The first thing that they all agreed on was that if you find something that works and is giving you result, stick with it. I heard from so many people that keep changing plans and wonder why they do not grow at the end of the day. As a matter of fact, I was also searching for a quick way. The answer is not in a workout that will speed things up, but rather speed up the rate of the habit itself. Let us say that you train once on Monday and once on Thursday for a whole month and you realize you are putting on weight, but ever so slightly. Instead of doing it on Monday and Thursday the following week, do it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead. Speeding up the training program is one way to get leakage on your workout and see results faster.

If you are like me who have jumped from one workout to another and have always been searching for the fastest way to get there, you would have realized a trend that all the workouts which promises fast results require a daily commitment in order to achieve. Similarly, you can do the same for your gym workout. However, instead of going to the gym every day, focus on the concept of one day workout and one day rest. A rest day is a much underrated factor when it comes to training and it is quite easy to know why. It seems that it is a passive way to grow when we are searching for a way to grow muscles more actively, like going to the gym. However, I have come to realize that rest is the best thing you can do to your body that will promise growth. Even steroids and growth hormones would not work on a person cheating to grow big if he does not sleep and rest enough.

Lastly, the tip that helped me a lot is to train within a 45 minute window at the gym. So many people crank so much time at the gym and receive minimal growth and some even stop coming because it takes them so long to recover. Remember to stimulate the muscle fully by doing compound exercises rather than isolation exercises. This will ensure that your 45 minutes is extremely worth it at the gym. The reason for the 45 minute work out time frame is because your metabolism will spike during this 45 minute and push all the necessary nutrients and energy to your muscles. However after this 45 minutes window, your body is quite stripped of the nutrients itself so it starts finding ways to supply the energy from other sources. This could mean that it goes into your muscle itself to use the glycogen supply for other activities, which is resulting in less growth because there are few nutrients to the muscles. Over time, your muscles will just refuse to grow no matter how much stimulation you apply to it after the 45 minute window because your body just does not supply it with enough nutrients, causing a waste of time and energy at the gym.