeah, it does not work. Sorry to burst your gullible bubble. Training your abs will not get rid of the fat on TOP of the abs. This is where nutrition becomes a huge weapon in your six-pack arsenal.

“Abs are not made in the gym, they are made in the KITCHEN.”

This quote hits the nail on the head. Without proper nutrition to help cut excess body fat, you can train your abs all day long, but they will never show up like you want them to. My advice to you is to get on a cutting program that will slowly taper off your carbohydrates intake over a period of time. This will better help you get the results that you're looking for.

# 1 Technique, Technique, Technique

No more hanging upside down from the pull up bar, those days are over. It's time to train your abs in a logical way, not always the most impressive way. Your technique should be nothing short of perfect every workout, every set, every rep. What most people do not understand is that your abdominals flex your SPINE. They have no concentric action at the hips whatever. So how does this apply to your exercises? Let's examine the sit up:

From a physiological standpoint, this does not make much sense at all. Although the sit up targets the abs to a degree, it is not the most effective in strengthening the abs because the movement is happening at the HIPS not the spine. Remember from above, the abdominals only create spinal flexion – about 30 degrees or so, that's it! For the rest of the movement, the abs are regularly working to hold the spine in place. Most of the movement happening at the hips is due to the major hip flexors, the psoas major muscles.

The exerciser starts flat on the ground most likely with a training partner standing on the toes (This same thing can be done with a sit up bench that holds the legs in place). You begin the movement, curl the spine and sit all the way up to your knees. You perform about 20 reps or so and the abs start to burn like crazy. Because this exercise has been used for so many years, beginning lifters do not question it's effect on the abs. Instead, they feel the abs burn and automatically place it in the “ab exercise” category.


I hope this article helped clear up some very popular myths among today's ab mistakes. Take these 5 principals and bring them into the gym with you, or wherever you train. My advice to you is to become familiar with how your muscles act at their specific joints. This will give you a better inclining as to what exercises will work best and which will not.

Have fun and train hard!

– Mitch Muller
Certified Muscle Building Expert

Ps – Here's a link to a great Ab training article to go along with these principals!

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Getting in Shape

The end of the year is coming and a lot of people are thinking of getting into shape for the new year ahead. This is a wonderful idea however, you do not want to jump ahead when getting in shape. In this article, we are going to give you top tips for getting in shape and staying with it

Tips on getting into shape

I decided to start with the tips so you know what to do and not to do when on a program. By following these tips, you will gain a huge advantage on your journey to getting back in shape. High protein (1.5 gram per body pound), medium carbs, low fat is normal for weight loss. If you're trying to gain weight I suggest high carbs, medium protein (1.2 grams per body pound), and low fat.


Nutrition and motivation are probably the two hardest things to keep with when doing a program. The first thing I want to mention is the nutrition. When eating, you have to eat nutrient rich foods. I would follow this food pyramid instead of the traditional one.

Calorie Intake

You also need to know how many calories your body needs. You can find that anywhere online. Just type in “what is my bmr” or “how many calories do I need”. After that, depending on your goal (losing or gaining weight) you're going to want to add or subtract 500 calories to your daily intake. So if I am expected to take 2000 calories a day to maintain my current weight, I will add 500 (2500) to gain about a pound a week.

A pound of fat is about 3500 calories so if you want to lose a pound a week, you should cut 500 calories a day. In a week that will equal up to 3500 burnt calories. If you want to lose more than one pound a week, I suggest you workout and burn the other 500 calories off. It is a big mistake to just cut calories. By doing that, you're body goes into starvation mode and holds on to the calories that you bring in. It's best to cut back 500 calories and burn off the rest.

5-7 meals a day

To get the right amount of calories, the most out of nutrition balance and absorption, and keeping your metabolism at its peak, you have to eat through out the day. If you eat the normal 3 times a day, your body will only absorb part of the nutrients and calories and store the rest as fat. You want to have small frequent meals to keep a steady flow of nutrients in the body. This will lead to muscle gain and weight loss. You should eat every three hours.


