3 Mistakes That Might Be Hindering Your Muscle Growth

Big muscles are sexy. While this is the case, many people do not know the right way of getting the muscles so they struggle a lot. If you are struggling to get muscles here are three mistakes that you might be doing:

Resting For Too Long

It's good to rest between sets in order to give time for your muscles to recover. While this is the case, you should avoid resting for too long. Experts say that when you rest for a long time you tend to feel tired which means that you exercise for just a few minutes. To avoid this you should rest for only 30-90 seconds and then resume training.

To have the motivation to exercise you should dedicate every set to a given part of your body. For example, you can dedicate one set to your back. You should then rest and dedicate the other set to your chest.

Not Monitoring Your Progress

“What gets measured gets improved” is a popular saying and you should include it in your muscle building journey. Many people go to the gym because it's part of their social life. While this can be done by seasoned weight builders, you can not do the same as a beginner.

If you want to gain weight you need to come up with a plan that will guide you on how much muscle you need to gain. The plan should also guide you on how to achieve your goals.

Professional muscle builders recommend that you should not be strict on your plan-you should be flexible and be ready to make the necessary adjustments as need be.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

While it's good to have a plan of the amount of muscle that you want to build, it's good to be realistic. For example, it's impossible for you as a new weight lifter to lose 50 lbs in your first few weeks of training.

To have the morale to continue with the training you need to set realistic expectations. For example, if you are training in order to lose body fat you should lose at least 2 pounds of body fat every week.


These are the mistakes that you should avoid if you want to build muscle the right way. Always remember to take enough proteins in your meals. To be on the safe side you should take animal, vegetable, and dairy proteins. You should avoid taking recycled carbohydrates.

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Add 15 Pounds Of Muscle In 7 Days

While honesty is a value, in the world of “muscle-building and fat loss” it is a lost commodity.

After 38 years in the world of bodybuilding, I can honestly say there is more BS floating around now than ever before. In fact, I would put most of the building muscle info I see on the internet right up there with UFO reductions, Big Foot and “honest politicians”.

You see, there is a correlation between the building the body and the tendency to embellish or manipulate the truth, like my headline, many of the claims and so-called “Newly Discovered” training methods, diets and supplements are nothing more than PT Barnum gimmicks ! Google search “PT Barnum” if you do not know idea who he was.

Myth: Awesome gains can be made with little “easy” effort if you have the right program and supplements.

No, No and NO! As someone who has tried just about every supplement, diet and training program, I can tell you that it takes hard work, dedication and a particular diet and training program to reach your goals.

Myth: Bigger is better.

Wrong. I kept backing out of entering my first contest because I kept telling myself “I was not big enough”. When once again backing out of the prized contest I wanted to win because of the same old excuse, my girlfriend said I would never compete because I would never think “I was big enough”. The comment cut to my heart. I decided to compete. I better guys who were 20 and 30 pounds heavier than me. I will because I was much more defined and polished, not because of size.

Myth: The best looking guys and girls train 2-3 hours a day, 5-7 days a week .

No they do not. Over-training will not, can not result in muscle gains. It is impossible to “over-train” and make muscle gains.

Myth: He, She, said they are natural and do not use steroids.

BULL! Let me tell you something. More people now than ever before are using Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone. These are not considered “anabolic steroids” so if they claim not to be using steroids they are in essence, not lying. They do not want to admit the drug use because they think everyone will discount the hard work and diet they follow. Truth is without the drugs they could not have maintained the hard work and strict diet because they would have over-trained and under-feed their body. They would have actually lost muscle, not gained muscle.


The human body is limited to the amount of muscle it can build in a given period of time. Age, health, gender, ability and a host of other human biological factors dictate the ability for muscle growth and fat loss.

To Build Muscle You Need To Follow These Guidelines:

1. Train hard and heavy with a weight lifting program that is sound and based in the principal's of progressive weight resistance. Do not mistake “hard training” with 'progressive training. “Many trainee's do endless sets and reps and believe that hard training. muscle.

2. Follow a healthy and nutrient based diet. Make sure you eat a variety of foods that contain all the macro and micro nutrients you need for building muscle that will be bigger and stronger and not shrink up after a week of not training.

