Some people work their butts off trying to build muscle, only to see very little results. This causes them to give up and going back to their normal ways. We'll if you have ever been there or are there now then do not be discouraged. As you may or may not know, lifting weights is a key factor to building muscle, but that is only part of it.

You can lift and exercise all that you want, but you will never get to see your full potential. If you stay focused, motivated, and consume the right foods, along with lifting weights, I guarantee you will be seeing much better results in less time.

You need to cut down on fatty foods, pick up on foods high with protein and carbs. Another very important factor is your workout. You do not want to overwork your muscles to a point where you are so sore that you can not move. This does more damage to your body than good, but definitely do not stop when you start to feel the burn because now you're on the right track to working that muscle.

Most people switch off and on from their lower body to upper body. For example, if you started working your upper body, then the next day you would work on your lower body. They do this because it allows time for the muscle to rest and build itself up. Letting the muscles rest is a very important part to building muscles.

Working out can be fun if your motivated. Music keeps me motivated during my workouts. Nothing beats when you're about out of reps and your favorite song just happens to come on at that particular moment, so you decide to bang out a couple more. Always be sure to have a spotter for safety reasons.

A lot of people also have a very hard to producing abs by doing crunches and sit ups. My words for you is it's not about how many you do, it's about how many you do correctly. Use your abs muscles to pull you up and do not cheat and you will definitely be seeing results.

One last thing I would like to add is breathing is very important when working out; you definitely do not want to hold your breath when lifting. Instead, try to breathe slowly and find a pattern that works for you. With that you should be on your way to getting results. Check the resource box for additional help.