The more you eat, the more water you have to drink. You should drink 8-10 glasses of water. Water is critical for weight loss and gain. It helps flow nutrients to your muscles. Your goals is to try to get as much nutrients as possible into the muscles. It also helps with weight loss by emptying out your fat cells. Your fat cells are full of toxins. If you want to thin out, you have to empty out the toxins in your cells. Water also helps keep metabolism high, gives you energy, and keeps you hydrated.

Working out for getting in shape

I suggest you start with a program like this:

Monday: Chest: Incline bench press, flat bench press, and decline bench press 2 × 10 (all exercises)

Back: Pull ups (palms facing away) 5x failure, lined rows 3 × 10

Triceps: skull crushers 3 × 10, tricep pulldown 3x 10

Tuesday: Cardio 30 mins

Wednesday: Legs: squats 3 × 10

Abs: weighted crunches 3 × 20

Thursday: Cardio 30 mins

Friday: Shoulders: military press 3 x 10, upright rows 2 x 10, front and side rails 2 x 10

Biceps: Curls 3 × 8

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Some people may anger with this routine but they have to remember it's a beginner routine. This is just a foundation. I suggest doing this for about 6 weeks then depending on your goal (weight loss or gain) I would mold it towards what you want to do. If you're winning, I would take out the cardio and add a little more to your Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You want to increase the intensity every work out week by adding either a rep or weight to each workout.

If you're trying to lose weight, I would maybe add more to your cardio. You could try different things too such as sprints or increase your speed and incline.


Motivation is key when it comes down to getting in shape. Consistency is the most important thing if you want to see improvement. In that case, you want to start small and work your way up. If you do not feel like running for the full time or lifting all your sets for that particular day, then do half at least. Some is better than nothing. At least you're not going to fall behind on your goals and that is the mindset you have to have. Do not beat up yourself just because you do not feel like running 30 minutes or missed a work out. That is only going to make things worse. Instead, think tomorrow is a different day. “Every minute passed is another opportunity to change your life”. Just suck it up and go / start again tomorrow.

I personally love lifting in the morning. It's not crowded, it gives me energy through out the day, and I knocked it out of the way so I do not have it weighing over me all day. It also gets me in the best of moods. Even if you do not like working out, you will always feel better after a workout and never regret going. If getting in shape is your goal, you have to stay consistent.

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Overtraining – Getting Past 3 Common Bodybuilding Mistakes

Building muscle is a timely process. It does not happen overnight. Rome was not built in a day, neither is a strong body.

Over training can slam the brakes on your muscle-building efforts. Do not let it. Over training is one of the most common bodybuilding mistakes made by newbies and experienced bodybuilders alike.

You need to train hard, but not to the point that you need to take a few weeks off because you got an injury from over training.

Mistake # 1 – Do not Train The Same Muscle Group Every Day – Do you think you are going to get shredded abs doing crunches and other ab exercises every day? Nope. You should only work abs 2 or 3 times a week to see great results.

What to do instead: Work a muscle group then let it rest for 24 to 48 hours. If you worked chest and back today, then work triceps and biceps tomorrow, then work chest and back in a couple of days. Give your muscles time to heal and chill.

Mistake # 2 – Have Training Sessions That Last Too Long – Are you in the gym more than an hour maybe even 2 hours a day?

What to do instead: Train 45 minutes to an hour. An hour in the gym is a good amount of time especially if you do it 4 to 5 times a week. You can accomplish a lot in 45 minutes to an hour in the gym. Do not live in the gym, get in there, do what you need to do then go enjoy yourself somewhere else.

Mistake # 3 – Doing cardio and weight training together – If you feel extra tired when you get done working out it might be because you combined cardio along with weight training to make the workout a little too intense.

What to do instead: Do cardio and weight training on different days. Doing cardio a few minutes to get loose and warm up is okay, but doing it at a high intensity level and pumping some heavy iron together can be too much.

You can combine cardio and weight training together, but if you do, your workouts should be shorter. You should not go over 30 minutes if you are going to combine the two. If you must do cardio and weight training together then start the workout with weight training and end it with some cardio. Doing a workout that way will increase the burn.

