Many people, including myself found it very hard to gain a single kilogram of weight and keep it on. So many times have I stuffed my face filled with high calorie food and went to bed only to see the weight simply disappear the day after. Through my 6 years battling the losing battle to put on weight, I finally found out why I was not able to keep the weight I put on.

First of all, I lacked the motivation to keep doing what was right. Like many people out there, I jump from one diet to another, from diets similar to the Super Size Me movie to the popular culture of Atkins diet. When I did get a bit of weight, I will tell myself that this is simply too slow and hop on board the disappointment train and this would usually lead me in losing the weight, usually from late night events such as movies or local area network gaming . I realized after a very long while that produce results should become habits, not chucked away while you look for a faster way to get there.

Next, I was also doing diet and exercise all wrong. With each weight gaining diet, you can be quite sure that exercise is usually in the mix. The only reason why exercise is not in the mix is ​​usually rubbish which will lead you into gaining a lot of fat that will harm your heart, liver and kidney. I tend to nip-pick a bit of everything which usually results in a bad mix that both authors and instructors had not taken into account and then the result is also not desirable. I was also doing the exercises wrongly which prompted in unnecessary aches and pains in the undressed areas.

But I guess my biggest mistake is that I did not get my 8 hours sleep consistently. There was always something to deny me the precious sleep that everyone wants and yet it looks impossible to achieve. Either I had commitments very early in the day and I have to get up early or the computer will work its charm and before you know it I will only have 3-4 hours before the time I need to wake up again. There was even this one time when I was eating right and training right habitually and because I did not ensure that I slept the 8 hours a day, I fell sick and lost all my muscular gains within days. That is the reason why sleep is so important regardless of your training or diet.