3. Sleep is when the body actually repairs and creates new growth. Robbing your body of sleep is like planting a row of corn in the shadow of a tree. It will never grow to its fullest potential.

Train hard, eat hearty and sleep well!

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The Foundation to Strength Training

Your Body Wants to Make Workouts Easier

What is the most basic principle that serves as a foundation for all other principals in regard to resistance training in which the goal is to get stronger? The Path of Least Resistance is the foundational strength training principle that all other principles are built on. What do I mean by the path of least resistance? I simply mean that when you exercise, your body has a primary goal which is to choose a path of adaptation that will make that exercise stress easier for you the next time you work out. When exercise becomes easier, your body is simply taking the path of least resistance.

Gaining strength is one way that your body can successfully accomplish its goal of changing a hard training stress into an easy training stress. By gaining strength, the weights that you are lifting become easier to lift. This is exactly what your body wants; it wants a hard workout to become easier, so it becomes stronger to allow this to happen.

Training in Contradiction to What Your Body Wants

Unfortunately, it seems that the major of training information is based on the belief that a person must keep making workouts harder and harder in order to gain strength in spite of the fact that their body is trying to make the workouts easier and easier. When a person keeps trying to make their workouts harder by immediately adding more weight or reps when they gain strength, they are training in contradiction to the goal of their body.

Immediately adding more weight or reps each time strength is gained sending the message to the body that a gain in strength will lead to an immediate increase in the difficulty of workout. The body does not want a gain in strength to make exercise harder as it contradicts the body's goal of trying to make the workout easier. Why should your body keep gaining strength if it means that workouts will keep becoming harder? There comes a time when it does not.

The Problem and Solution

This brings up a problem with a solution that eluded me for years. The problem is, how do you let the same workout become easier and still make progress? Do not you have to add weight or reps and make the workout harder in order to keep gaining? Yes you do, but this is a secondary strategy. Strength can be gained by repeating the same workout without adding weight or reps for several weeks, this should be the primary strategy and a training solution. Why? Because as strength is gained, the same workout becomes easier. This is exactly what the body wants.

Repeating workouts and allowing them to become easier is just one strategy that is necessary for avoiding sticking points and making consistent strength gains. In order to make the most of this strategy, it is important to understand how to train in a manner that is either too easy, nor too hard, but is exactly right for allowing your body to make an easy strength adjustment. How is this done? It will be discussed in future articles.

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The Essence Of Strength

If you have ever had a drink with your friends at the local and they ask you why you pump iron. Or they start talking about all the muscle that you carry and that having so much muscle on your body is a waste because you will never be asked to use that strength.

What do you say? Do you tell them that the grinding blood sweat and tears that you put into your intestinal workouts is all because you want to put them on the truth?

The cosmetic reason to pump iron on a regular basis will not last year after year. Many bodybuilders feel that the benefit of gaining muscle is just a side effect from getting stronger. There is a certain self-respect any person will feel when they lift a heavier weight than they did yesterday.

Strength can not be increased by eating junk food and training once a week. Strength is achieved with lifestyle and adapting to the demands that your body puts on you trying to repair the muscle damage that you did at the gym. The principle on which bodybuilding is founded is progressive resistance.

Strength comes from the consistency of progressively resisting, pushing your muscles to the point of failure. Strength is borne out of intensity, it comes from reaching just a little bit farther, pushing the envelope. If you can lift a heavier weight in the same movement that you did last week or last month then you are gaining muscle.

Any bodybuilder that trains consistency for more than a year knows the advantages it can add to how he / she feels about themselves. Just because a man with muscle can break a door down with one hand does not mean that is what he will do.

The essence of strength is the journey it takes to achieve that strength. Just like fitness it only lasts as long as the extremes are tested. If a world class marathon runner did not train for two months he / she would lose half their fitness and would not be able to compete at the same level without training again.

Strength is muscle, the stronger you are the more muscle you will have. Genetically we all seem to be attracted to muscle because it is an indication of the ability to live a controlled and disciplined life. It was this attraction that originally started the sport of bodybuilding but the rules changed.