You can get the body you want doing the right amount of exercise. But you will not get it with over training. Do not make these common bodybuilding mistakes, instead train at your fitness level. Keeping up with the Jones's is never good, it definitely will not work at the gym.

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Kettlebell Exercises For Beginners – Switch Up Your Workout Routine Using Kettlebells

Is your current workout routine getting boring? From time to time switching up your workouts can be a good thing. When a routine gets boring you stop getting results. Using kettlebells can be a change to what you are currently doing.

Most have never even hear of kettlebells. A kettlebell is a weight made of cast iron. They are used to perform ballistic exercises. Kettlebells were originally developed in Russia in the 1700s. Enough of the history lesson, let's get to the exercises.

So what are some good kettlebell exercises for beginners?

1) Renegade Row – What the heck is a renegade row? They are a great exercise to build core strength. Want some ripped abs do these!

Get in push up position with wide feet. Put your feet where you feel comfortable. You will have a kettlebell in both hands while doing this exercise. Pull one arm up towards your chest for one rep. Brace yourself with the other arm. So if you are doing a rep with your left arm, push down on the kettlebell in your right arm to brace yourself.

2) Kettlebell SquatsClearly stand in squat position. Find a kettlebell with a weight that is comfortable for you but heavy enough to feel the burn. Grip the kettlebell with both hands against your chest. Perform a squat like you normally would with the kettlebell. Keep your back arched when you do the squat.

3) Kettlebell Swing – With kettlebell swings remember it is all in the hips. Pickup the kettlebell off the ground and have it dangle between your legs. Use your lower back and hips as you do the swings. Swing the kettlebell forward up to no higher than your chest.

Inhale as the kettlebell is going down and exhale as you bring it up toward your chest. Your abs and glutes should be tight at the top of the swing.

4) Kettlebell Towel Curls – Of course by the name you know the required equipment is a kettlebell and a towel. Loop the towel through your kettlebell. You can do a curl with one or both arms with kettlebell towel curls. Do whatever suits your fancy.

5) Kettlebell High Pull – Hold the kettlebell with one arm dangling between your legs. Lift the kettlebell above your head using your hips and thighs. Once you get level with your head pull it back with your arm and shoulder.

Be careful fellas when doing this exercise, make sure you do not hit the family jewels on the way down.

If you are looking to add a little flavor to your current workout routine a few kettlebell exercises might be just what the doctor ordered. You can easily craft a full body workout using kettlebells.

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5 Core Muscle Exercises to Help You Get a Stunning Body

A sexy looking stomach is the most looked after look for men and women. You hear so much talk about six pack abs and how to get them.

The truth is you have to be at a low body fat percentage to have a six pack. Six pack abs start with a strong core.

There are a number of core muscle exercises you can do to achieve a stunning body which includes getting ripped abs. So let's take a look.

1) Plank – There is no better way to build your core strength than using planks. Get in push up position and then hold it for as long as you can. I have heard of people being able to do planks for 10 minutes straight without stopping. That is crazy strong.

For newbies start doing planks for at least 1 minute, break for one minute, then do another. Rinse and repeat for as many reps as you can. Occasionally you will be able to do 5+ minutes solid without stopping.

2) Hanging Leg Raise – Hang from a chin up bar. Bring your legs up to a 90 degree angle to your body. Remember not to swing your body to gain momentum and to keep your toes pointing up.

3) Twisting Crunch – Better than the regular traditional crunch since it hits all of your abdominal muscles in one exercise.

To do a twist crunch, lie on the floor with your knees facing up with hands behind your head elbows facing out. Bring one elbow up toward the opposite knee to get a full abdominal and oblique contraction. Switch from left arm to right arm.

4) Superman – Lye down on your belly. Fully extend your body with only your stomach touching the ground. Flex your arms, core, and legs. If belly fat is your kryptonite then do supermans to rid yourself of it.

5) Side Plank – Lie on your side in a straight line. One elbow perpendicular to your body and at your shoulder, put opposite hand on your hip. Raise your body up, hold for a second then bring back down. Side planks help to target those hard to get obliques aka love handles.

