Eating often takes off a lot of pressure you are giving to your stomach by asking it to digest so much stuff within one sitting. Moreover, I have found out that eating so much at one sitting only leads the food in one direction and that is down the toilet. The reason behind this is the moment the body reaches its maximum nutrition for that particular meal, it becomes a strict discipline master and bar otherwise nutrients from coming in. This results in 2 byproducts, either fat or human waste. I think I do not need to explain the bad things about fat at this point but human waste also carry with it a series of problems. You see, when your body rejects so many nutrients, you stress your digestive system and this could result in a complication where your body becomes numb to receiving proper nutrients, leading to nutrient deficiency when you stop eating so much. So the next time you think about eating more, think about eating more times rather than more in one serving.

What I mean by drinking is that instead of eating solid food, look for ways to turn your food into a pulp or a mixture with water. The few simple ways you can do this is to either blend your food using a blender and drinking the concoction down, or by replacing the extra calories you need by drinking milk through the day. Milk is an excellent choice for an in between meal because it has all the qualities of a high calorie diet as it has fat, protein and carbohydrates to count towards a high calorie diet which gets into your digestive system quickly so that you do not have the urge to vomit it out.

I have also realized that muscles weigh more than fat and that that is a good way to gain weight. Not only will you bring up the numbers on the scale, but also you will find it is sexier to put on muscles rather than a lot of fat right? Having nice muscles around compliments the clothes you wear so that you no longer are a hanger for your clothes. Having muscles will also keep you healthy. The last thing you want in your attempt to gain weight is to fall sick. Have you fallen sick and watch all the weight you try so hard to put on just wash down the drain within a day or two? If you have not experienced it before, I strictly advised you not to because I went through it and it was a huge blow to me.