John Sandow who is considered the father of bodybuilding that put together the first bodybuilding competition at the turn of the century did so because of natural genetically appealing muscle. To win a bodybuilding competition you need symmetry, muscle density, balance and proportion.

During the early 1980's when the fitness boom was just getting started there was a competition at the Mr. Olympia event where big Lee Haney competed for first place with the perfectly balanced aesthetic proportioned Bob Paris. It was an IFBB decision made by Ben and Joe Weider that extremely determined the direction bodybuilding would go.

The attempt at achieving both aesthetics and size at the same time is the reason we see the current. Olympia looking the way that he does. Compared to the aesthetically pleasing bodies of Steve Reeves or Frank Zane the Mr. Olympias we see on stage these days have taken aesthetics a step too far.

The natural genetic appeal to the essence of strength that women have for men should not be the motivation to train. Although it usually is the only reason why someone may start training with weights on a regular basis it certainly is not sustainable on a long term basis.

Bodybuilding competitions are not attended by thousands of admiring girls because that is not the objective. As mentioned above the essence of strength is about the journey in gaining muscle and not the end game like winning a bodybuilding competition.

Bodybuilders who stand up on stage have put an all-out effort to present the audience with the body they see onstage. Months and years of preparation resulting in this muscle gain come as a result of increasing strength and this is not appreciated by most people.

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Muscle Gaining Secrets

Are you interested in building your muscles in a convenient way? However, building muscles is not an easy thing like you dream. You need to dedicate a lot of time as well as effort through the entire muscle building process. In addition, you need to be equipped with a good guide on how to go through the critical steps of building muscles. If you are looking for such a guide, Jason Ferraggia's Muscle Gaining Secrets is the best product available in the market.


Through Muscle Gaining Secrets, Jason Ferraggia has provided some excellent tips on building muscles in an effective manner. I decided to give this product a try after reading the content stated in their official website. According to the description, this is a complete presentation of building muscles. The best thing about Muscle Gaining Secrets is that it is based on all natural methods. You can follow the instructions without any hesitation since they are not in a position to bring any negative side effects.

I have been following Muscle Gaining Secrets for about two consecutive years. I am highly impressed with the results and that's what motivated me to write this review. Over the past two years, I began to notice some specific changes in my body. Before I purchased this product, I thought muscle growth can only take place at the gym. However, this guide shows that it happens where you go even while showering or at the dinner table. I just followed the steps mentioned by Jason in the program and they had the potential to deliver impressive results.

Jason Ferrugia – Neck Training

I was sufficient enough to get muscle training from the best instructor, ie Muscle Gaining Secrets. According to this guide, body weight exercises play a major role behind building your muscles in a safe and fast way. I had to start the training program with body weight exercises since my entire body was out of shape. I was able to learn the proper usage of body weight exercises and use them for the muscle development process.

Any person can keep his muscles healthy and tight by following what Jason has mentioned in Muscle Gaining Secrets. For example, he will ask you to rest for more than 30 seconds between sets. It plays a major role behind speeding up your metabolism, which eliminate extra fat. In addition, he has mentioned a lot about taking a rest in between exercises. Rest is important to rebuild and repair your muscles, but you need to rest in a proper manner. You should not rest for longer than three days and it needs to be synchronized with exercises.

To summarize, Muscle Gaining Secrets can be considered as an amazing muscle building program that has the ability to deliver effective results. You just need to follow the steps mentioned in it and you will definitely end up with amazing results.

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The Best Fat Burning System You Have Never Tried

Other names for this article could be “Turn on those Fat Burning Enzymes”, “Trigger off the After Exercise Fat Burn”, “Build Muscle, Burn Fat”, or “Stop Majoring in the Minors.” I could go on with the catchy titles, but there is no point. If you are considering exercising as a fat burning approach, keep reading. If you are exercising but not much is happening, continue reading. If you are doing resistance training and nothing much has changed, please all the strength training, then you must pay attention. To get right to the point, if you want to burn off that fat, you should strength train heavy. You can not get simpler than that.