When you have a strong core you will have less injuries, a stronger back, better balance and future. But of course you will have a nice looking six pack. A stunning body awaits you if you do the core muscle exercises mentioned.

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Full Body Workout Routine – Using Bodyweight Exercises to Get Great Results

When it comes to working out you always have options. Doing bodyweight exercises gives you options even when you do not have weights to use. That makes working out at home easier even with little space to work with.

So what are some bodyweight exercises you can do to get a stunning body with your new body workout routine?

1) Push Up – The most well know and most used bodyweight exercise is the push up. It is a great exercise to build a strong upper body.

If you are just beginning working out you might want to start doing pushups with your knees on the ground until you build your strength up. There is no shame in that. Everybody is in a different place in their fitness quest.

2) Chin Up – Another very commonly used bodyweight exercise is the chin up. All you need is a chin up bar, if you do not have a chin up bar you can use a low lying rafter somewhere, make sure it is secure.

If you need assistance use a chair to help you get through the reps until you are ready to do regular chin ups.

3) Chair Dips – Another great exercise to attack your upper body. Chair dips work your triceps, shoulders, and chest. Be careful if you do too many you will wish you did not the next day or two.

4) Rows – This is a little different than the other examples on the list. Do this one if you do not have a pull up bar handy.

Lie under your kitchen table, chest at the edge of the table, pull yourself up as high as you can to the bottom of your table. Be careful when doing this, if you do not have a very sturdy kitchen table do not attempt this exercise. Your significant other would not like it at dinner time if there is no kitchen table to eat on because of your morning workout.

5) Squats – The first few exercises mentioned target body upper, but squats when done properly blast your lower body. There are plenty of variations of squats.

Including: regular squat, pistol squat, split squat jump, prison squat, sumo squat, lateral squat, Bulgarian squat. Some of the names are pretty hilarious.

6) Lunges – A close cousin of squats, lunges are an excellent bodyweight exercise to build strength in your legs. Do squats and lunges regularly and watch your leg strength explode.

7) Step Up – Have one leg on a higher elevation than the other. Step the lower leg up to where the higher leg is. Inhale as you lower exhale as you are coming up. Do about 8-12 reps per leg.

There you have it a great full body workout routine using bodyweight exercises. You can build strength with your upper and lower body in just one workout. How cool is that? Get busy burning those unwanted calories.

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Tricep Exercises for Mass: The Beginner’s Guide to Building Ripped Arms

Are you looking to improve the strength and size of your arms? Doing a number of tricep exercises for mass can help you to get thoseought after ripped arms.

When everyone thinks of the glamor muscles they first think of biceps, but you can not forget about your triceps. They are as much a part of the glamor muscles as the biceps.

You should train your triceps as much as you as train your biceps, shoulders, and back.

So what are some good tricep exercises to get some awesome looking arms?

Tricep Dumbbell Kickbacks – With dumbbell on your side lean back. Your arm should be shaped like an “L” on your side. Push the weight toward your butt. Squeeze tricep when your arm is fully extended.

Stay loose and move your arm naturally when performing your reps.

Tricep Dips – A great tricep exercise to do when you are not at the gym and weights might not be an option. Using a chair, place your arms close to the edge giving yourself sufficient room to dip in front of the chair.

Dips will absolutely blast your triceps when you do enough reps. Do these and feel the burn! Do these enough and say hello to ripped arms.

Close Grip Bench Press – You want to have your hands about 8 to 10 inches apart, a little less than regular bench press. Lower weight to chest, pause for a moment then bring back to the top.

Tricep Cable Pressdown – Get a good firm grip with your hands shoulder width apart, make sure to be a few steps in front of the machine too. With the bar almost touching your forehead, lean forward and pull the bar towards the ground for your first rep. Lock your elbows at the bottom and squeeze your triceps.

Use full range of motion when doing the reps to get the most out of your workout, bringing the bar as far up as possible and far enough to the bottom to lock out your elbows.

