The first great thing about gaining weight is the fact that you are healthy. Having muscles and a fat percentage of 7-10% in males and 12-20% in females are extremely beneficial to the body because it helps fat soluble vitamins and minerals to be delivered all around the body more efficiently. Fat soluble vitamins are usually found in food you consume and are not produced by your body naturally. So, you need to not only eat it every day, but also to have a certain amount of fat in order to transport it around your body. Without these fat soluble vitamins and minerals in your body, you are more prone to falling ill. Even top class athletes face this problem and they conquer it by being in the healthy fat percentage areas through their post season and in their pre-season so that they can perform at their best without falling ill during training season.

The next great thing about gaining weight is being able to wear your clothes instead of being a walking hanger for them. Clothes are meant to make you beautiful, not the other way around. Even with the trend of people dieting until they are bone-skinny, the clothing that they wear just does not seem to bring out the apparel itself and that is why the designs are now so loud and obnoxious. Having muscles for a guy in the upper body region brings across confidence when you wear your t shirt or even your suit as it brings out signs of a reliable man like broad shoulders and comforting pectorals for the ladies to admire.

The last great thing about gaining weight is the reassurance that you can handle anything that life throws at you. When you are late and rushing for the train, it is wiser to be fit and have some muscles that can get you where you want to. Even if you are chased by stray dogs into an alley with a fence, at least you have the decent muscle capability to get you out of harm's way. Even if you do get into an accident, a well-built person is less likely to get seriously injured to the point of death as the muscle will tend up and protect the vital organs and skeleton. However, this is not the case for skinny and lean people. There are even cases where those people get out of bed with bruises around their joints and around places where the bones are closed to the surface of the skin.