Weight training is fast becoming more and more popular with people today. Centered on making you not only healthy but strong, lifting weights at the gym has turned into a passion for some that are serious in getting into shape or just want to stay at the pink of health. Done by professional fighters and athletes, people are adopting this physical regimen to boost their own strength and help them either either the body that they want or steer them away from any diseases.

But what exactly is weight training and what does it do for you? There are a lot of people who also wish to join in the many benefits of this physical activity but are intimidated by the very sound of it.

What is it?

Weight training involves lifting weights, working out in machines, and staying in positions for a certain amount of time. Lifting weights is much more than just just lifting a heavy object – there is science to it, allowing people to build strength, balance, endurance and stamina.

What most people may not know about lifting weights is that there are many types. Here are its different types:

Bodybuilding – designed to increase the muscle mass, bodybuilding is achieved through several repetitions although it must be noted that bodybuilding is more for aesthetic purposes and not to increase strength.

Circuit Training – designed to use up the fats in your body, circuit training objectives doing exercises quickly and without having to take a break within a period of time.

Isometric – designed to isolate a certain muscle group to boost its strength, isometric involves holding weights in a certain position for an extended period of time.

Power lifting – involves lifting heavy weights for the purpose of boosting brute strength, but does not sculpt the body like that of bodybuilding.

What are the benefits?

Weight training is popularly known for increasing muscle strength and building a ripped body, but these are only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, when it comes to the many health benefits that it has.

One well-known benefit of taking up weights is to control one's weight. By lifting weights and working your muscles out your body uses up calories which will generally help you eliminate the fat stored in your body. What most people do not know about working out is that it also increases your metabolic rate which greatly helps in weight loss.

Lifting weights and keeping active has also been scientifically proven to strengthen the bones in your body effectively reducing the risk of fractures. In addition, it helps alleviate the pains of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

When it comes to your mental health, people become happier when they partake in physical activities such as lifting weights – an effective method for treating depression, and just like helping with depression, working out improves the quality of sleep that you get, allowing you to sleep more soundly and deeply.

Aside from these numerous benefits, weight training also helps people fend off diabetes, eliminate back pains, and counter obesity.