Close Grip Push Up – The close grip push up is a great exercise to target your triceps. It is a great option to do if you are not at the gym.

Hold your arms a few inches closer in than a traditional push up. Lower yourself to about 2 inches off the ground then come back up. Do as many reps as you can do. This is one of those exercises you can do until your body will not let you anymore.

Whether it's winter, summer, spring, or fall you can achieve ripped arms. Do these 5 tricep exercises for mass to build some sexy looking glamor muscles to impress the ladies.

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Muscle Building 101, 3 Things to Get You Started

Starting out on a path to muscle-building or fitness in general, is difficult if you do not have the tools and knowledge to know what works and what is a waste of time. It is just like weight loss, hard to start, hard to stay with it and hard to keep motivated specifically if you do not see results quickly. But there is hope! Muscle building is not as hard as it looks or the big muscle guys say it is, it just takes some common sense and tools to give you the success you want. most think it take hours in the gym pumping huge weights until you arms and legs feel like they are going to explode, nothing could be further from the truth about muscle-building. The key to muscle-building starts in the kitchen, not the gym!

  • No muscle will ever get bigger unless fed properly. Muscles are roughly 70% water so it is obvious you need to drink lot of water to keep those muscle full! But nutrition is just as important, if you do not eat right and boost your metabolism you will be fighting an uphill battle. You muscles need to eat and protein is the one food source you must have in your diet. Great proteins like fish, chicken, smoothies and nuts are just a few that you will have in you diet. There are all sorts of marinades (Italian dressing is a great one for chicken) for meat as well as stir fry, low salt chicken soups and salads that will give you all the main foods you need, and of course a hand full of almonds between meals is the perfect snack food. Once you are eating to build muscle and your metabolism rises, your muscle will become very efficient and each workout will be easier and easier. Another part of nutrition is to “eat clean”. This means to stay away from processed foods, sugar filled foods and high calorie foods. Stay as close to nature as possible, your muscles will thank you as well as your overall health.
  • Supplements (legal supplements) are another important piece of the pie, you can not eat enough of the right foods to meet all your muscles needs when training. Even the best will fall short if they try to do it with food alone. Knowing the right supplements and when to take them is real important. Supplements like protein, Whey, Creatine, fish oil and L-glutamine are just a few of the supplements a muscle builder needs. A good fitness program will give you all the right supplements to add to your fitness routine.
  • Exercise and weight lifting , these are critical of course as your muscles need those workouts and microscopic tears to build bigger, stronger muscles. Your muscle-building program has to have more than just pounding out the reps, you need a good cardio plan for those off training days and you need to know what type of weight lifting to do for each muscle group. You need to exercise all the muscle groups to keep a balance to how your muscles build and grow. One tip that many forget is to make sure your routine has “high intensity interval training”. This type of cardio workout will have you burning calories so fast that within 20 minutes you will be burning at a faster pace than any normal treadmill routine. Again, a good fitness program will show you how to use high intensity interval training to maximize your program.

There are many more tip and ideas that will help you get to know what it takes to build muscle in the most efficient way possible. With the proper direction and program, anyone can get a path to fitness and do it in the fastest way possible. Bottom line, pick a program, stick to it and see the results!

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A Few Ways To Tell That Your New Workout Will Not Work

Every day it sees that someone new decided to throw their hat into the mix by publishing their own workout preaching infamous results.

“Get lean in ten weeks,” or, “get those rock hard abs that you have always wanted,” is rhetorical still ringing in the answers of many, and apparently the only solution to a workout is taking one that you have paid money for and tweaking it into something that will actually get you closer to those results.

Before you run out and blow your hard earned money on a new workout theory, you should do your research. Just because a workout was created and was successful does not translate into you seeing those exact same results. Every 'body' is different which stands to reason that not everyone will react the same way to a workout.

Even though that seems to be the case, here are a few things to consider before you decide to spend money on a new workout.

The first sign that you wasted your money is if that new workout of yours is not centered on major compound lifting movements.

What does that mean?