However, this in no way means you should run off to the gym, grab the 50-pound dumbbells or a heavy barbell, and attempt to exercise with it. The word 'heavy' can mean different things to different people. I've trained women who would perform 12 reps of an exercise and her comment would be, “That was too heavy”. I would do the same with a man and the comment would be, “I could do more. That was not heavy enough.” The truth was they were both wrong … it was just about right for each one. Women are too easy on themselves and men are too hard on themselves (usually an ego issue). As for women who strength train, too many fear the possibility of building too much muscle. This is a fear unsupported by sports and medical chemical physiology. The fact is that women do not have near enough testosterone to do this. Do not be misled by the over-muscled women that you sometimes see. They are heavily chemically enhanced and are off the page of anything normal (mentally and physically). Also, most women are not brought up to adequately understand this modality of exercise. As for most men, they think that because they have a lot of testosterone and played rough and tough when they were young boys that they know what they are doing. Many of these men, after a bit of time in the gym, have a number of injuries and little results for their self-proclaimed gym smarts.

Let me get to a scientific fact in exercise science that is not explained or mentioned enough. In order for a muscle to lift any given weight, it needs to excite a given number of muscle fibers. In order to lift a greater weight, it needs to excite a greater number of fibers. Muscle fibers do not half-contract to lift lighter weight or contract harder to lift heavier weight. They are either turned on or not turned on. This is called the “all or none principle of muscle contraction”. So the more weight you lift, the more muscle fibers you excite. The more muscle fibers you excite, the more energy it requires. The more energy it requires, the more calories and fat you use up. The added bonus to the increased workload is the greater amount of survival hormones (growth hormone) realized to burn fat long term. The proper approach to weight training is somewhat individual to body type, age, and other factors. This writing is meant to stimulate the desire to learn more and understand what is real and just wishful thinking.

So back to the facts, the best muscle tone and fat reduction comes from heavy strength training. A good coach or trainer will be necessary to point out the most effective methods if you really want to get through the maze of false claims and confusion. Women should be taught to work harder and men much smarter. Please do not misunderstand me on this. Lifting weights heavy enough to produce real and positive results on muscle tone (or muscle building, if you are a man), is not the one and only best thing to do to rid the butt, thighs and belly of fat stores. IT IS NOT! But as far as exercising know-how, it is the one major factor that I see and know of. The fact is that it is so misunderstood by so many novice people, especially people that are not making any progress. In a nutshell, the words HEAVY TRAINING are words of interpretation. With the ladies, it is the fear of the unknown or low expectations, a gray zone. With men, it's all black and white numbers or overreaching and trying to prove something to themselves or others. Yet to others, it is just admitting that they do not know and want to learn. These few people are the smarter ones.

The objective of this writing is to bring to the open the one missing link or answer to most of the failing workouts taking place. With little doubt, I can say it is one of the major factors. Other factors can be not understanding the correct utilization of the principles of obtaining the results, such as frequency, volume, mode and varying intensity adjustments.

The bottom line is that your exercise sessions should be performed with the effort and effect to trigger the release of growth hormone and other factors that put the body in a long-term place. Little long-term results come from too much short-term effort. This type of training not only brings great potential, but great personal responsibility towards other behaviors, such as food quality choices and timing, as well as other supplementary activities. A good experienced coach or trainer should be capable of assessing the situation and helping in putting this in a clear understanding way. If you do not understand why you are doing what you are doing, you will stay where you are. Once you finally get it, you will have learned something of great value that has been so misunderstood far too long.


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Why Fad Diets Won’t Work in the Long Run

You want to lose weight and lose it fast so you consider one of the many popular fad diets you hear so much about. They all promise you will lose a lot of weight in just a short time, such as a week to two weeks. It sounds great but is a fad diet a good way to go?

Take a look at several of the fad diets. You should notice that no matter what foods are included and what foods are restricted, they are all unbalanced and missing vital nutrients for your body needs for good health. The low carb diets include plenty of protein and fat but severely restrict carbs. Low fat to no diets eliminate all or nearly all fats and often limit protein as a result.

Another type of fad diet is one that focuses on one particular food that must be eaten at every meal, such as the grapefruit diet. Diets such as this usually severely restrict calories to 1,000 or less. Any diet that restricts calorie take that much can not be maintained for long.

