The top reason why you should do this exercise is because it has been proven to be effective to help people put on mass. There is absolutely no reason why you will not grow after you do lift and witness progress for your dead-lift. The secret lies in the fact that your back is always volunteering to help out, and that is why it can take up to 5-10 years in order to master the art of perfect muscle isolation. Nonetheless, you can also improve without the idea of ​​muscular isolation and I would advise you to do so. Going down the road of muscular isolation will always breed gym goers with the mentality that they will only train what they want to see the growth at and forget totally that the whole body must grow in order to witness and sustain growth.

The next reason why it is important is that it gives you a sense of reassurance and a guideline where you should be at. It is only natural you can dead-lift more weight compared to your bench press and your shoulder press. The reason is because a dead-lift recruits more muscles in order to perform the exercise. Doing your bench press or your shoulder press purely recruiting the surrounding muscles to help out, but a dead-lift is an exercise that recruits almost all the muscles of the body. When you start the exercise, you flex your back so that it will protect your spine which works out your core muscles. Next, when you pick up the weight you use your shoulder, triceps and your quadriceps to lift the weight. When you lower the weight, your chest will be puffed up so that you will keep your back straight and your hamstring will tighten to slow the speed down on your descent. Your forearm is also worked out as it is the heaviest weight your hands will ever lift.

The final reason why a dead-lift is good is because it improves your form for all your exercises. A dead-lift teachers you how to flex your back so you can protect your spine which is important when you are training your shoulder, chest, back and legs. By teaching you to protect your spine, you are spared from the harsh possibility of hurting your back and waiting for your body to recover in order to train again. This will in turn spur you to train at your maximum with proper technique and experience the growth. The dead-lift also makes sure that all of your exercises are stable at the start and at the end by teaching you how to stabilize the weight so that each repetition you do is highly effective and not bias for either side.