Well, in the 'family tree' of weight training, working out each muscle can be traced back to one of the major compound lifts.

For example, if you purchase a program that does not involve squatting as a means of working out your legs, then that program is probably not going to work.

The squatting motion will work every muscle in your legs as well as the ones in your core if done properly. Leg press machines, leg extension machines, leg curl machines- all of them could have been traded for more reps in the squat rack.

That is just one example, but there are many others to be found in the gym. The reason why the major compound lift is so vital to your weight loss success is because it will burn the most calories, it will work the most amount of muscles, and it will create a much longer 'afterburn' as a result meaning that your metabolism will be running hotter, longer after your workout.

Another sign that your new workout is destined for the garbage is if no additional weight is involved. All of these workouts that use nothing but your body weight are a great way to burn off steam, but in the long run it will take you farther if you add additional weight to that movement. The simple fact is if you can do it with your own body weight, then you can do it with your body weight plus an extra five pounds.

The idea is the more muscle you can build and maintain, the more calories you will be able to burn while sitting on the couch.

The last sign that your program is destined to fail is if it dedicates too much time to small muscle groups. In short, if you have a dedicated arm day you should try and return it for a refund.

If you think about it, your arms only make up a small percentage of your body which might only equate to 15%. That means that the muscle fibers are much shorter and do not need as much attention as say your quadriceps or your pectoral muscles.

These smaller muscles will not burn as many calories at rest because of their size. They will not burn as many calories while performing the workout and will certainly not burn the calories after the workout is completed.

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Build Your Glamour Muscles With These Bicep Exercises

When talking about fitness big arms or the glamor muscles are put in the conversation very easily. Are you pleased with the size or definition of your biceps? If not try these bicep exercises to get them looking nice.

1. EZ-Bar Bicep Curl – One of the most common curl exercises. This one lives up to it's name. Using an ez-bar to do curls makes life easier. It makes it easier to do the exercise.

When doing these make sure to not rock the weight for momentum or allow elbows to move forward. If you can avoid these two common mistakes you will get the most out of your bicep workout.

2. Resistance Band Curl -Using resistance bands are a great way to attack any muscle group if weights are not an option for you.

Stand on resistance band with feet a little wider than should width apart to do the curls.

3. Concentration Curl – While sitting on a bench with feet on the ground. Bend over and grab a dumbbell with palms up. While doing curl your elbow should be touching the inside of your thigh. Switch arms since you will be doing curls with one arm at a time.

4. Hammer Curl – Stand shoulder width apart with dumbbells at your side with palms facing in. Curl dumbbells one at a time. When you get to the top squeeze bicep, pause briefly and return back to starting position.

5. Standing Dumbbell Curl – Similar to hammer curls with the starting position. The only difference is when you lift the weight. When lifting the weight you want to turn your wrists and the dumbbells toward your body.

6. Kettlebell Bottoms up Clean – With 1 kettlebell on your side swing it back and then curl it up. The bottom of the kettlebell should be facing towards the ceiling. Not only will this build strength in the biceps it will also build forearm strength.

7. Seated Dumbbell Curl – Same as standing dumbbell curls but you are sitting down on a bench. It is just a different option. Maybe you are feeling a little fatigued and want to sit down and work your biceps.

8. Kettlebell Towel Curl – Put a towel through the dumbbell (obviously by the name). Perform a curl. Make sure the towel end toward the kettlebell is facing the outside of your hand with your thumb facing forward. Do this one right and you will torch your biceps.

Whether its spring, summer, fall, or winter you can have your glamor muscles looking awesome if you add these bicep exercises into your workout routine.

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The Real Benefits of Taking the Best Raw Milk Whey Protein Supplement

With the many possible options out there when talking about protein powder supplements, it is important to decide with care. Some products are promising great results in developing stronger muscles. Unfortunately, they present very poor quality of protein and simply cost many customers a lot.

One of the most popular choices now is raw milk whey protein, which many people are searching on the market today. This type of option is safe, healthy and low cost but guarantees high quality of protein. If you want to learn more about the exact health benefits of taking this powdered supplement, continue reading this article.

