Legs and back are the two neglected muscle groups in the gym every day. The reasons that people give for this neglect are downright hilarious sometimes. Training your legs and back carry more benefits than having a nice chest or broad shoulders.

Training your legs and your back can benefit you simply because it means that your frame can carry more weight. Imagine a whole building supported only by just one pillar. While all of us yearn to grow bigger and have a body like Superman, it is key to also note the foundation of those huge muscles do not balance precariously on a weak core. The more weight your legs and your back can carry, the more muscle mass you can pile on at the top. This results any individual from stalling at a certain weight for more than 3 trainings in a row. So the next time your workout is not working anymore, it is probably a good time to examine when the last time you train your core.

Have you seen how chickens look when they run? Having such a superior top packed on such a thin frame is simply a joke. Having a well balanced body does not only mean that you do not get laughed at, but also that you are growing to fit into the new clothes you bought. It is also worth noting that growing big and well balanced all over means that it is easier to match clothing, especially with the fact that you are now more exposed to a variety of brands which used to be too big for you.

Safety is the key thing people overlook when they go to the gym and train. Having a strong and well-built upper body enables you to press or pull the weights you like but imagine what happens when your towel lands on the gym floor. Bending over with such a heavy top without a strong core is a ticking time bomb. You could set yourself back several weeks or even months just recovering from a strained back. It could make you abandon your gym training session as you suffer a major slip disc problem. With safe and well conditioned muscles in your lower body, you can always know the weight is simply an obstacle to be acquired the next training session rather than be stuck rebuilding the injury for weeks and even months.