You will lose weight, but you will go off the diet after a couple of weeks and likely gain it all back just as quickly. One of the reasons for this is that most if not all the weight lost is water weight. On top of regaining the lost weight, additional weight gain is common because of binging on the foods you could not have while on the diet. Fad diets leave you feeling stripped and that often leads to overeating after it has ended.

Many people try one fad diet after another and become yo-yo dieters. Each time they go on a new diet, they find it is harder to stick with it and the weight is not as easily lost, especially with low calorie diets. The body goes into starvation mode to conserve fat stores. Muscle is burned for energy instead of fat. Occasionally, you feel weak, maybe even sick. The only solution is to end the diet and increase calorie intake.

It is best to avoid all fad diets and simply eat a well-balanced diet that properly balances protein, fats and complex carbs. Lean meats, plenty of vegetables, some fruits, grains and dairy should be included and limit simple carbs such as foods contain lots of sugar. Exercise enough to burn more calories than you eat and the weight will come off at a healthy, sustainable rate.

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Pushdowns Or Kickbacks – Who Is The King Of Triceps Exercises?

If you pushed most people on their answer, many would opt for the often used rope pushdown as the true king. It's ability to zone in and create an extreme burn in the arms is truly uncanny.

But according to the latest science, there is one clear winner in this category and it is none of the above!

But if you follow bodybuilding, you will know that there is one move which was conveniently left off the list above. Triceps kickbacks. That's right, the one you usually leave until the end of your workout or, even worse, dismiss as an exercise intended for the girls. Surely there is some error.

In fact, no mistake was made.

Not only did they prove themselves to be the true kings of the jungle when it came to arm exercises, they were confirmed to be streets ahead of their more popular main rivals.

In 2012, researchers from the University of South Carolina Upstate set out to discover the facts behind which exercise isolated the muscle more than any other. They compared several of the best known moves, putting subjects through an intense arm training routine and taking the key factors taking place inside the muscle.

When compared to the much more popular rope pushdown, kickbacks catapulted muscle activity in the long head of the triceps by 20%. But that was not all. In the lateral head, the one that gives your arms that much thought-after width most guys try to achieve in the gym, muscle activity soared up by an extra 50%.

All of this occurred despite the fact that subjects were lifting a significantly lighter load.

Sometimes, using a lighter resistance can pay dividends and that was the case in this particular study. With subjects training with light dumbbells on this exercise, they were able to focus on hitting the muscle without the distractions of a heavy load to control. All this made for fresh results.

So despite the fact that this exercise has long been relegated to the “if I have time” category on arm day, it is actually a hidden gem when it comes to packing on lean size and toning your arms in double quick time. You may have to dust off some old muscle magazines to see it performed, but the latest studies confirm it'll be worth your while.

Dumbbell kickbacks are now proven to be the best triceps exercise .

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How to Build Muscle Without Gaining Body Fat

Building muscles without gaining fat mass is not the easiest task in bodybuilding, but it can definitely be done.

There are several factors that can influence this process:

Level of training




Level of training

People that are beginners in training usually have the capacity of building easier muscles than accumulating fat mass. This is due to the fact that when you are a beginner your body needs to do many adaptations in order for it to face the future trainings. So it will consume a lot of energy do these adaptations.

These adaptations are usually things like: increasing muscle size, strengthening tendons, strengthening ligaments, strengthening bones and improving some functions. All these things will need calories that the body will take from the fat deposits.

On the other hand a person that is advanced in training, for example 3-4 years, usually will build muscle mass and fat tissue at the same rate, if the diet and training are not adjusted accordingly.


In order for someone to build muscles without gaining fat is important to know his maintenance calories.

The maintenance calories are basically the amount of calories that someone can eat without gaining weight. A method through which you can find your maintenance calories is to eat every day the same amount of calories and see if you gain, lose or stall in weight. If you gain weight you reduce them with 200-500 calories, if you lose weight you have to increase them with 200-500, but if you stop you found your maintenance weight.

Keep in mind that you have to eat the same amount of calories for 1 week to draw conclusions.

Diet composition

To build muscles without fat gains you also have to have a diet that is based on foods rich in proteins and low in other macronutrients ..