One of the most effective solutions for complete muscle development is to consume the best protein supplement to help your body recuperate faster. Remember that when you exercise, you start to split or break your muscles. This is very particular when lifting weights inside the fitness center. With the presence of amino acids when consuming natural whey protein, you will feel that your body recuperates slowly and heal the muscles efficiently.

The amino acids function as the building block of the body and they can easily increase your energy even after performing strenuous exercises. Of course, achieving proper weight loss is not difficult because of burning off those unhealthy fats during the workout period. Many people are taking advantage of the different offered whey protein in boosting their immune system. If the defense mechanism of the body is healthy, it is easier to fight certain ailments and possible infections.

Many health experts believe that if you really want to achieve the best muscle development, taking the exact raw milk whey protein is the best way. The nutrients that this type of supplement offers can definitely boost the muscle mass. These nutrients can keep your body active in completing your workout routines effectively.

Another impressive factor about these types of whey protein drinks is that the body can dissolve and absorb the protein without difficulty. Teenagers, adults, adults and even kids can consume these healthy beverages without experiencing negative effects. With the high quality protein they incorporated, the positive effects occur immediately after few days of regular consumption.

The anti-oxidant properties that the best raw whey protein contains also boost the overall health of the torso. Remember that you must never spend money just to buy unhealthy product that presents artificial anti-oxidant properties. These are not capable of improving the muscles because they do not come from high quality protein supplements.

Again, you can only find the best and dependable protein from high quality raw milk whey protein. If you want to find the best product today, the Internet is a great resource to locate the exact and suitable product for you. Online research can as well help you get as much information you need on how to incorporate this healthy protein while exercising.

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The Amazing Facts You Will Discover About Deer Antler Supplement Benefits

Long before pain relievers were developed, Asian countries have already experienced deer antler supplement benefits 2,000 years ago. Deer antler benefits were discovered in the traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese used it during the Han Dynasty for amnesia, dizziness, arthritis, pain, wounds, and even insomnia. This wondrous natural supplement was even preferred as a regimen to increase vitality and well being and referred as an important remedy in ancient Chinese pharmacology. In ancient times, velvet antler was sold as a solid, but now, manufacturers offer it as a spray or oral tablet.

Deer Antler Supplement Benefits

The velvet covers the cartilage on deer antlers before the antlers calcify and harden. It is now used as a supplement to enhance endurance, strength, immune system, and recovery from an intense training. The male elk produces the highest amount of velvet and lives in New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. The antler contains various tissues that include cartilage, which consist of collagen, glycosaminoglycans, and the powerful growth factor, IGF-1. The glycosaminoglycans assist in producing the proteoglycans found in the cartilage production. Proteoglycans also help regulate cell differentiation and water retention. Moreover, this substance also helps stimulate chondrocytes in cartilaginous tissue.

Deer Antler Supplement Benefits Overall Health and Wellness

There are many benefits because this natural supplement contains many nutrients that are lacking in the body as we age and aids several ailments in the body. Antler velvet benefits the following for improved health and wellness:

Joints and bones – As mentioned earlier, glucosamine and chondroitin are both found in the antler velvet, and they help stimulate the growth of cartilage lost in osteoarthritis. This type of joint infection has many causes, but the primary factor is loss of cartilage and lubrication, which velvet antler addresses.

Athletic Performance – The deer antler contains huge amounts of IGF-I and II, which are beneficial for muscle development and the maintenance of energy levels. Several studies show that antler velvet can increase athletic performance. It also helps improve blood circulation in athletes, which allows them to recover quickly from strenuous training. Studies have repeatedly shown that performance was greatly improved after 4 weeks in athletes compared to a placebo.

The aforementioned are only two of the many antler supplement benefits. Other antler benefits include improved mental clarity, increased growth, improved sexual drive, and remedy of various conditions like asthma and stomach ulcer. There are lots of reviews that talk about how effective this natural remedy is as far as natural supplement is concerned. Readers are encouraged to continue researching reviews of the supplement in order to make an informed decision about which is best for their needs.

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