One of the thousand herbs in ancient Chinese medicine, the deer antler supplement is one of the most potent. Not only does the antler velvet have the therapeutic benefits, but it also helps maintain your health. This supplement can do wonders because of the numerous nutrients it contains. It helps with mental clarity, energy, endurance, and even stamina.

Deer Antler Benefits: Osteoarthritis

There are over 50 million people suffering from osteoarthritis in North America alone. Even household pets have this condition; it often results in a lack of mobility. There are certain prescription drugs that treat pain from osteoarthritis, but these drugs also pose serious side effects. Nonetheless, recent studies found antler velvet help with this debilitating condition. Before it arrived in Western countries, Asian countries have already used it for several centuries. Osteoarthritis results from a lack of cartilage due to old age, degeneration, issues with metabolism, and infections. When cartilage is lost, the bones become exposed, which also presents it to friction, swelling, and pain. Some of the treatments for joint inflammation only relieve pain, which can only do little for joint rehabilitation. However, velvet antler contains chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate, which trigger cartilage production and lubricciate the joints.

Deer Antler Benefits: Athletic Performance

Apart from osteoarthritis, deer antler velvet has promising effects in terms of athletic performance. This substance has morphogenetic proteins, which are responsible for regulating bone growth along with growth factors I and II. The growth factors, in this case IGF-1, increase the cell division rate and contribute to the high amino acid levels. Because of these components, the supplement is a potent growth hormone level increasing agent. A study conducted in New Zealand tested two groups. The first took 70 milligrams of velvet antler for about 10 weeks, while the second group only took a placebo. After the treatment, there was a huge difference in vitality, strength, and endurance between the two groups.

Deer Antler Velvet: The Promising Natural Supplement

It is no longer a secret how this natural substance can benefit those who regularly consume it. The supplement is also beneficial for headaches, eczema, low energy, chills, and indigestion. There are so many deer antler benefits that many individuals consider it as the miracle supplement. Research reflects the same laboratory findings, feedbacks, and reviews relating to its natural supplement. In most cases, you'll find reviews that highly recommend this supplement to those who look for natural alternatives.