Long before pain relievers were developed, Asian countries have already experienced deer antler supplement benefits 2,000 years ago. Deer antler benefits were discovered in the traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese used it during the Han Dynasty for amnesia, dizziness, arthritis, pain, wounds, and even insomnia. This wondrous natural supplement was even preferred as a regimen to increase vitality and well being and referred as an important remedy in ancient Chinese pharmacology. In ancient times, velvet antler was sold as a solid, but now, manufacturers offer it as a spray or oral tablet.

Deer Antler Supplement Benefits

The velvet covers the cartilage on deer antlers before the antlers calcify and harden. It is now used as a supplement to enhance endurance, strength, immune system, and recovery from an intense training. The male elk produces the highest amount of velvet and lives in New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. The antler contains various tissues that include cartilage, which consist of collagen, glycosaminoglycans, and the powerful growth factor, IGF-1. The glycosaminoglycans assist in producing the proteoglycans found in the cartilage production. Proteoglycans also help regulate cell differentiation and water retention. Moreover, this substance also helps stimulate chondrocytes in cartilaginous tissue.

Deer Antler Supplement Benefits Overall Health and Wellness

There are many benefits because this natural supplement contains many nutrients that are lacking in the body as we age and aids several ailments in the body. Antler velvet benefits the following for improved health and wellness:

Joints and bones – As mentioned earlier, glucosamine and chondroitin are both found in the antler velvet, and they help stimulate the growth of cartilage lost in osteoarthritis. This type of joint infection has many causes, but the primary factor is loss of cartilage and lubrication, which velvet antler addresses.

Athletic Performance – The deer antler contains huge amounts of IGF-I and II, which are beneficial for muscle development and the maintenance of energy levels. Several studies show that antler velvet can increase athletic performance. It also helps improve blood circulation in athletes, which allows them to recover quickly from strenuous training. Studies have repeatedly shown that performance was greatly improved after 4 weeks in athletes compared to a placebo.

The aforementioned are only two of the many antler supplement benefits. Other antler benefits include improved mental clarity, increased growth, improved sexual drive, and remedy of various conditions like asthma and stomach ulcer. There are lots of reviews that talk about how effective this natural remedy is as far as natural supplement is concerned. Readers are encouraged to continue researching reviews of the supplement in order to make an informed decision about which is best for their needs.