The diet composition can look something like this: 25-30% proteins, 20-30 carbohydrates and the rest percents fats.

A trick which you can do to keep fat accumulating away, is to eat carbohydrates like in the above example in the training days and in the off days to reduce them to about 100-150 grams max per day.


Cardio is a tool that can help you burn some extra calories in order for you to reach your maintenance levels. Depending how you use it, cardio can have a good or a bad impact on your muscle gains.

The best thing to do if you need to burn some calories is to do low intensity cardio, mainly a fast walk.

The duration of cardio will depend of your needs, for example with 10 minutes of low intensity cardio you can burn around 100 calories. So, if you need to burn 500 calories in a day, you will have to do around 40-50 minutes of cardio.

Usually, if you do the cardio on a treadmill it will show you how much calories your burned.


This last factor can have an important impact when it comes to building muscles without gaining fat, mainly because with the passing of years the body's metabolism decreases in its activity, usually with 10% at every 10 years.

A younger person will build lean muscles easier, than a person that let's say is 40 years old. At this age you must be very careful about every factor that can influence fat gain.

For more weight training and fat burning information visit my website sworkoutroutines.com

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Six Pack Abs – Follow an Integrated Approach

How to get six pack abs is a question to which many people have been trying to find an answer. You see a lot of people proudly displaying their six pack body. So, you can get a six pack body too. For getting better and faster results, you will do well to follow an integrated approach to improve your overall health.

People who aspire to develop strong muscles choose workouts as the best way to achieve their goal. They may not focus on diet thinking that diet is associated with losing weight but not with gaining muscle strength. Their logic is right. But your body follows its own logic. Your body will respond to all your efforts wherever you go for fat loss or for gaining muscle strength but the amount of response will depend on your approach. Your body will show much better improvements if you adopt an integrated approach.

Rather than follow separate plans for developing six pack abs and for losing fat, you should aim for an integrated health improvement plan. When you grow up physically from the time of your birth, all parts of your body grow up together. You did not make individual efforts to make your hands grow longer and your legs grow stronger!

If a child needs to show improvement in its growth, the doctor will prescribe a tonic that will tone up the growth process of the body. In the same way, you should consider the issue of getting six pack abs as an integral part of your health improvement process. You do not have to take six pack abs diet or do some special workouts for this. Focus on the overall improvement your body needs.You will then realize that there is a simple two step process that will help you develop six pack abs.

The first step is to ensure that your body does not accumulate fat. When fat fills your body, there will be no place for muscles to grow! It is as simple as that. How to prevent your body from accumulating fat is a question to which you can get answers from many sources including books and website articles.

The second step is to eat healthy foods. If you think that the second step is a part of the first step, then you are not wrong because eating healthy foods is one of the best ways of preventing accumulation of fat in your body. Once fat is prevented from taking positions in your body, your six pack abs will begin to show. Your belly fat will be replaced by strong muscles.

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What Is Boot Camp Fitness Training?

Staying fit is something that everyone wants to do, but your average gym workout can not only get boring after a period of time, it does not always provide the challenge that some people need in order to stay motivated. That is perhaps one of the reasons that fitness boot camps have become more popular in recent years.

Fitness boot camps are a form of outdoor, group training classes that combine the traditional body weight and calisthenic exercises with both interval and strength training. As with any type of fitness program, the variation in styles of fitness boot camps is almost endless, but most are designed to push the participants harder and further than they would go on their own; much like boot camp pushes would be soldiers.

Most classes range from 4 to 8 weeks and participants usually find themselves running plenty of sprints, doing what seem like endless push-ups, and engaging in a wide variety of interval and plyometric training with infrequent or short periods of rest between them. This type of fitness routine is definitely not for everyone, but they have gained popularity because they offer a unique, low cost, and efficient workout that is anything but boring. Not all instructors and participants are meant for each other and it is important to choose one that you feel comfortable with. In addition, try to meet the others who will take the class with you because these people will provide support and motivation during the workouts and knowing that you all share similar goals will be beneficial to everyone.

While the styles and methods of a fitness boot camp may vary greatly, there are some things that are typical for most, if not all, of them.

