Weight Lifting Programs

Weight Lifting Exercises and why they should be part of Your health and fitness program.

When it comes to setting goals for weight loss, many people believe that all that is important to achieve this is to diet and do 'cardio' exercises. This simply is not the case. A well balanced health and fitness program should also include a weight lifting routine as well.

Why Are Weight Lifting Programs So Important? The simple fact of the matter is that weight training will raise your heart rate which in turn will force your body to burn more calories. But it does much more than this. There are a lot of very important long term benefits that only weight training will provide. Having more muscle on your body will increase your metabolism. A higher metabolism means your body will burn even more calories. Gaining muscle will make your body require more energy, and it will get this energy by burning fat. Or, by gaining muscle, you are able to perform more strenuous activities, which in turn requires more energy by burning up those stored calories.

Some of the other important benefits from a good weight lifting program are that you will improve the way your body looks and feels, which is a great incentive to persevere. Also, regular weight lifting will strengthen your bones, and joints, which will in turn make your body much less intolerable to injury and fatigue.

Weight Lifting Programs for You. When it comes down to choosing the right weight lifting program for yourself, with any exercise start off light and work your way up. The more weight training you do the better, as long as you ensure that you do not get impatient and over reach. Always give your body enough time to recover between workouts. This is very important. Try to start with two days of weight training workouts per week. When this becomes easy to achieve, add another day or increase your workouts intensity. Always leave at least 48 hours between similar exercises. It is also a good idea to mix in complex movements like squats, lunges, bench press, and chin ups. Simple body resistance movements are yet another way to build muscle and strength. Using a variety of fitness workouts like this is good for preventing boredom, and covers the whole body.

How Long Should You Exercise For? When doing any weight training program you should always shoot for a feeling of mild exhaustion before calling it quits. By the end of your workout, whatever body part you are working on should feel like a pump; like the muscle is getting bigger. Try to push yourself, with care, until you feel that you can not reasonably achieve anymore sets.

Weight Loss Workouts: If weight loss is your main goal you will need to have a balanced fitness workout routine. As suggested above, try at least three days of strength exercises per week. On each consecutive day of weight training, work on a different muscle group such as upper body the first exercise day and lower body the next, and mix with either yoga or another form of total body workout. No matter what exercises you perform, make sure to stretch both before and after your workout to avoid injury. Warming up before a workout is very important!

Always remember to give your body a rest. Do not pummel a certain muscle or muscle group into submission. Always workout within your safe capacity. Nothing can be achieved by hurting and teething body parts. When you stress your muscles during your weightlifting and fitness program, it breaks down the tissues which then need time to heal. This is the natural process of growth, becoming bigger and stronger.

To Your Good Health.