Anyone who started going to the gym or have visited a health supplement store will definitely have a yard of whey and casein. Not many would be able to separate the fact from the fiction amidst all the hype on health products surrounding this two protein powerhouse. Let us start off with whey.

Whey is a protein found in milk and egg whites. It is the byproduct when you curd milk. The huge advantage of using whey is that it gets into the bloodstream within 1 to 2 hours. They get digested so quickly so that they can start the first line of repair on your muscles. The next advantage about whey is solubility. Since whey is a shorter chemical chain compared to casein, it is more soluble in water compared to casein and that is also why it is quickly absorbed by the body. The next thing we touch on will be the timing to consume whey. Since whey has a short chemical chain and it is absorbed quickly, consuming it at the appropriate timing will be nothing more than a waste of money. Whey is recommended to be consumed during breakfast as it goes straight to the muscles after a whole night of starvation. Similarly, this state happens also after your workout so that is also a good time for consumption of whey.

Let us now move over to casein. Similarly, it is also found in milk. However, it is a long chemical chain and so it is not found in egg whites as your baby chicks will not be able to digest such a long chemical chain. With the fact that it comes from only milk, it means that we do not consume enough casein as we generally stop drinking milk during our youth and adulthood. Chemically, casein breaks down within 3-6 hours depending on individuals and then it is a better source of protein to be used slowly by the body. Casein should not be consumed directly after a workout or early in the morning after you have woken up as it takes a long time to break down. This means that instead of fueling your body, you are using more energy to break down such a complex chain, resulting in muscular breakdown. Likewise, being a long chemical chain, it does not dissolve in water so easily so be sure to stir and shake thoroughly before consumption. Remember, every lump in your protein shake just goes to waste and I bet this will cause you to re-think the way you treat your protein shake. The appropriate time to consume casein would definitely be like a normal meal, but remember that this is a supplement or an add-on to your meal, never as your meal replacement.