In most cases the groups are kept to between 6 and 10 people at a time.

Workouts most often take place in public outdoor areas such as parks.

The first session will be for orientation such as filling out paperwork, going over safety guidelines and rule, and getting a basic assessment of your fitness level (if that has not already been done).

Each session will begin with a warm up period (the length depends on the instructor).

The overall workout generally lasts for 30 to 40 minutes.

These are just basic guidelines that are included in most fitness boot camps. The actual workout will vary greatly depending on the goals of the group and instructor, but one thing that all the different styles have in common is great results.

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Using the Gym to Your Best Advantage

Using the Gym to Your Best Advantage. How? When it comes to going to the gym, there are more complainers than doers. Complainers like to whine and say that going to the gym is too time consuming, out of their way or just too inconvenient in general. This type of person never does anything to change their way of doing things, but they wonder why they are still unhealthy.

A doer understands the importance of going to the gym. A doer also hates going to the gym for the same reasons as a complainer, but there is a big difference between these two types of people. A doer understands that nothing changes until he puts forth the effort. He will continue to lead an unhealthy lifestyle unless he makes the first step. He understands that going to the gym is beneficial, and that this one little action can greatly improve his health and way of living overall.

Which type of person are you? Are you a complainer or a doer? If you are complainer, stop making noise and do something to improve your health. Stop complaining and start using the gym to your best advantage. Stop whining about how costly fees are due because there are free gym services available in many cities. Stop whining about how you do not have enough time in the day to go to the gym. You have time to stop and stand in line for bagels and coffee. Right? Stop whining about how you can not get a babysitter after work so that you can go to the gym. You are always able to get a sitter when you want to go to the movies or mall. Right?

The bottom line is that you need to stop making excuses and get your butt into the gym. Find a personal trainer and start working out. In fact, bootcamp fitness training is probably the best thing for you because it is a way to jumpstart your attitude and make you see that going to the gym is beneficial for you in the long run.

Would not you love to be able to walk up and down the stairs without feeling run down? Would not you love to have a way to automatically control your weight? Would not you love to have an ideal way to ward off bad health conditions and diseases? You may have existing ailments that could benefit from you going to the gym on a regular basis. The bottom line is that nothing is going to improve without you stop your complaining and doing something to make yourself healthy. Become a doer and use the gym to your best advantage.

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What Is the Best Way to Achieve Fat Loss?

If you are in a quandary about the best way to achieve your goals when it comes to fat loss, consider personal training. It is likely that you have tried in the past to lose weight and become more fit. The problem is – it is difficult to do this on your own. Staying motivated and finding the right exercises can be a problem.

How a Personal Trainer can Help

The main reasons weight loss programs fail is because it is difficult to stay on track when trying to lose weight and get in shape without encouragement. If you do not see results for a while, you can become discouraged. Everyone hits a plateau where it sees the exercise and diet is just now doing anything.

Personal training in can help you to achieve your goals. A personal trainer can help you to stay focused and not become discouraged. In addition, they can design a program that will help you to see results. Creating exercise routines that are fun rather than the same old boring workouts is important to staying on track. Working out is more than challenging your body, it is a challenge for your mind as well.

A personal trainer can help you to make healthy choices when it comes to diet. This is another extremely important factor when it comes to fat loss. A combination of diet and workout routines is the answer to losing weight and maintaining that loss. This is a problem many times. People workout every day so they think it is all right to eat whatever they want. This is not the way to achieve fat loss. Good nutrition in fitness is just as important as exercising.

Fitness and your Health

If you think you can not do exercises because of a health problem, this is not necessarily true. Most doctors recommend exercise as a way of helping to treat certain health issues. A personal trainer can work with your doctor to design a workout routine specifically for your needs.

Regular exercise routines are just as important for fat loss as they are for strengthening your muscles and bones and reducing the risk of disease. A personal trainer takes all of this into consideration when designing a program for your needs. Regardless of your age, physical ability or gender, a good exercise program can be beneficial in many ways. It will help you so much later in life when taking your health for granted has expired.

