Barbell squat has been named the king of the Big 3 since men started paying money to go to a gym and lift heavy weights. The hype behind the title bears strong reason to make sure that you will never stop growing. Here are the reasons why you should integrate Barbell Squat into your workout regime.

Your legs are the base of your body. Without a strong foundation to support the well crafted body above, this will result in a whole bunch of problems ranging from a low metabolic increase to bad posture and even injury. Regardless of what your fitness goals can be, your legs are always part of the solution. Since you are training to grow big, having a strong base that is on the Frontline growing stronger will definitely benefit you tremendously in ensuring your time goes according to plan and prevent any unwanted stalling.

A barbell squat is not an exercise you can pick up immediately when you step into the gym. However, it is an exercise that will safeguard you during the trainings you put your body through. If you master your squats like a fitness professional, I can assure you that you will seriously hurt your back and observe good form. The reason being is that the exercise itself will teach you how to flex your back, protecting your spine from unnecessary pressure and bad form. This well mastered posture will also be transported through to your isolation exercises like bicep curl, where many people thrust their hips in order to jerk the weight up. If your form is good, you will know that this form is bad as a result of a greedy heart going for a weight you are currently not prepared to carry and then protecting you for years to come.

Lastly, a barbell squat stimulates a lot of muscle groups along with your legs. A barbell squat requires you to use your back to protect your spine when lowering the weight, your shoulders and your traps to be activated to keep the barbell from rowing down your back. This compound exercise will not only spike your metabolism, but also warm up the rest of the supporting muscle groups so you can save time at the gym. Remember training long in the gym is not an advantage as your body will turn catabolic and start depriving your muscles from much needed nutrients. Keep your training under an hour and you will see growth faster compared to training 2 to 3 hours each time.