The best food to consume so that a skinny person can gain weight is definitely milk. Milk has amazing properties that benefit any animals. The benefits are so overwhelming that even infants keep it and grow at such a rapid rate. Here is why milk is extremely useful for you to gain weight.

Milk consists of all three nutritional elements for a skinny person to gain weight. They are whey, casein and fat. Whey helps in immediate repair of the muscle up to an hour. Whey is extremely beneficial if it is taken at breakfast and also after the workout to begin the repair process immediately. This property is so bought after that even supplement companies have gone into research and the isolation of whey to benefit the buyer. Casein is the second line of defense. Casein ensures that there is always enough protein for the body to convert into productive materials to repair your muscles throughout the day. With a chemical breakdown time of 2-4 hours, casein ensures that an average person who just consumes casein at the regular mealtime will never be short on protein itself. Similarly, casein is also very well maintained after weight lifters and body builders and is sold by supplement companies in an isolated form. Lastly, fat ensures that the body does not turn on itself and deprive the muscles from glycogen whenever it feels that it is lacking in energy. Having a healthy level of fat of 7-10% in males and 12-20% in females ensures that the person will remain healthy. This is because some nutrients are fat soluble and so with an insufficient amount of fat in the body, the body will have a higher tendency to fall ill, destroying all the muscle mass that you have worked so hard for.

The reason why this is the miracle food for skinny people to gain weight is also because it is found in liquid form, making it easier for a hard gainer to pack on the pounds without the feeling of vomiting. Many find it difficult to overeat on a daily basis of solid food as the body tends to reject when the stomach is full of food. Being a liquid, it will pass through the digestive system quickly so that it tricks the brain into thinking that it is hungry once again. Liquid diet also ensures that the body utilizes the nutrients more quickly compared to solid food. This in turn ensures that the body does not attack the muscle to get the much needed energy source it lacks.

Lastly, the reason for milk is because it can be easily and is inexpensive. Compared to the supplements, milk is a guaranteed way to put on weight without all the messy mixing of the supplement and the hassle of juggling the different kinds of supplement and their preferred time of consumption. Being inexpensive is the largest key asset in the arsenal of a skinny person wanting to gain weight. This is because money is hard to come by and with such an effective tool which is inexpensive, you can concentrate on gaining weight instead of the hassle of deciding which supplement to buy or take amidst the hype around weight gaining products.