If you asked someone how you could gain weight, the majority of folks would determine you to be crazy. Their thinking is, “why would anyone want to gain weight?” For that reason, most folks do not understand the concept of gaining muscle mass. Losing weight, on the other hand, they understand and there are all kinds of advice available.

Of course, most folks will say you need to consume more food if you want to gain weight. After all, the body will gain more weight when it consumes more calories than it actually uses. Basically, if you eat more calories than you burn off / exercise off, you'll gain the weight.

What You Must Do To Start Gaining Weight

1 – Talk To Your Doctor

What you should do first is talk with your doctor about why it is you can not gain weight. Some medical conditions make it next to impossible to gain weight. If you've got a medical problem, then the ratio of how many calories you consume to how many calories you burn off is non-existent and has no meaning. However, if you learn that you're free of any health complications, then you should fairly easily gain weight. But, as you probably know, there is a big difference between gaining fat and gaining muscle. We are interested in gaining a healthy weight, under the form of lean muscles. Couch potato people wanting to gain weight do not need advice: snacks, ice creams and pizzas are already their best friends – so we will not talk about gaining unhealthy pounds.

2 – Determine Your Calorie Amount

What you also need to do is find out how many calories you need to maintain your body weight. Women need to multiply it by 12; men need to multiply it by 15. The number you get is the amount of calories you must consume every day just to keep the weight you are at, based on your current physical activity.

If you want to gain more weight (say one pound) every week, you need to consume an additional 500 calories every day and not increase your physical activity level. When you do more exercising, you'll need to increase the calorie consumption to more than the extra 500 calories of course.

3 – Determine A Quality Muscle Mass Supplement

People wanting to increase their weight, let's take fitness pros and bodybuilders, usually turn to protein rich supplements, like whey or whey isolate. It's really easy to find such supplements in your local drugstore or on the internet (there are plenty of supplements sold on the net. Whey is one of the best supplement you could choose if you want to gain muscular mass. Check out some reviews on the net and make an educated choice.