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The Dangers of Steroid Use in Fitness Training

The Dangers of Steroid Use in Fitness Training are huge. Anyone involved in fitness training or bodybuilding needs to be well educated and aware of the dangers surrounding the use of steroids. Steroids are often seen as a fast track to increased muscle mass and strength. While anabolic steroids can build muscle quickly, they come with massive risks that far outweigh their benefits.

Steroids are Never the Answer

Some people want shortcuts to reach fitness and peak physical condition. When results are not coming quickly, steroids can be a temptation option. Before you even think about using steroids to build muscle, consider the dangers and long term effects.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic testosterone. Injecting or ingesting anabolic steroids can result in rapid increases in muscle mass, strength, and overall stamina. It sounds enticing, but there are reasons why you do not want to be putting these artificial hormones in to your body.

The non-prescribed use of anabolic steroids in the United States is illegal. Because of this, you are open to risk of criminal prosecution, but there's also the fact that the source of any purchased drugs may be unknown, and users may even be purchasing veterinary use steroids.

Steroids result in psychological and behavioral problems. Firstly, steroids are addictive. The psychological dependence arises from the 'reward' in that users feel stronger and more energetic. Even users who plan to use steroids as a short term boost will develop a dependency as they are able to maintain their strength and muscle growth after cessation of use. During withdrawal the drop in hormone levels will result in depression. Steroid use can also result in increased irritability and a change in temperament, most often meaning increased aggression in users.

The scariest thing about steroids is what they will do to your body. Steroids can increase liver function which can lead to damage and even liver failure. Blood pressure and bad cholesterol increases with steroid use, which will cause cardiac problems. The boost in testosterone will eventually inhibit natural testosterone production, resulting in hormonal imbalances. All of these problems can continue long after steroid use has ended. There are also external changes for users. Thinning hair, testicular shrinkage, and oily skin are common problems resulting from steroid use.

The use of steroids can lead to lifelong problems even after a relatively short period of use. Yes, steroids build muscle, but is it worth the damage done to your body? No.

Avoid the use of steroids at all costs. Natural muscle growth through strength training and the right diet is more sustainable, rewarding, and ultimately safer than the use of anabolic steroids.

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Get a Bigger Chest With Decline Bench Press

The bench press is a standard piece of equipment in most gyms. If you are a regular on the bench, you might not be using it to its full potential. If you want a chiseled chest, drop the head down for some decline bench presses.

The decline bench press is an amazingly effective way to build and sculpt your chest. If you want a defined, muscular physique, you will want to incorporate the decline bench press into your routine. The decline bench press allows you to use the maximum weight. It targets and works the pectoral and middle chest muscles as well as the upper arms.

There are several important points in doing the decline bench press successfully. The first time you do some reps, you should use a weight that is just a bit lighter than what you would use for a regular bench press. This avoids possible injuries and allows you to get used to the feel of not only the bench in the decline position, but also the feel of the targeted muscles being put to work.

Another safety tip is to have a spotter. This is common knowledge to most who use the bench but it is imperative with the decline. You will need your spotter to lower the bar to you for the first rep and to replace it on the stand when you are finished. The position you will be in may be great for your workout but not if you drop that bar.

To gain the most from your presses, there are a few steps to follow. First and foremost, keep your feet either on the ground or controlled so that you do not move them. Once your spotter hands you the bar, place your hands just a bit wider than your shoulders. Too wide and you will be working on your shoulders. Too narrow and you will be working your triceps. Lower the bar to just above your chest but not on it. Tighten the chest and push straight up. Exhale on the up and Inhale on the way down.

This press can be done using the bar or dumbbells. If using the dumbbells, there is no question you need a spotter. The spotter will need to hand you the dumbbells. Lower them down until you feel a slight stretch then back up. The rest of the protocol is the same.

Since the fear of having Hulk size muscles has been put to rest, many women have turned to weight lifting to help keep a defined figure. A lot of women use the bench press and particularly like the decline as it helps them to attain the chest size and strength that they desire.

Whatever your weightlifting routine might be, adding the declination bench press is a must. The lower chest is a hard area to define and build muscle mass in. This targets this area and adds to the overall definition of the chest. Adding this gives you a complete chest workout.

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